forest. dark

bonus messy sketch of snowtuft bc i wanted to figure out how the heck he’d even GET a scar like that

basically, the way I see it, he must’ve been held down while another cat (potentially shredtail) clawed all the way from his ear to his belly, probably not super fast either. must’ve been awful…

I know the canon description says he was “thrown into the air” by hawkfrost, but how the heck could he get sliced THAT much THAT fast before he hits the ground? Perhaps it means he was flipped over to land on his back?

my question is… did he get it while he was alive or can the dead dark forest residents get scars while they’re there? it seems implied that he gets the scar after he’s died, but I wonder how that works, especially with the canon description… hmm

One beast and only one howls in the woods by night.

The wolf is carnivore incarnate and he’s as cunning as he is ferocious; once he’s had a taste of flesh then nothing else will do.

          Snows cover the land, the rivers turn to ice, a chill cuts through the winds of winter. For generations the villagers have been warned about the wolves in the surrounding woods, but more so of the treacherous, cunning, werewolf. Stories tell of one who hides and lures the innocent to their deaths, those who foolishly stray from populated paths and venture out after the sun has set, when the forests are engulfed in darkness. 

 People young both old from miles away travel to seek out the assistance of the village chief’s youngest sister, skilled in the arts of healing. Broken bones, rare fevers, and childbirths… they all turn to her. Sakura is known for her soft spoken and kind nature, her willingness to travel beyond the village to help those in need, accompanied often by her older siblings as vigilant escorts.

It is the worst time in all the year for wolves but this strong-minded child insists she will go through the wood… This one, so pretty and youngest of her family, a little late-comer, had been indulged by her mother … who knitted her red shawl that, today, has the ominous look of blood on snow. 

One day, word reaches the village of a terrible illness spreading to the north, and despite the protests of her family, Sakura prepares for a long journey, determined to help regardless if she must do so alone. On the paths through the dark and winding woods she stops to collect extra herbs sprouting out through the hard snow and meets a strange boy… 

Some quick facts/hcs:

         ✩   Guest starring @bokudou as The Wolf !!
         ✩   Like her canon cape, her red cape was made by her
                step-mother Mikoto before she passed away due to illness. 
         ✩   Villagers never go out into the woods unarmed. It’s
                considered highly unwise to wander out under the night sky,
                worse still under the full moon. 
         ✩   Sakura is reluctant to believe so fully into the stories the
                villagers all cling to, and when she encounters Sorey, fear
                is the last thing she feels. To be fair, she’s not entirely aware
                of his identity. 
         ✩    Regardless of warnings, she often goes to seek Sorey out,
                enjoying the time spent with him.
         ✩   This is mostly up to any other rpers who decide to participate;
                but in general Ryoma is the village chief. Takumi is a skilled
, Hinoka remains in charge of protecting the village
                from outside threats.