Shiraito Falls(白糸の滝) by Maruhashi

Lopez de Bertodano

Art from 

Time: 70 - 66 million years ago, from the Maastrichtian age of the Late Cretaceous, Mesozoic Era, Phanerozoic Eon 

Location: James Ross Archipelago, Antarctica

Environment: Large, tide-dominated estuaries and embayments, with intertidal flats and flowering plants. Seasonal temperature fluctuations and relatively temperate for the Cretaceous, given its locality. 


Ornithopods: Morrosaurus, undescribed hadrosaurid

Non-Neornithean Theropod: Undescribed Specimen 

Neornithean Birds: Polarornis, Vegavis, undescribed Cariamae, undescribed Charadriiform, undescribed indeterminant Neornithean 

Chondrichthyean (Sharks and kin): Callorhinchus

Ammonites: Maorites, Kitchinites, Pseudophyllites

Other Cephalopods: Diplomoceras 

Bivalves: Pycnodonte 

Decapods: Hoploparia, Linuparus

Dinoflagellates: Canninginopsis, Microdinium, Phelodinium, Operculodinium, Isabelidinium

Art by Kazuhiko Sano


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Vernal Falls by Seth Rader via Flickr
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