forever a tune


it’s 2017 and I’m still crying about Gaara   

(screencap redraw from blessed shippuden 497)

upon my enemies i inflict the following curse: whenever thou turnst on a televisionne, thou shalt only behold Baby Loony Tunes, forever until the end of thine lyfe 

i am a mixed child who starves for representation so have some headcanons about the foxes racial/ethnic backgrounds that @manonblaxkbeak helped with

  • The Minyards - scandinavian af. I mean. They’ve got like pale white blond hair so yea definitely northern euro for these two
  • Dan Wilds - i imagined her as hispanic or latina but i’ve seen a lot of edits of her as black so i raise you this: half hispanic or latina, half black. pls.
  • Matt Boyd - half black half irish. give him amazing hair and freckles. what if he had beautiful natural ginger highlights. oh my god. i love him.
  • Allison Reynolds - i have a burning desire for my homegirl to be of british/north african descent. give her beautiful dark skin and some killer platinum locs. also, can i marry her?
  • Renee Walker - i see a lot of edits of her being east asian but like…what if she was southeast asian. or black. OR BOTH. ALL OF EM. WHATEVER. half asian half black renee. i love it. i love her. 
  • Nicky Hemmick - ok but middle eastern and hispanic can you??? imagine??? how iconic???? he’s great ok just imagine my homeboy with his beautiful brown skin and light brown eyes and the (s)ass that won’t quit
  • Neil Josten - ok but. and im totally projecting but imagine if he were southeast asian (like india ok) and british. Or. if Mary was british indian and his father was italian. who knows. i see this boy as ambiguous af ok like i cannot tell you the times i have gotten head tilts of confusion about my race/ethnicity. alright. that happens to him.
  • Kevin Day - my boy. i saw an edit once (fuck i wish i had a link but im? the worst??? im so sorry) where someone fancasted Dwayne Johnson as Wymack and let me tell you. I have never felt more alive than at the thought of my boy being polynesian and scottish. irish. whatever. he’s beautiful.

anyway yea i love the foxes and i also don’t ever see ridiculously mixed characters like me so. here we go. have fun.

my fav parts of the war album pt. 3
my fav parts of the war album pt. 3

the final part of this mess! there are so many more things i love about this album but this was really fun to make!! some parts are a little messed up sorry :(

part 1 | part 2 


( i couldn’t add as many parts as i wanted bc tumblr kept trying to copyright my ass but tbh the whole song is my favorite part lmao)

  • jongdae’s low voice
  • jongin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ksoo’s rap thing
  • jakku~
  • more ksoo rap bc it’s amazing!!!
  • jongin’s line & his sesci cute little laugh
  • BBH’S “mm.” & his high note!!!!!
  • jongin leading the chorus!!!!!!! + jongdae’s beautiful additions
  • bbh’s “neol bomyeon~”
  • the Thing
  • seho’s show ya x5 
  • sehun’s show ya x4 + pcy’s rap
  • random pause…..again :^)
  • how pcy ends the rap + jongdae leading the chorus
  • ksoo closing the song beautifully

walk on memories

  • the Whole intro + bbh’s pretty singing
  • deep jongdae’s pretty voice!
  • jongin!!!!!!!!!! <3 he sounds so dreamy :(
  • ksoo’s smooth chocolatey singing
  • minseok!!
  • bbh’s “amudo mollae” + “ bamsae georeo bwa”
  • ksoo’s pretty vocals!!!
  • more of pcy’s bf singing :((((
  • sehun!!!!
  • bbh’s lovely voice here 
  • chenbaek sounding rlly pretty together
  • jongin’s “amudo mollae” + “bamsae georeo bwa” along w baek’s vocals!!!
  • this key change + chensoo
  • jongdae’s high notes!!!!!!! + chorus
  • the beautiful ending w bbh :(

going crazy

  • more of jongdae’s low register
  • it’s killin’ me
  • but it was you
  • bbh!!
  • dunno whatchu want
  • jongin singing the chorus + ksoo’s high notes!!!
  • naega micheo
  • minseok w these soft vocals
  • baby won’tchu stop?
  • u drive me crazy
  • so much more
  • jongin’s mini rap!!
  • ksoo + jongdae’s “i let you control~”
  • junmyeon’s singing + bbh’s high notes!
  • going crazeh
  • i wanna know what’s next, adrenaline rush
  • dunno whatchu do to me
  • junmyeon’s soft singing!!!
  • call me crazy ajik neol weonhae
  • up & down like a rollacoasta
  • the Powerful i hatechu + chorus
  • minseok’s high notes!
  • bbh’s High Note
  • upside down

It’s Quiet Uptown - piano sheet music

Composed by : Lin-Manuel Miranda

Transcribed by : ME


HAPPY BELATED NEW YEAR! I’m back with more sheet music. Here’s ‘It’s Quiet Uptown’. I am quite pleased with it even though it was probably the most complicated song since ‘Farmer Refuted’. ‘You’ll Be Back’ will be easier, I hope. Anyway! Two Hamilton sheets out this weekend! WOOH! This project is just steam rolling along.

If you love it make sure to link other people back here so they can find the sheets and learn to play it too AND if you record it please message me so I can listen and share with everyone!

I’m going to continue writing sheet music until @linmanuel releases a score book! Next up is ‘You’ll Be Back’!

UPDATE: Thank you @canadian-combeferre for pointing out the timing error at the beginning! It looks so much cleaner now and the pace is way better! As I always say, I get by with a little help from my friends! 🎶

KYLE: Hey!
CRAIG: The Starbucks? Really?
KYLE: Shut up. The village dining was too crowded.
CRAIG: I guess.
CRAIG: What is all of this.
KYLE: Assignments.
CRAIG: We can do this later if it’s a bad time.
KYLE: No, no! It’s fine.

KYLE: God, I’m sorry, dude. I’ve just been so worked up lately.
CRAIG: That why you didn’t text me back?
KYLE: What? No. My phone’s been off.
KYLE: It’s just because of Stan. He’s been calling me constantly and texting me about this and that.
KYLE: ‘i saw a dog today!’ Cool, dude. But I have a million other things to worry about.
CRAIG: So you told him you were busy, or.
KYLE: No, and I feel kind of bad. I just haven’t replied to his texts in a while.
CRAIG: How long is “a while.”
KYLE: …Two weeks?

CRAIG: You’re an idiot.
KYLE: No I’m not!
CRAIG: Yeah, you are.
CRAIG: I’m as busy as you are and I’m not losing it.
CRAIG: Because I know how to set my priorities.
KYLE: Passing all of my classes is a priority!
CRAIG: I’m pretty sure you had time to tell Stan you needed space.
KYLE: That doesn’t-
CRAIG: If you respect him, instead of treating him like your pet, you would have told him.
CRAIG: It’s not that hard to tell him what you told me.
CRAIG: You two have always been stupid but I didn’t think you were that stupid.
KYLE: Don’t be a dick about this, Craig! It’s none of your business, anyway.
CRAIG: Nevada made it my business.