Y’all!! I moved here 10 years ago today!


I went to Northwestern, and then moved home to Atlanta for two years. And then 2 years to the day after I left, I moved back for good! 

In 10 years, I’ve:

  • Worked at the Holocaust Museum, worked as a nanny, worked at the Forest Park and Wilmette Public Libraries
  • Gone on 1 million first dates, including with my husband
  • Dated my husband for four years, planned a wedding, got married, got a whole new set of family with my in-laws
  • Lived in 2 apartments in Lakeview, 1 in Evanston, and 2 in Highland Park(ish)
  • read 735 book (thanks, goodreads!)
  • voted for 3 presidents, attended one perfect election night party in Grant Park in 2008, and spent the other two, one happy and one very very bad, on the couch with my husband
  • Saw Bruce Springsteen in the pouring rain, a Sondheim concert 10 seats away from Sondheim, and Hamilton the week it opened
  • Witnessed the cubs win the world series (i mean, it was from my couch, but still)
  • Found the best friends, from college and grad school and motherhood
  • Had one perfect baby 

Chicago has been pretty great. Good idea to move here, self!

Halloween at work!!!!

Yes I did go as Naruto from Shippuden at work and yes I did work the whole shift as him tonight while Shevling up books LOL.

Then me and my Boss who is the cat on the left side of me and my other co workers as Princess Tiana from Princess and the Frog and our other co worker Mindy we all got a picture together for being the only staff members to dress up.

Then my boss asked me to do a Naruto Pose and hey I’m good at doing poses of Naruto. XD.

Well thats about it now and since I’m done watching yesterday episodes of Gokaiger and Fourze it is now time for me to finish up packing for Youmacon and get my laundry together.