forest spirit!stiles

mollyandherbabes  asked:

Do you have any magical creature!stiles? (Werecat ,wizard/witch, fairy,ect) I love Bamf!Stiles.

m'kay we have several tags for them. 
non-human!stiles(general), demon!Stilesmagic!Stilesvampire!stilesangel!stileswerecat!stiles.

we also have a separate bamf!stiles tag.

though there are a lot of non-human stiles fics:

Love in the Groves (series WIP | 5,695 | NC-17) (forest spirit!stiles)

  • A forest spirit decides to take up residence in Derek’s forest.

Moon Fever (series complete | 30,612 | R) (ghost!stiles)

  • Derek moves into Stiles’ old house on a Monday.

Make A Beast Out Of You (chapter wip | 34389 | NC-17) (succubus!stiles)

  • Only Stiles could go visit colleges for a weekend and come back to Beacon Hills as a newly turned sex demon. A really hungry sex demon.
  • warning: a lot of stiles having sex (with other people)