An average day in Forestry class
  • Professor: WOOD you be interested in learning about a new tree today?
  • Students: Yes!!!
  • Professor: OAK-ay let's go outside!
  • Students: Field trip?
  • Professor: YEW are right!
  • Students: Yay!
  • Professor: Lets LEAF now, and BRANCH out! Keep in pairs of two because TREE's a crowd!


Rating: E, Ship: Captain Swan

Disclaimer: None of the OUAT world belongs to me.

So this is my soft re-entry into the world of fic writing.

It’s a silly, smutty one-shot that wouldn’t leave my head while I worked on longer things.  Unbeta-ed, so all mistakes are my own.

TIA to anyone that reads!

Set directly after 6x17


The walk back to the house is charged, littered with touches and caresses, brief pecks foreshadowing the main event.

Henry’s wrinkled nose and refusal to meet their eyes as he volunteered to stay at Regina’s that night spoke volumes but neither Emma nor Killian could find it in themselves to be embarrassed.  Yes, her parents had been separated for longer than they had and she knows it’s selfish to be running off, barely pausing for the customary threeway hug Snow and David have been unable to give her for the last few weeks before almost throwing her brother into their arms, but right now there’s something else she needs.

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Oregon Logging Moodboard


Simona Gabriela Kossak(1943-2007)

A Polish biologist, ecologist, author, PhD in forestry, and uncompromising conservation activist. Locals called a witch for chatting with animals, living in isolation, and for her raven, who stole gold and attacked bicyclists. Simona believed that one ought to live simply and close to nature. She resided for over 30 yrs in a cabin in the Bialowieza Forest, without electricity or running water. She shared her home with many animals, including a lynx and a boar. She fought for the conservation of Europe’s oldest forests and wrote several hundred works on the behavioral ecology of mammals. 

photos: Lech Wilczek