forever a theater nerd

But like, what is canon to the theater nerds? There’s so many variations. Tanz alone is insane. The Stuttgart performance is different than Munich, we don’t acknowledge the existence of the Broadway version, the whole thing is based off a movie…? What is our canon here?!?

A musical or play is an actor interpretation and a director interpretation and a choreographer interpretation; everything is an interpretation! What is canon? There is no canon!

The entire story in CATS changes depending on which country you’re in! The ending to Elisabeth is entirely left to Der Tod and Elisabeth! There are SO many interpretations for Sweeney Todd, it’s ridiculous!

Canon? What is that? 

Sequels, what sequels? Don’t even get me started on denying the existence of a sequel. We don’t talk about the sequels. 

Star Wars

*All the new fans who just saw the Force Awakens*


*Me, 27 years old, raised on the original trilogy since forever by my nerd mom who saw the original trilogy in the theaters and let me play with her original action figures and comics, me who’s had a crush on Luke Skywalker since I was 10*

*Dramatically throws back jedi robes and rests hand on lightsaber hilt*

“Welcome, my young padawans. Welcome, to the power of the Force.”