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Ugh i just keep imagining season 7 Dean losing Cas. And not just losing Cas; but also everything they could've been. All the unspoken things between them that they'll never say now, dragged down into that lake with Cas. Dean bitterly knowing he'll never have whatever it is they had with anyone else again and oh god, when he's not feeling pain about it there's just this void and he doesn't know which is worse so he drinks to quiet them both. Bet he never imagined he'd hear "i love you" from Cas.

You… you know I’m watching 12.12 right now, right? That I just watched the “I love you” like 9 times, and I was already in a seriously compromised state.

(s7 is just about the piniest bs you can possibly imagine short of the second half of s11 and holy crackers i have now lost the ability to can and am just sitting here staring at the wall whyyyyyyyyyy)

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“While your offering of shelter is appreciated, I must decline. I do not wish to bring my troubles upon the innocent, lest you become another target of my pursuers for trying to hide me from them, or worse, be stricken down as well.

I shall find shelter on my own as soon as I can sense a tree or even a forest beyond the darkness of this downpour.

Please. Go.

[ @theforestprotector ]

A letter to my daughter:
I will not read you fairy tales with princesses trapped in towers and lost in forests who can hardly function beyond the need to have a man come and save them; I love you far too much for that.

Because darling, I spent years waiting for a prince to come and save me from my own tower of fear and self-hatred, relying on the promises of true love that these made-up stories offered me.

And it took me far too long to realize that my value is not dependent on whether or not a man will come and rescue me. You are worthy of everything this world has to offer you, and it does not matter who thinks he can save you.

You do not need saving. You are a queen, perfectly capable of saving yourself and the world.

So read books about dragons and unicorns or cars or dogs or whatever the hell you’re interested in because no, I haven’t met you, but I already know that you are perfect and valuable just as you are. And I will not let anyone tell you what or whom you can or cannot love.
Love, your mother

—  k.l.j.

The salt sea was at her back, and to the south was the fish market and the docks and the swirling torrent of the Blackwater Rush. And to the north … 

She turned that way, and saw only the city, streets and alleys and hills and bottoms and more streets and more alleys and the stone of distant walls. Yet she knew that beyond them was open country, farms and fields and forests, and beyond that, north and north and north again, stood Winterfell.

- Sansa VI, AGoT

in the small village of ubriola, the townspeople all tend to their daily duties as they always do with nothing to get in the way of their routines. heath, the leader of the village, is tasked with making sure that the villagers are safe & don’t ever ave to worry about disturbances that might cause harm. there’s always been a rumor about something lurking in the forest which lays just beyond the village, but it’s never been proven to be true. until the day heath & carvel {a young man with psychic powers} discover an elf maiden which might just prove tts more to ubriola than the people thought. whether it’s just elves, or something more, remains a mystery that only time will reveal.


  • ic drama only please 
  • try to be as active as possible. i know it gets hard for some rp’ers at times to always be around, but i would like there to be a good amount of use with the characters. 
  • feel free to have your muse{s} interact with other characters because this will keep things going & such. also it will keep anyone from feeling left out or underused in the verse. 
  • please tag all opens, memes, rps, etc. with ‘gv: village of hidden magic’
  • if interested in applying for the verse, please send your app to me!!
  • if a muse, for whatever reason, is someone who moved to ubriola, or is just there for a short amount of time, i will allow this. it can make things more interesting & whatnot. 


  • muse name
  • muse’s occupation or role in the town {ex: shop owner, tutor, etc. if the muse is an elf or fairy that isn’t a a part of the townspeople, please add this in the bio. if they have any kind of occupation, this can be listed as well}
  • small bio of muse


  • heath {village leader || ycngandreckless}
  • eowyn {bookstore owner’s daughter || ycngandreckless}
  • uilleam { author & archer || @thedreamtellers }
  • carvel {psychic & soldier || @thedreamtellers }




Kourin was no longer a princess.  Her title was far less grand now than the daughter of the Emperor… Koutoku had passed on much sooner than she’d thought and with Kou in disarray from Hakuryuu’s civil war under the new world alliance, no one even remembered who she was anymore or who she used to be.  

The region her husband controlled wasn’t the most impressive section of the Empire, an extremely modest state from what she’d known but Kourin became used to it.  It suited the former seventh princess; strolling through a section of forest beyond the estate she lived in with her hair down which was a rarity for her.  Maybe she had too much on her mind to bother with it today.

She was more then a bit surprised to catch someone in the midst of the usual seclusion of the trees, a tall man with dark hair and odd attire that looked to be foreign to say the least.  Being far from shy, she approached cautiously and shifted her cloak up upon her shoulders.

“You’re not from around here, are you?

Enchantimals plot

The setting actually takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. The world of man is gone, over run by the machines. Enchantimals are the remaining animals evolved, living in nature away from machines, 3000 years had passed, there is no memory of humans left. Machines are a mystery that the girls must solve.


For centuries, those of the Enchantimals are told never to leave the forest, for beyond the forest lies the most dangerous of animals. MAN