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I know now that I love you more than anything. That the moment I should think about how I would survive, the only thing I could think about was you. And if I would meet you again. And I am so afraid of loosing you and never seeing you again. And I know it’s difficult for us now and no one of us knows if we will ever have a chance but what I want most right now, what I wish from the bottom of my heart is to have a chance to tell you how I feel, how much I love you and how wonderful person you are.
God, I miss you, I miss you so so much. I don’t wanna lose you. But only a miracle can save our love right now. Only a miracle.
—  moonstone-girl

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Blindspot 2x19 post-ep fic, “Uninterrupted”

Well, I blame all of you for this. 

And also Jeller. I definitely blame Jeller. 



They didn’t find their answers in round three.

Patterson was all for trying their luck on a fourth or even fifth, her face flushed and her voice rising higher with every insistent claim of her complete sobriety, her expression turning indignant as she fervently rattled off complex mathematic formulae that none of them had ever even heard of– which might have made for a reasonable argument, if only she hadn’t been swaying slightly and slurring half of her words. 

Jane herself was still nursing her third drink; despite the nervous dryness of her mouth, she was hesitant to take more than the occasional tiny sip, her head already spinning from far more than just alcohol. Even just having him beside her was enough to wreak havoc on her concentration, her nerves buzzing, her heart stumbling stupidly every time their eyes met.

Not to mention the most distracting part of all; the fact that his leg was right now pressed warmly against hers, his foot having shifted subtly just moments after Patterson and Zapata had returned to the table, joining them from the knee down, their own secret connection. 

She’d never imagined that something so simple could drive her so crazy.

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practicing Poses™ and got carried away


INTRO. ladies…gentlemen…those of a neutral denomination…i don’t have a whole lot to say here that isn’t wild gushing, or things i haven’t said before, but i’ll get it out of the way -thank you. thank you for helping this little blog of mine flourish into what it is today. thank you for being with me for all the ups and downs. thank you for watching Riven and i grow together.

i didn’t think i was in a bad place before i came here, but i don’t really know where i’d be if i hadn’t chosen her as a muse, but she has come to mean so much to me it’s dizzying. i’m just grateful that i’m going strong, and i am hopeful - and eager! - to keep it going with those who are here with me on this journey.

now let’s get to business.

                                                     PART 2:  THE FOLLOW FOREVER.


the firm: @duskcreed / @kazeronin / @lightbind / @caedispia / @sanguineascent ( and your twenty blogs ) / @lightslung / @emoticlysm i’ve known you all for a good year now ( some even two! ) and i can only thank you for having been with me for so long on this ride. you’ve encouraged me on my highs and helped me weather my lows - i know where to go when i just want to vent, need support, or just want a good laugh. i hope we can continue to do our thing together because you’re the best group of friends a girl can have. ♥

@thegoldendemon / @ascendantblades: Kayla, it’s really been a pleasure getting to know you. while i have always & initially admired your writing techniques, it took a while to actually talk to you, but in doing so i’ve found in you somebody where we can just shitpost about our special interests and bond over the lack of existing art for it. you’re become a near and dear friend and i’m rooting for your career in the air force to take off  !

@deathbond Mani, good friends come from the strangest places ! we met in another server and i saw you as somebody i could just shoot the shit with here and there, but i’m glad to have found somebody who understands and can help me weather my meltdowns. your passion for Karthus is unrivaled and i admire your dedication to a muse who barely sees screentime, let alone play time. i hope to keep getting to know you and get that sweet Gold border :triumph: 

@yuhl Jess, i love you. i know you’ve had your ins and outs ( who doesn’t? life happens and it sucks, zz ), but you have been the constant since i got here. your writing is always refreshing and your portrayal of Jinx is bar none. i will always be happy to see you when you’re around because nobody does it like you, and with a gentle soul to boot. ♥


@herbounty / @icathiaism / @general-darius / @twiinmasks / @noxianboxer / @noxianclaws / @shefox / @masteredshadows / @relentlesspower / @kaikokoti / @scarletgunslinger / @theendlesshunt / @frozenwill + @frxmdiscord  / @lastrituals / @rebelfeathered / @miighted / @timoriia / @ladydiaochan / @avillainess / @communistofzaun / @noxian-rose / @climxtologist / @noxian-rose / @heronaught / @tranchante  

AND, this is a shoutout to all again as a thank you  for staying with me on this journey for as long as you have. whether you’re new, or you’ve been here since day one, every follow is meaningful to me, both because of how far i’ve come and because it shows me that  people get to see a divergent representation and feel that it still shows who she is at her core. i’m so happy that a woman like my Riven can be seen as she is, and i only hope that somebody who’s seeing me do this will make their own muse unafraid to represent their disabilities, their bodies, their race. 

here’s to two years, and to a healthy year three ♥


Your support means so much and i’m really thankful ;w;


Because every Samifer fan wants Lucifer in the bunker. My general Samifer headcanons can be found here. These can be taken as normal archangel!Lucifer, or human!Lucifer if you wish :3

  • Lucifer sleeps in Sam’s room, obviously. Sam insists it’s both their room and lets Lucifer reorganise/redecorate as he wishes.
  • Lucifer insists on having at least three blankets on the bed because he likes how warm it is (imagine a Lucifer blanket burrito. Go on, just picture it.)
  • Dean was obviously not pleased at first and only allowed it because Sam threatened to leave with Lucifer otherwise. He is slowly getting used to the idea. Slowly.
  • Lucifer likes to sneak into Dean’s room and move everything exactly one inch to the left just to see if he notices.
  • After three days, Dean noticed and put a line of holy fire outside his door until Sam made him put it out before he burnt the place down.
  • Dean accidentally drugged Lucifer, who then thought Dean was Michael and forced kind-of bonding ensued. (yes I wrote a fic)
  • Upon hearing from Sam the full story of how Michael- with the same decision he had- chose to the option to kill Lucifer rather than try to save him, Dean feels Michael failed to look out for his little brother like he should. Dean hasn’t quite got round to saying this to Lucifer yet.
  • Lucifer spends a lot of time in the observatory. Sam recognises he wants to be left alone when he goes in there and respects that.
  • After… an incident, Sam and Lucifer have been confined to having sex in their own room. Only.
  • Lucifer has made several valiant attempt to coax Sam into breaking this rule.
  • Dean likes TV shows like rock music documentaries and stuff like ‘Top Gear’. Lucifer likes them too, but pretends to just be coincidentally in the same room and totally not watching.
  • Lucifer does sleep. Occasionally. He won’t talk to Sam about the nightmares, though he doesn’t argue when Sam snuggles up close to try and comfort him.
  • Being the ex-Angel of Music, Sam has noticed Lucifer relaxes more if he leaves the radio on softly in the background. Sam uses this tactically.
  • Sam likes playing chess with Lucifer. On the other hand, Lucifer’s favourite game is 'hide the Impala keys from Dean’.
  • Lucifer has declared Sam the world’s best wing groomer and takes advantage of this liberally.
  • Sam likes to sit with Lucifer close by while he does research. Often he rests his head on his shoulder, or holds his hand, or hooks his ankle over Lucifer’s under the table.
  • Sam enjoys choosing clothes for Lucifer far too much.
  • Everyone has unofficial seats at the table. Sam told Lucifer the seat next to him was his. Lucifer secretly loves having his own seat cause it’s the first time he’s been included as part of any kind of group since falling.
  • Lucifer makes attempts to talk to Castiel, who remains wary of him, knowing what he did to Heaven. Lucifer tries to act like he doesn’t care about this reaction, but Sam always makes sure to pay extra attention to him afterwards.
  • Lucifer sleeps on the left of the bed, Sam on the right.
  • Dean brought a games console and is currently mad that Lucifer somehow has the high score on it.
  • Sam found a load of “why do humans…” searches in his web history and read through them with a massive smile.
  • Lucifer used to sing to Sam in the cage and hasn’t since, though Sam has caught him humming along to the record player a few times.
  • Lucifer likes to insult the bunker and all its 'humanness’ whenever Dean is in earshot. But really, he rather loves it. Not that he’ll ever admit that.

anonymous asked:

Picture this (part 1): Evak laying on a bed, (~after sex 👀👀 ~) and Isak is falling asleep on top of Even and Even has his arms wrapped tightly (but not too tightly) around Isak and he's stroking his hair and his back and his shoulders and giving little kisses to his head and Isak is just like ~I want this to last forever please don't go or move this is Perfect~ in his little overwhelmed brain

(part 2): Even can see that he’s falling asleep yet trying not to so he whispers “My baby” and gives another kiss and says “you can sleep, I’m not gonna leave you”. And with that, Isak falls asleep with Even’s arms holding him a little tighter and listening to his steady heartbeat right below his ear and thinking about how he calls him “My baby” only during intimate moments and how he loves him so much he’s gonna implode

Part 3: And Even just keeps stroking his hair and shoulders and back while giving little kisses (which are just his lips brushing his golden hair) and how Isak is his baby and how much he loves this grumpy child. So yeah, Even likes to call Isak “My baby” whenever they get intimate and in the quiet.

this is soft:(