forever 21


What: Lydia Martin’s Forever 21 Floral Skater Dress 

Where: Season 6b

This dress got auctioned for charity at Howler con 2017 as a Lydia Martin dress. Because it wasn’t worn in any of the previous seasons it has to be 6b. A big thank you to rachaeeele on Instagram who was so kind to send us a better picture and the brand of this dress!


The essence of kindness is being able to love, forgive, and share that warmth with those who may need it most. 

Guys if you go to school/uni

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Wherever you go, walk with your head held high. You’re not a waste of space. You’re not what’s “wrong” with our society. You’re not what they say you are. Don’t let other people’s negativity make you forget how wonderful you are. You are loved and I’m glad you’re here with me. 

Happy Big Girl Appreciation day, Queen! Let’s live to slay another day! XD


some #looks from this season, y'all 🔮