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THE REVENANT - model: Wouter Peelen - photographer: Giampaolo Sgura - stylist: Miguel Arnau - grooming: Andrew Guida -GQ Spain November 2016

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Every day is a new adventure! From the beloved forests to the hectic cities, I am loving this journey!

“Your mind is a bright blue sky. Clouds are thoughts and feelings floating by. You have them but you are not them. Whatever you do, don’t let them have you!” ~ Wookiefoot (Blue Sky)


#HappyFriday from Browns Canyon National Monoument in Colorado

The 21,586-acre Browns Canyon National Monument features rugged granite cliffs, colorful rock outcroppings and stunning mountain views.  Managed jointly by the Forest Service and BLM’s National Conservation Lands, the monument provides world-class recreational opportunities that attract visitors from around the globe for hiking, whitewater rafting and fishing. #SeeBLM

Photos by Bob Wick, BLM


Sarpan was the homeland of the Reians….

…..When escaping the Balaur, the Reians discovered a barren land which then became known as Sarpan. The capital city was Kamar…..

….After the failed attack against Tiamat, the Elysian battleship Griffoen and the Asmodian battleship Habrok were brought to Sarpan but fought one another until the Reian leader, Kahrun, stopped them. He demanded that the Elyos and Asmodians never fight as long as they are in Reian land. This enforced peace was an effect known as Kahrun’s Will, which even reached parts of Tiamaranta…..

….After Tiamat’s death Kahrun, embittered from being betrayed by Marchutan/Kaisinel and the Asmodians/Elyos factions on repeated occasions, left the city in search of a power that would allow him to protect the Reian people by himself. Following his disappearance shortly thereafter, Beritra deployed one of his dredgions to destroy the city of Kamar….

….With their leader missing and their capital destroyed, the spirit of the Reian people broke. The land was ravaged during Beritra’s invasion, and whatever remained of it was ultimately destroyed and sank into the abyss ocean during Beritra’s search for the Sealing Stone…..

…..In its prime, Sarpan was rich both in forest and rugged landscape, where various of the local sapiens such as the Uruguru ,Brohum and Humnaz had established footholds…..“

-Goodbye to the most wonderful land …the land of hopes and dreams….


Filmmaker Michael Shainblum takes you on an aerial tour of Oregon, through forests, mountains, rugged coastline, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and the Columbia River Gorge.


Heading out to Crater Lake this summer?  On the way, stop by the stunning Rogue Wild and Scenic River. 

The Rogue River is located in southwestern Oregon and flows 215 miles from Crater Lake to the Pacific Ocean. The 84 mile, Congressionally-designated “National Wild and Scenic” portion of the Rogue begins 7 miles west of Grants Pass and ends 11 miles east of Gold Beach.

The Rogue was one of the original eight rivers included in the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 1968. The Rogue National Wild and Scenic River is surrounded by forested mountains and rugged boulder and rock-lined banks.

Steelhead and salmon fishery, challenging whitewater, and extraordinary wildlife viewing opportunities have made the Rogue a national treasure. Black bear, river otter, black-tail deer, bald eagles, osprey, Chinook salmon, great blue heron, water ouzel, and Canada geese are common wildlife seen along the river banks.  One of our favorite #mypubliclandsroadtrip stops – explore #yourlands!

I Know How It Feels to Breathe With You Beside Me (Part 2/?)

A follow up to this because for some reason I write fluff now. I know, sickening. Anyway, hope you enjoy this. It’s shameless domestic!jeller fluff. And for the record I know less than nothing about pregnancies and how they work and the whole kicking business. I stay away from infants and children and well human beings in general so yeah…

Her eyelids fluttered open lazily as the first rays of the morning sun snuck into their bedroom. One hand went to her stomach, greeting her daughter who was already up and kicking while the other reached over, searching for him. But his side of the bed was empty, already cold, and for a moment she wondered if she had actually slept in for once, as per the doctor’s orders, but one quick glance to her bed side table and she realized it was him who was up too early.

She rolled over, swinging her legs over the side of the bed. Getting out of bed, like everything else, no longer as easy as they had once been with her now eight month pregnant belly. She knew she should be grateful though, that, according to Sarah, her size at eight months was what most women reach by the fifth. Jane had thought she was just saying that to make her feel good, at first, but soon she realized that she was much smaller than most women at the OBGYN’s and that had got her worried, scared that there was something wrong with the baby. Her doctor was quick to ease her fears, telling her that each woman was different, and some just didn’t grow as big as others. Their daughter was perfectly fine, perfectly healthy. They had nothing to worry about.

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