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“I used to tell Walter, ‘Never start a fight… but always finish it.’ I didn’t start this fight… but by God, I’m going to finish it.”

Sherlock Nominated For MTV's "Best Fandom Forever"

Calling all Sherlock fans!!

MTV will be hosting the Fandom Awards this coming Sunday, July 27th, and Sherlock has been nominated for the “Best Fandom Forever category.” There are six nominees in all, and the Sherlock fandom is in 3rd place.

Yup. You heard me. Only 3rd place out of six nominees, and we are sorely behind the other two fandoms in the lead.

 We gotta get the votes up, guys!

This particular category of the Fandom Awards is aimed directly at tumblr, so the only thing you need to do to vote is “like” or “reblog” the Sherlock post on MTV’s official tumblr. Notes=Votes, guys! So reblog as many times as you can! LET’S DO THIS!

To vote for Sherlock, follow this link.

To view the rules, follow this link.

To view the other nominees and their votes, follow this link.

And PLEASE, don’t forget to spread the word!!

I'm Having My Own Oscars

Movie That You Saw But Already Forgot Exists, Or Maybe You Didn’t See It, But You Think You Might Have

The Theory of Everything

Best Exploitation of LGBT Issues To Make Straight People Feel Good And Not Threatened

The Imitation Game

Best David Fincher Movie


Least Fun Movie To Talk About Because Everyone Liked It But It Was Really Misogynistic Garbage And You Don’t Want To Get Into That Conversation


Best/Only Protagonist Skin Color

So Very White

Honorary Award: That Dude From Jupiter Ascending Can Forever Add “Oscar Nominee” To His Name And You Suckers Are Still Watching This Goddamn Award Show

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Taken 3

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Islam Is A Death Cult. America Is Strong And Brave. Stay Vigilant, Beautiful Patriots.

American Sniper

Award For Excellence In The Field Of Making Nearly Five Hours Of Planet Of The Apes Prequels Without There Actually Being A Planet of The Apes Yet

Rise/Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

Honorary Award: The Only Movie Brave Enough To Tell The Story Of Two Teenagers With Cancer Who Get All Horned Up By Being In Anne Frank’s House That They Have To Immediately Go To Their Hotel And Bone

The Fault In Our Stars

Most Likely To Get People To Read Some Goddamn Subtitles, Even Though They Think It’s Some Sort of Chore

Two Days, One Night

Your White, Male Protagonist Is Edgy? How Cool And Unique And Smart You Are.


Honorary Award: The Idea Of Having To Watch This Shit Again Is The Only Thing Scarier Than Death 

Gone Girl