Directed by George Adamson

This short film/video pushed my film-making and cinematography to be efficient in creating a dynamic and visually-pleasing film. This film shows an example of my highest abilities in Cinematography and Editing, whilst remaining completely low-fi in terms of production value.

I will be able to replicate this look and feel for Wedding, Corporate and Events Videography, as well as Music Videos and Short Films. I excel at working efficiently when working with limited time. I learned more about my style of film-making during the making of this film than any other shoot I have been on yet.

Special Thanks to Elizabeth Grace for appearing in this film.

A little flash fiction for you…

The first daffodil is always a broken promise, the promise of spring. The garden tools migrate from the back of the garage to the front, only to be pushed aside again for the snow shovels.

So, too, the first kiss. You think it’s love everlasting, the stuff of romance novels, and then you discover his wife, his boyfriend, or his friend-with-benefits.

The real story of love doesn’t begin until the 37th kiss. Spring doesn’t happen till the first peas come from the garden.

And we never fully appreciate the love nor the garden till winter steals them away.

The image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States license. Attribution: We are grateful.

The text is © 2015 Leland Dirks