Rainbow garnet

She is a fusion of

Single gem garnet

Sky blue sapphire

Forest sapphire

Peacock sapphire

Fuchsia ruby

Madagascar ruby

Siamese ruby


A garnet was made but 4 hours later she found a per a fusion named mint garnet she didn’t know what to do so she fused with her and joined her then blue diamond saw it and they tried to escape to earth and found the way on there way to earth a ship landed there to find them a forest sapphire and a blue jasper the sapphire found them and they grabbed her and they fused and shattered the blue jasper and when the diamonds noticed they didn’t come back they sent a ruby squad 2 rubies fuchsia and Siamese ruby were walking alone because there together in secret and they bumped into the fusion and they were buddies and after a long time they wanted to fuse together and then after that a sapphire was blasted into space and the fusion went to space and found her and took her on the ship and now she is fused with them.

Is she good enough for the g-squad













forest green or ocean blue? chilly sunrises or warm sunsets? empty country roads or small town main streets? wheat fields or groves of apple trees? lemonade or iced tea? late night stargazing or early morning walks? camping with friends or staying in alone? sunny days or rainy afternoons?