I was tagged by @p-ositive-vibez !

Name: Nik

Gender: nonbinary demiguy

Chinese Zodiac sign: Snake

Height: 5'8″

Favorite color: some type of blue?

Current time: 00:34

Where do you live: North Central Florida

Choose a pet and a name: ?? I could barely name the ones I have. I would probably get a rabbit or chinchilla, if not another cat.

Last thing you searched: cmus shortcuts

Fictional Character you want as your sibling: GARNET (@p-ositive-vibez I’m stealing your answer)

Favorite music: probably The Mountain Goats and also Metric. And lately Sahara Hotnights and Sleater-Kinney.

Dream trip: Somewhere cold and mountainous.

How many blogs I follow: 1590

I Tag: