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The essence of kindness is being able to love, forgive, and share that warmth with those who may need it most. 


Wherever you go, walk with your head held high. You’re not a waste of space. You’re not what’s “wrong” with our society. You’re not what they say you are. Don’t let other people’s negativity make you forget how wonderful you are. You are loved and I’m glad you’re here with me. 

Happy Big Girl Appreciation day, Queen! Let’s live to slay another day! XD


Saya - photos from our comm’s June meet at the National Museum! It is now (mostly) air-conditioned, and with Manila Day (June 24) coming up soon we came up with the idea of combining lolita style with traditional Filipino clothing, the baro’t saya.

  • printed skirt (worn as a dress) - offbrand
  • underskirt - Little Dipper
  • sheer top and sleeve flounces - handmade (these flounces were my first attempt, made with lace from a dress I cut up. The remainder became a cropped top)
  • sheer piña shawl (aka pañuelo) - offbrand
  • OTKs - Forever21
  • shoes - Jazz (local! <3)
  • flowers from Foxcherry (in hair) and offbrand (brooch)
  • wide belt - offbrand
  • choker was improvised from a small locket and a bit of ribbon, as I felt the WIP choker was too ‘busy’

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