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So in my AU roleplay with a friend, the Grand Forest Villa is a significant location. To make her laugh, I sent my Inquisitor running around in there and filmed it while I narrated the visit like a tour guide, pointing out parts of the building where specific things happened. As I turned to go into one of the upper level areas, a random goat charged at me. “And to our left - we have a goat… I don’t know why we have a goat… apparently he’s been inspecting the trebuchet!”            

Haunted ♡ Ethan

Summary: You go to a haunted place with Ethan and Grayson. You accidently hurt yourself and Ethan is - as always - your lifesaver.


‘Hey E, what’s up?’ you ask after you pick up your phone. Normally Ethan didn’t call but just texted you, but if it was urgent or he needed you right at that moment, he would call. ‘Hey babe, I was wondering if you would like to film a video with Gray and me? We had a really cool idea for this week’s and I figured you would maybe like to be in it?’ Ethan asked.

You were excited. Of course you would! The last time you had been in one of the twin’s video’s was almost a year ago and it had been a very nice day with them. No doubt you would join again if you got the chance. ‘Yeah, sure!’ ‘Great!’ Ethan responded happily. ‘So, should I come over to the warehouse?’ you ask, but it was kind of a rhetorical question. They always filmed and edited at the warehouse, so why would today be different?

You had already grabbed a pair of sneakers when Ethan’s words interrupted your actions. ‘Actually, no. We were planning on filming at an other location for this video.’ ‘Oh?’ you ask, your voice sounding surprised. ‘Where?’ ‘Ehh… That’s a surprise.’ Ethan responds, but he sounded a bit nervous; like it was a place you’d rather not go to.

‘Just tell her,’ you hear Grayson say on the other side of the phone, his voice muffled. Why was Ethan acting so mysterious? ‘Tell me what?’ ‘Okay, then. We were planning on going to ‘the Haunted House’. And I was afraid that you wouldn’t want to come if I told you where we’re going before we actually are there,’ Ethan admitted, chuckling. ‘What is ‘the Haunted House’? I’ve never heard of it,’ you say.

‘You haven’t? It’s this old abonded villa in the middle of the woods. People say it’s haunted and lately a lot of kids are visiting it. They come home with the scariest stories, like that they saw ghosts or heard a woman screaming.’ Although it wasn’t that cold and Ethan had only given a description of the place, you had goosebumps on your whole body. It sounded like a house you would never go to, at least not voluntarily. ‘Freaky,’ you respond quietly.

Ethan giggles. ‘You don’t have to come if you don’t want to, baby. I know you’re scared easily.’ Even though you knew he was just messing around, your mouth drops. ‘I’m not! And maybe it isn’t one of the places I would love to visit, but I’m not a pussy,’ you say, almost sounding confident.

Ethan laughs. ‘I’ll hold your hand, okay? I’ll protect you from all the monsters,’ he jokes. You could just see Ethan and Grayson, standing in their living room, laughing about you. But you weren’t going to show that you were scared already. Na-ah. Ethan probably just made those stories up; that people saw ghosts and stuff.

You were a strong, confident, independent woman, who wasn’t going to be afraid of some ‘‘haunted’‘ house. ‘Shut up, E. When are you going to pick me up?’ you ask, expecting it would be at a reasonable time. ‘Tonight.’ Ethan says darkly, like he was enjoying this very, very much. ‘Alright then. No problem. See you later, E.’ ‘Bye, baby,’ Ethan responds and hangs up. Oooh, boy.

It had been a very long and wobbly ride. Since there were no roads in the woods Grayson had to drive literally through all the trees and bushes. The sun had already gone down after you arrive. While Ethan and Grayson grab the camera and all of the set up stuff, you look around. It was deadly quiet so deep in the forest and the old villa gave you the feeling that you weren’t welcome here.

The walls were weathered and covered with plants and moss. It sent shivers down your spine. ‘Alright,’ Ethan sighs. ‘Ready?’ Grayson locks the car and together you walk to the entrance of the house. It wasn’t really an entrance; it looked more like a dark hole which happens to be the place you guys could enter this scary hovel.

The house was cold and dark. No wonder; it was almost autumn and the weather felt like it too. A lot of windows were broken, so the rooms were really draughty. You go sit down on a broken couch and look around, feeling very uncomfortable. Ethan and Grayson are busy trying to set up their equipment. They first wanted to film an intro, to tell where they were and what they were going to do.

‘I don’t like this room, Gray. This house is enormous, so we might as well go and see what’s upstairs.’ ‘Yeah, you’re right,’ Grayson agrees. Your eyes grow big. You were perfectly okay with where you were right now and you had no intentions of exploring this house. 

It wasn’t that dark in this room - yet - and when you looked up to the stairs, it gave you chills. You couldn’t see where the stairs ended since it was just a giant black hole. ‘I don’t think that’s necessary, is it?’ you ask, looking from Ethan to Grayson. ‘Why? Are you scared, Y/N?’ Ethan chuckles, but you knew he was just teasing you. You knew that he would leave immediately if you really wanted to go.

The thing was that you couldn’t say you weren’t scared anymore. This place made you freak out. ‘Maybe a little. Maybe I shouldn’t have come with you guys,’ you admit. Maybe it was the tone of your voice, but suddenly Ethan puts his stuff down and walks up to you. ‘Hey, it’s okay. We’re here. Nothing can happen, baby.’ He grabs your hand. You give him a thankful smile. You knew Ethan could be a tease, but when it really came to it, he was very protective of you.

He gestures Grayson to go first and grabs his stuff with his other hand. The three of you make your way to the stairs. The stairs creaked like crazy. When you hear something fall down one floor higher, followed by the sound of footsteps, you can’t help but freak out. ‘Ethan. Ethan,’ you squeek, pressing your body closer to his. ‘Sshh… There’s nothing here. It’s fine. You’re fine,’ Ethan whispers to calm you down, stroking your hand with his thumb. Your breath was unsteady. You were a hundred percent sure you heard someone walking just a few seconds earlier.

Ethan and Grayson were almost ready with setting their camera up, along with the lights and some other equipment. The only thing they still needed was a blanket or some pillows to sit on since the ground was really hard and cold. ‘Y/N, could you do me a favour and check the room next to this for some pillows? Or a blanket? Anything soft, really,’ Grayson asked.

Your eyes met Ethan’s. ‘It’s safe here, baby. Just call my name if you need anything.‘ he says. You hesitated, but weren’t going to be controlled by your fear. ‘Well, okay then. I’ll be right back.’ With a deep sigh you leave the room. ‘Be careful,’ you hear Ethan say before you close the door behind you.

You make your way to the room next to the one you just left. The door opens with a rusty sound, which gave you even more chills. You walk into the room, but can’t see anything. Just when your vision becomes more clear and you make your way to the corner of the room to see if you could find anything there, you hear more creaking sounds.

Before you know it you fall through the thready soil and your feet get stuck between the wooden planks. Your body gets knocked forward and your chest hits the floor. The air gets smacked out of your lungs and to make things even worse it felt like you had broken your leg. Your body hurted so bad, but you couldn’t move since your feet were still stuck.

‘Ethan!’ you try to yell, but your lungs were screaming for air. You take a deep breath and call Ethan’s name again, this time a lot louder. ‘Ethan!’ It’s quiet for a few seconds, but then you hear rushed foot steps coming in the direction of the room. ‘Y/N! What…? Baby, what happened? What did you do?! Are you okay?’ Ethan’s voice was full of worry as he ran up to you and kneeled down beside you.

‘I did nothing! Suddenly I fell through this goddamn floor!’ you object, trying to catch some breath. Grayson also comes running into the room. 'What the-?’ he asked confused. Your lungs hurted from the smack you got when you fell against the hard wooden floor. 'Let me get you out of there, baby,’ Ethan said as he pressed his big hands on either side of your waist.

Grayson rushed towards you to help Ethan. 'Ah! Ah! That hurts,’ you whine when Ethan tries to lift you up. He bites his lips as he places his hands somewhere else. His eyes are focused on your face as he tries to lift you up again, this time even more careful. You try to keep your face straight, even when you feel like you were dying on the inside. You were almost sure you had broken your leg. It hurted like hell.

'Hold on, babe. We’re getting you out of here,’ Ethan reassures you as he helps you get out of the hole you were in. You bite your lip to hold a shriek of pain as Ethan supports you by your waist and Grayson lifts you up effortlessly with his strong arms. Together they carefully put you down. 'Are you okay?’ Ethan asks, still worried. He was always worried that you were very fragile. Well, this proved he was right.

'Yeah, I’m alright… I think,’ you lie. 'I know you’re not, Y/N. You don’t have to say you are,’ he says sweetly while stroking your leg. 'Should we get you to the hospital?’ Grayson asked. Ethan looks at you and you frown your forehead. 'I don’t… I don’t know. I know you want to film this video…’

Ethan chuckles. 'That can wait. If my girlfriend is in pain and needs help, I think that will definitely come first.’ You can’t help but grin a little. 'In that case…’ Ethan and Grayson help you up so you can stand on your feet again (well, one foot) and guide you to the door.

After Grayson grabs of all the equipment Ethan lifts you up so he holds you like a baby. 'Much easier,’ he chuckles. You look at Ethan’s beautiful face and feel very warm and safe - even in the scariest house you had ever been in. There was no one who could make you feel better than Ethan could, even when you were in pain and acted like a scared little mouse.

Ethan carries you downstairs and together with Grayson you quietly leave the house. 'Well, at least you didn’t get eaten by monsters,’ Ethan says to cheer you up while he looks at you dead serious, his eyebrows raised. You let out a short laugh. 'Oh my god. Shut up, E.’ Ethan laughs and gives you a sweet kiss on the cheek.


Grand Forest Villa

That the lush and beautiful Grand Forest Villa is so far from Redcliffe Castle seems odd only until one learns the history behind its construction. More than an age before the Orlesian occupation of Ferelden, Arl Jacen Guerrin ordered its construction to serve as comfortable living quarters for his “close friend,” famed singer and swordsman Ser Corram the Bard. Arlessa Marguerite, Jacen’s wife, evidently understood and supported her husband’s relationship with Corram—only stipulating that the bard not live at the castle to avoid any public scandal.

“Arl Jacen’s Ride” was a popular tavern song for many years, jokingly honoring the arl’s attempts to return from the villa before the sun rose. Ser Corram lived happily there until his death in bed at the age of ninety, several years after the death of Arl Jacen himself. The aged Arlessa Marguerite ordered Corram’s body burned with full honors in a hunting cloak that belonged to the arl.

After Ser Corram’s death, the villa was used by the arl’s family for guests and as a summer home for younger family members. It was abandoned during the chaos of the Fifth Blight.

—Excerpt from Living Redcliffe by Sister Dorcas Guerrin

Screencaptures by HigheverRains | Please credit.
More images here: HigheverRains-ScreenArchery


1: The Colosseum, Roma

2: Nero’s Bath, Vatican City

3: The Forum, Pompeii (The clouds over the mountains are smoke from forest fires)

4: The Villa of Mysteries, Pompeii

5: The town continues underneath, Herculaneum, Ercolano

6: The Sacred Grove, Bomarzo (16th century Italian)

7: San Gimignano, Toscana

8: Siena, Toscana

9: Firenze, Toscana

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where is that description of Youngblood from? I'm searching for it in that new interview in Rolling Stone but I don't see it there... But it's so sweet, I recently read this in an article about Project Chimps: "The chimps will live in groups of 10 to 20 and have access to a forested area and a villa that was named Cedar Tree by Billie Joe Armstrong, the Green Day frontman who is among donors to the sanctuary." So it seems he named it after Adrienne.

You can find scans of the article below :) It’s on the last page. Can you send me a link of article or tell me where to find it? :)