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Star Wars worlds : Dathomir 
Dathomir was a remote, neutral planet in the Quelli sector and the home of the Nightsisters. The planet, lit red by its central star, had numerous continents that were overrun with vegetation, forests, and swamplands. The Nightsisters, also known as the Dathomir witches, made their home in the swamps, and wielded magicks fueled by Dathomir’s own power. Dathomir was also home to the Nightbrothers, Zabraks who were ruled by the Nightsisters. During the Clone Wars, Dathomir would come under attack multiple times due to the machinations of Mother Talzin and her rival Darth Sidious, leading to the destruction of most of the inhabitants and settlements on the planet by the Confederacy of Independent Systems after conquering it. Asajj Ventress, a Nightsister trained by Count Dooku, returned to Mother Talzin after her master betrayed her, drawing Dathomir to Dooku’s attention and concluding in a battle where all the Nightsisters but Ventress and Mother Talzin were killed.

Tree density at a global scale

The global extent and distribution of forest trees is central to our understanding of the terrestrial biosphere. We provide the first spatially continuous map of forest tree density at a global scale. This map reveals that the global number of trees is approximately 3.04 trillion, an order of magnitude higher than the previous estimate. Of these trees, approximately 1.30 trillion exist in tropical and subtropical forests, with 0.74 trillion in boreal regions and 0.66 trillion in temperate regions. Biome-level trends in tree density demonstrate the importance of climate and topography in controlling local tree densities at finer scales, as well as the overwhelming effect of humans across most of the world. Based on our projected tree densities, we estimate that over 15 billion trees are cut down each year, and the global number of trees has fallen by approximately 46% since the start of human civilization.

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“Light at the End of the Tunnel”

I took this shot at the beginning of the Rock Dunder trail. I liked how the low light was coming in through a clearing in the woods up ahead.
I was going to a nice spot overlooking Morton Bay. Unfortunately, most of the clouds cleared as the sun started to set, so the sunset timelapse was a bust, and this ended up being the most interesting photo of the trip.
Even though I didn’t get what I was hoping for, a walk in the woods usually puts me in a good mood, and this time was no exception.

The Dryad and the Researcher

“Why is it,” the dryad said softly, “that humans always seem to think forest fey eat only vegetation?” It arranged a bird skeleton into a neat pile for later review.

“I wouldn’t know,” I said with difficulty, swallowing hard. The words came out hard and guttural, out of fear, out of being suspended by my ankles high above the forest floor.

The dryad, larger than life, took my face into its hands and turned me around so our eyes met. Survival, ‘look away, this is a test.’ Curiosity, 'if this is how you go, do not your eyes deserve this beautiful, last glimpse at creation?’

The creature moved like a gravitational constant, the forest bending around its every move with a fascinating subtly.

“Because you have not been told this myth or because you are not human?” the dryad spoke with a hushed whisper. I could feel the warm, autumnal breath on my flesh.

Alliance, Ch. 4. - Cassian Andor x Reader

Pairing: Cassian Andor X Reader/OC X Poe Dameron

Summary: At the General’s will, a begrudging intelligence officer is paired off with a seemingly inexperienced Resistance pilot on a reconnaissance mission.

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[Reader Replacement Key: Moira” - Your first name, “Dehaan” - Your last name]

Yavin 4 was a peaceful moon. The majority of the surface was covered in expansive, green forests and blooming vegetation. Its rich plant life made the air more than breathable to humans, in addition to providing little in the way of natural threats or risks. Despite this, and in much part to it’s galactic obscurity, it was not vastly inhabited. The highest level of activity the moon ever saw was when the Rebel Alliance had called it home. Since then, it had returned to as peaceful a place as ever. But, based on their intel, it seemed the First Order was trying to change all that.

They had hit the moon mid-day, leaving them with only a few more hours of sunlight to take in the lay of the land. Moira and Cassian had gotten about thirty minutes north of the ship when M suddenly broke the silence that had began to sprout between them.

“He'll… be okay, right?”

“What?” Cassian mumbled back. He was following Moira at a rather cursory pace, attention consumed by the holodisk in his hand as he read incoming mission prompts.

“Kaytoo,” she called back. “Will he be alright? I feel bad leaving him on the ship.”

Cassian chuckled and shook his head. “You pilots and your droids. He will be fine. Kay’s a lot tougher than one of your little astromechs.”

She threw her arms out into an shrug before they disappeared back under her newly adorned poncho. “Whatever you say, Captain.”

“Trust me, having Kay stay on the ship is better for everyone. Taking him with us would just cause suspicion.“

"Yeah, I get it. It’s gotta be hard to pass off a seven-foot enforcer droid casually. He’s not as inconspicuous as, you know, an astromech or something.”

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