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Quotes I've Said While Reading Fics PT.2

“Um, no. No no no. No no no no nonononononono… N O.”


*reading a smut scene* *locks phone* *deep breath* “I am a child of God!… Lol nope.” *continues reading*


“Do be do be do, ba do be do be do ba, YEET outta here.”

“Okay this is a really intense, emotional scene, why is the Pink Panther song going on in my head.”


“Okay not really bUT I KNOW MY SHIT.”

“@God: why.”

“Wait no you’re supposed to lovE EACH OTHER.”

shatt reunion spoilers

shiro, tears streaming down his face: bro,,,,, you look good bro……
matt, embracing him: bro…… too bro,,
shiro, smiling through the tears: bro i was so lost without you….i missed you so much,, bro
matt, smiling back: you tryna get a kiss bro? a little kissy kiss bro? bro? a smooch on the lips bro? a smooch bro?
(they kiss)


SNSD & their most recent achievements 

“Thought it would be over by now, but it won’t stop. Thought that I would self destruct, but I’m still here. Even in my years to come, I’m still going to be here. I’m a survivor! I’m not gonna give up! I’m not gonna stop, I’m gonna work harder! I’m a survivor, I’m gonna make it. I will survive, keep on surviving!!”


SLAP OF  WILD IMPROVEMENT part 2!!! w the babies 

Lord I can’t believe this lmao Link is buffer and cute im so dead inside what a lion ヾ(・ω・`。)

(comishes are still open bros :OO)

––– thank you so much for 1.5k!

the last milestone i even recognized was 600, so this is…overdue. but what a crazy thing! 1.5k?! i dont deserve this at all, but im so so grateful. honestly, these past 5/6 months have been an amazing experience and i cant thank you guys enough for your kindness and support of me and my legacy. it means so much than you’ll ever know. I can be awful at putting my thoughts into coherent sentences, especially when im trying to express a lot of emotion, but just know that i love love love all of you and im so glad you allowed me to share my sims and my stories and myself with you. you’ve really given me a place of belonging, and i cant thank you enough for that.

…special shoutout to haley (@yesdarlingsims), tay (@montysims) and juliet (@nullmoonsims) for being the best-est friends a girl could ask for :) i love you guys so so much xx



- Midoriya is autistic ok I don’t make the rules. His special interest is hero’s and quirks, he’ll hyperfocus and infodump about this for H O U R S. This kid absentmindedly infodumping in a never ending cascade of mumbling. Tiny Izuku rocking back and forth HARDCORE waiting for momma to boot up The Video, which he can recite from memory it was the only thing he’d quote for w e e k s the echolalia was Strong

- Iida is also autistic, non-negotiable, this is Fact. Boy has no volume control, he’s gotta have routine and rules or else its !!!!!!!!!. black and white morals/worldview for days. His hands…..they stim. Scripts a lot because he will make All The Friends and this is How You People right

- These two boys are both chasing so so hard after a legacy, trying to live up to and be worthy of those who came before them and both have to deal with the fall of their hero, face the fact that Their Hero isn’t/soon won’t be able to do Hero-ing and it’s up to them to take up where they left off, I mean you gUYS

- How can you not?? Love these two besties????? They and Ochako make up the Trifecta. The Golden Trio. The Original Flavor Squad. They admire and inspire each other and support each otherrrrrr

- BONUS ROUND: ENTER THIRD BOI STAGE LEFT pursued by endeavor. THIS boy trying to RUN from HIS legacy. trying to. shall we say. bend fate????? Like a certain other kid with a hero dad yes??? I don’t need to go into this everyone and their moms heard of tododeku and its a Good

- Todoiideku is the Legacy Trifecta. the Fate Trio. stain arc is a gift and it Opened My EYes to iida and midoriyas fukigns. good vibes. why no one talking about these two, and three, these lovely lovely boys out to grab destiny and make it their bitch

- unrelated: present mic is also autistic but more importantly both he and bakugou have some degree of hearing loss, that’s a whole other story. theres dadmight and dadzawa but has anyone talked about dadmic? I think we could get some dadmic up in here

“The map showed Peter Pettigrew” - “I doubt that is possible.”

But what if it isn’t only impossible because Remus thought  Peter Pettigrew was dead at this point - what if it is because the boys never used their real names in the map?

When it came to the map, it had never been Peter Pettigrew. It had always been Wormtail.

Just as Remus Lupin had always been Moony, and James Potter had been Prongs, and Sirius Black had always been Padfoot.

But the map has its own intelligence - from the moment Peter had betrayed his friends, his family, the map would change his name into his birth name.

It wasn’t able to change the introductions (and the Snape-insults) as the love the boys held for one another was too big, too deep, but it was able to forever take part of the legacy from him.

And that is why in that moment, Remus began to realise they had all been wrong.

(I know this is probably proven wrong by the canon, but I still like the idea of it.)

- Nico


it was uncharacteristically cool that evening in oasis springs, but parker didn’t mind. neither did her company, aurora and silver, as they went out to dinner after a long day in the office. after months of dry, dry heat, a cool breeze was more than welcome.

“thanks for inviting me out, guys.” the silver-haired intern leaned back in her chair, a small smile spreading across her delicate features as she looked back and forth at aurora and parker. “i’m still pretty new in town, so it gets pretty lonely, y’know?”

“are you kidding?” parker exclaimed in response. “we should be thanking you!” silver’s cheeks blushed a pale pink. “i mean it. first day on the job and you’re already doing stellar work. i can see why the san myshuno times called you nancy drew. you found every single tricky source we’ve been tracking down for the last few weeks, and you did it in a day.”

silver shrugged modestly, the smile on her face widening as she rested her head on her hands. “yeah, i guess you could say i’m good at tracking things down,” she mused, locking eyes with parker. the way silver was looking at her was unnerving her, until her phone buzzing in her pocket knocked her from her reverie.

“oh! i hope you guys don’t mind, but i invited my boyfriend along. we were supposed to have dinner tonight.” aurora and silver glanced at each other, then looked back at parker and shrugged.

“fine with me, girl. i’ve been wanting to meet him anyway,” aurora replied, picking at the spinach salad in front of her. parker let out a slight sigh of relief, smiling.

“good, ‘cause he’s just right over there.” parker gestured over to the male figure approaching the ladies’ table. she jumped up, wrapping hunter in a lip-locking embrace, until aurora cleared her throat. blushing, parker turned back towards the table.

“sorry about that. guys, i’d like to you introduce to my boyfriend. aurora, silver, this is—“ silver cut parker off, her gaze averted, but her voice steely.

“hello, hunter. long time no see.”

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