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Confession #30

I just want someone to look at me and go “wow, I want to love her.” I want someone to think about me 24/7 and ask me out. I’m tired of being no one’s first choice, or even on their radar. I’m tired of being played. I just want to be loved. 


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Yugi angel, bruh

( XD He is an angel!)


Replayshipping.  Sorry, but I am not a Rebecca fan.  I found her too clingy and annoying (which is why I’m glad she’s an anime exclusive character).  So as you can guess, not a fan of her and Yugi together.


Wishshipping.  Yugi and Joey have an awesome relationship, always being there for each other no matter what.


Obviously puzzleshipping!  Those two are soulmates, and thanks to fanfiction, they can be together forever!

Second choice pairing

Rivalshipping.  After the movie, I see Kaiba and Yugi becoming great friends and business partners while Kaiba helps Yugi with his new game.

My fluffy pairing

Puzzleshipping has plenty of fluff, and I think heartshipping and peachshipping are very fluffy and cute as well.

My angsty pairing

Puzzleshipping that sticks to the actual canon.  WHY!?  THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE TOGETHER FOREVER!

Favorite poly ship

I had no idea I would fall in love with mobiumshipping as quick as I did puzzleshipping.

Weird pairing

Hmm.  I don’t really have a pairing that I would call weird with Yugi.  So instead, I’ll say a ship I like with him that is rarely ever talked about.  That would be Yugi and Mana.  I think those two are so cute together!

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ships for mick!

  • My NOTP for them - K*llerWave (i’ve seen way too many edits for them in the tags and it makes want to throw up a little)
  • My BROTP for them - Len & Lisa!!
  • My OTP for them - AtomWave (let the grump and the pup be together)
  • My second choice pairing for them - Mixen (forever salty about this)
  • My fluffy pairing for them - AtomWave (anything with ray = automatic fluff)
  • My angsty pairing for them - Mixen 
  • My favorite poly ship for them - ok so i’m going to cheat and give two, obviously ColdAtomWave but also Atomic-HawkWave
  • My weirdest pairing for them - Probably the Atomic-HawkWave (i stumbled on 2 fics on ao3 and loved it, so here we are)

send me a character and i’ll tell you…

A second Chance

Summary: You are supposed to get married in on week to Steve but he calls you telling you that he won’t make it in time.

Words: 2045

Paring: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Fluffy with a little be of angst but super cute.

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Steve Pov

“She is never going to forgive me.” Steve said looking at Tony “Of course she will, she loves you.” Steve takes a deep “If I was her i wouldn’t forgive myself and Pepper wouldn’t forgive you either.” Toni put his hand on Steve shoulders and shake him a little “Call her and explain the situation. What the worst that could happen?“

Steve looks at your picture in his phone for half hour just to get the courage of calling you. Gosh he was so stupid in his mind this was the second worst thing that he could do it to you.

After 3 rings he hears your sweet voice "Hey baby, I am so happy that you will be back tomorrow I miss you.” he smiles at the sound of your voice always so sweet “Doll i won’t be back tomorrow, i have to stay here for more two weeks.” he expecting you to scream at him  and call him names but no he only heard the silence  after a few seconds he asks “Are you still there?” your voice changed is not cheerful anymore but more dry “Yes… What about the wedding? Our Wedding?”

“I am so sorry if i knew that would happen i would never come to this mission.” he listen as you cry on the other side of the line “Yes you would…i have to make a few calls okay? Bye.” before you can hang up he says “I love you.“ but you don’t say it back.

Your Pov

You sit on the floor crying. You are feeling disappointed but also angry at him, if you could you would punch him in the face. You knew deep down that he is kicking himself for doing this to you but this was his fault.

When Steve asked to marry you. You didn’t even have to think, you loved him with all your heart and you had said yes before you could even think about it.

As you two set the date you went straight into Nick’s office and told him that in that month Steve wasn’t allowed to go into missions. He only could go back to work after your honeymoon and you didn’t care if the sky was falling he wasn’t  going to be there  he was going to be with you without any cut or bruise on his beautiful face.

Everything was going fine until some Hydra bulshit happened and he had to go solve. Actually no he didn’t have to but he wanted to go because in his mind this was his responsibility. He was supposed to come back one week before the big day.

Tell people that the wedding is off was one of the most difficult things that you ever done. Everybody pities you and you feel like you are doing something wrong like was your fault that the wedding wasn’t happening. Right now you are talking to your mother and things aren’t going well.

“You should end this relationship sweetheart it’s not health.” you can believe your mother is saying this to you she loves Steve “Mom, he is working. I am not going to say is fine what he did  but this things happen.“ you heard your mother sigh on the other side of the line ” I am not saying that he has to give up his line of working for you but sometimes you have to be his priority.“

"Mother i cannot be more important than the world.” her voice is calmer and cold” You were there for that man when his ptsd was at his worst and you stood by his side when he was against the world. You cannot treat him like he is your whole life if he can’t not even being there for your wedding.“

You spent the rest of the night thinking about your relationship. Maybe your mother was right. Could you be happy being a second choice forever? Sure Steve was sweet and caring but he would choose you in the end? If one day you two had a child he would be the kind of father he would be? You wanted the father of your children be present in all the little moments.

These weeks without Steve passed slowly you tried to put your thought in place and keep a safe distance between the two of you, after all you need some time to think about .

You wake up scared when you felt something in your leg. You look up and relax when you see that the “thing” is Steve. "Hey, how long have you been here?” he smiles at you and the sound of your voice raspy from just wake up “Just came thru the door.” As he says this he gives you a kiss in the forehead.

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By instinct you hug him putting him and start to look for any bruises or signs that he may be hurt. When you don’t find anything you say “I missed you.” he put his lips on yours and you feel his hands on your back. The kiss is hungrily you can say that he is afraid that you are going to push him away. But you don’t, you let him take control of the kiss and use you for whatever comfort he might needs at the moment.

A few minutes later, he places his hands on yours and he rested his forehead on your lap" I missed you too. “You two stay in each other’s arms for a while in silence. After a while he tells you that he is going to take a shower.

20 minutes later he found you sitting on the living room looking at nowhere. In a few minutes he sits by your side “What are you thinking pretty girl?” you look at him and rest his hands on his “Us, if we should be together…i don’t think you love me anymore.” Your voice cracks a little as you say this.

He looks at you heartbroken, you don’t like to hurt him but you can’t help feeling this away. Steve always made you feel loved but maybe he doesn’t love you anymore people change. “I do love you, I love so much that hurts. I never wanted to hurt you i hate myself for that.“ you kiss cheek” I don’t think you do i need you to need me as much as i need you. I want to be your priority even if just sometimes.”

You don’t let him talk, you go to bed and after half hour you felt the bed moving but he doesn’t stay long he just take his pillow and go to the living room. When you wake up the house is in complete silence and Steve is not anywhere to be found.

You don’t give much thought, he is probably somewhere with a punch bag or running he always does that when he was stressed. Around 4 pm you still haven’t head of Steve all day. You heard a loud nock on the door there was a box with a big blue lace. Inside the box has a beautiful white dress with some flowers this was the most beautiful dress that you ever seen. You look at the note “Please wear this and meet at the place of our first date around 7 love Steve.”

You look at yourself on the mirror happy with the result. The dress fit perfectly, your hair is the away you like it with waves and your make up is something basic but you looked beautiful. In your first date Steve take you to a garden to have a picnic was great in that night you knew he was something special.

When you finally get there you see Steve in a tux with a bouquet of red roses. “You look beautiful.“ you smiled kindly at him "Thank you , so do you” you take the roses of his hands and take his hand before you can say thank you for the flowers he says “You think that i don’t love you anymore and i love you a lot and it’s my fault that you think this away.”

“I am not going to lie to you doll, i have a problem i don’t love my work but i feel the obligate  to save as many people as i can. But you are my first priority for now on. I am on a vacation as long as you want me to be on one.“ He gets down on one knee “Marry me just marry me right now and i promise that i will make everything in my power to make you happy.” you shock a yes with your head and he wiped the tears in your eyes.

“Can i walk you down the aisle?” you turn around and see Bucky stand there in a blue suit looking like a Disney prince “ Of course you can.” you say give him a kiss on the cheek. “He plan all this in one day?” Bucky shakes his head a no “He was planning this since he called you on the mission but after yesterday he was so afraid that he had to make more special. “More tears left your eyes and Bucky helps you clean. How could you want to end you engaged with this man?

You see Wanda and Natasha enter a small room in beautiful baby blue dresses after that you see Sam in the same suit as Bucky. Bucky gives you his arm and start to walk with you. The room was decorated with tulips and pastel colors. Steve was standing with Tony by his side smiling like a child on Christmas day. After the short walk Bucky kisses your cheek and hand you to Steve.

“Dear friends we are here to watch these two beautiful human beings to get married. Everyone knows that these two belong together. Steve was always there for everyone but he never had someone that could take the weight of the word of his shoulders this until he met his lovely bride. She helped him became a better man. He would do anything from you darling so treat him well.” Tony said this last part looking at you “So with the power that the internet gave to me do you Steve accept to marry this lovely woman?“ Steve say a yes smiling bright ” And you darling do accept marry this fossil?“ after your yes Steve kiss you hard.

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He pick you in and take you to a limo that is parked outside "Thank you for doing all this.” you saying kissing him “ Are you happy Mrs. Rogers?” he is looking so innocent as asking this “Of course i am Mr. Rogers.” you say resting your head on his shoulders.

Stark organized a small dinner party for the two of you and all your guests. Everything was so intimal and cozy that you wouldn’t have this any other away. But by far one of your favorite’s moments was your first dance. Steve chose one of your favorites songs to do it. Was a perfect moment. At the end of night you were sleep but very excited to your first night as Mrs. Rogers.

Steve insist and carry you thru the door of the hotel suit and as he sat you in bed “ I hope that was everything that you wanted.” you put your hands on his back and give him a quick kiss on the nose “ Was better i missed my parents but it’s okay my real family was there.” he start to help you take your dress “I promise that i wont tired you out to much, we have to wake up early to catch our flight to Thailand.”

Steve didn’t keep his promise he made love to you almost all night. Nothing was rushed and he was being extremely careful. His hands never left yours and his focus was on your pleasure. After every time you climax he would make sure you were okay. When you both were complete satisfied massage your muscles and gave you some water.

You are in pure bliss and excited about what the future was going to be for the two of you as married couple.

pretty please Leave feedback i would love to know if there is something i need to change about my writing.

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NOTP: Valka/Drago if that’s a thing… I feel like it is somewhere
BROTP: Valka/Cloudjumper
OTP: Stalka forever
Second choice pairing: never
Fluffy pairing: Stalka is so sweet omg
Angsty pairing: Stalka fkdlsafjsdjfl Valka disappears for 20 years… they reunite for like 2 hours then Stoick dies like wtf
Poly ship: none :P
Weirdest pairing: none

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ships for iris

  • My NOTP for them Um? I can’t really think of any ships I’m really opposed to for Iris; NOTPs usually come from me being opposed to them or more often, fandom, and neither apply in this case. 
  • My BROTP for them IRIS AND CISCO OR IRIS AND CAIT, WHY CAN’T WE HAVE FEMALE FRIENDSHIPS. I also loveee the West siblings with all my heart and soul. 
  • My OTP for them Westallen forever and always 
  • My second choice pairing for them Umm? I didn’t ship it tbh but Westhawne were like, healthy enough and rather sweet. 
    • Also the very shallow part of me that loves the wlw gifsets says Snowest but I don’t think they’d work as a functional couple lol but still, wlw.
  • My fluffy pairing for them God WA is both fluffy and angsty c’mon. But Imma try to make this outside of fluffy lolol; I guess Sara/Iris bc I forever love that fic I read of them. 
  • My angsty pairing for them don’t say barry don’t say barry don’t say barry um, Westhawne for canon angsty pairing? 
  • My favorite poly ship for them WESTHALLEN!!!!!!!!! 
  • My weirdest pairing for them Uhh weird ships for Iris I don’t even KNOW. Honestly just give me almost any wlw ship with Iris and I’ll be like *finger guns* “Yes”. Um??? Oh I think she and Emily Locke would have a cute relationship (Emily would be soo into her and rambly and they would be cute adventure girlfriends). 

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People are so annoying. They chase after you for months only to leave you for their ex or something they think is better. And to top it all off they cut all contact with you like a coward, which drives me crazy. Making up some stupid bullshit lie when you find out they’re seeing someone else. And when they find out that that magical person isn’t as good as they thought or got cheated on, then they come running back. Like no. You have your chance with someone and if you wanna fuck that up go right ahead but don’t be coming back to me all apologetic telling me what a mistake you made. Because I’m not gonna be someone’s second choice. Oh they’re gonna regret this forever they say. Well good maybe it will teach you a lesson on basic human decency and not to leave your then caring girlfriend and cut off all contact with little to no explanation. If you want to leave someone try acting like a grown adult and have that conversation they deserve. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for second chances, but when you left me for another girl and dropped off the face of the earth and basically treated me like crap, Im sorry but no you don’t deserve a second chance for that in my eyes. I just wish people would just say how they feel and not try and replace you with someone else before leaving. People deserve an explanation. And you shouldn’t leave someone for a temporary high that you’re gonna regret, don’t expect them to forgive you after that.
—  Don’t be an asshole. That stuff sticks with people for a long time. || chapters of my life

Coachella Q&A: Lights

We caught up with Lights at Coachella to have a quick Q&A after her live set on Saturday. We also could eat lasagna forever, back astronaut as second career choice, and are in fact inspired by wine. Are we besties yet?! Pick up her album Little Machines and browse through our photos from her live set now.