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WAIT!  You aren’t watching Gilmore Girls?  Well here’s why you should be...

Gilmore Girls first aired on October 5th 2000.  It lasted seven long, fabulous years as it ended on May 15th 2007. However, now that Netflix have uploaded all seven seasons and the revival four episodes from late last year; everyone has started watching it.  There is a new generation of people watching a classic noughties show.  

The show focuses on Lorelai, a single mother, raising her daughter Rory, in a small town in Connecticut; Stars Hollow.  The town is filled with many interesting characters, and Lorelai and Rory are only the beginning of the craziness that fills this fictional town.  Everyone in Stars Hollow has a great bond, it would make anyone watching, want to live there. It is the perfect place to stay.

Now, here are the reasons you should be watching Gilmore Girls.  I must warn you, after you watch you won’t be able to stop…

1.      Lorelai and Rory’s Relationship

Now this is not just a mother, daughter relationship, they are best friends.  The scenes between the two are hilarious and heart-warming, they are a brilliant duo.  With their incredibly fast and witty banter, they are an unstoppable pair.

2.      Rory is totally relatable

Throughout most of the seasons, the beginning in particular, Rory has struggles. She fights through everything that every young girl like her has to survive.  From stress of school, self-loathing, dealing with boys and the feeling nothing is going right.

3.      Peaceful yet crazy town of stars hollow

This small, quaint town in Connecticut is the image of the ideal place to live.  From heated town meetings, to over the top events, you definitely wouldn’t ever be bored staying here.  Stars Hollow is not only filled with colourful people like the eccentric and quirky town mad-man Kirk, to the loud mouth town gossips Miss Patty and Babette, but the most aesthetically pleasing buildings and scenery.  

4.      Lorelai is reason enough!

 Personally, Lorelai is my favourite character on the show.  With her charm, wit, bubbly personality and ability to drink copious amounts of coffee within 24 hours, Lorelai will win you over easily. She makes the coolest mum, speaks the truth and does not apologise for being herself… EVER!  Go Lorelai Gilmore!  

5.      Watching it now, makes it the biggest throwback.

If you are starting Gilmore Girls now, it is such a throwback to simpler times. Seeing the fashion, the technology, the food, the music and the lifestyle of an early noughties culture is like a breath of fresh air.  Also, not to mention some of the actors and actresses we know now, we can see them here when they were just young things.

6.      Rory’s Boyfriends

As I said before about few familiar faces you will see throughout this seven seasons, a lot of them are Rory’s boyfriends.  Let’s start with Dean Forester, he is played by Jared Padalecki, who lots of you will know and love from Supernatural.   Also, Logan Huntzberger, who you may know from his role in The Good Wife.  Milo Ventimiglia also plays one of Rory’s boyfriends, Jess Mariano, who has recently been in ‘This Is Us’.  Hell, even Chad Michael Murray played a boy that Rory had a little something with.  Safe to say Rory has had a rather good looking pick of boyfriends through the years.

7.      LUKE DANES.

Ah… Luke Danes, he absolutely makes the show.  He may be a stubborn loner but he is such a funny and kind hearted guy. His dry wit and care for those close to him is what will pull you in to love him.  He is by far the funniest character, in my opinion, on Gilmore Girls.

8.      The women empowerment message

Gilmore Girls makes it clear that women can succeed and survive in their lives without anyone else to rely on.  Lorelai’s story in particular, since the age of 16 when she fell pregnant with Rory, she has thrived on her own.  As she moved away from her parents to Stars Hollow and began working in an Inn, climbing her way up in the business, soon following her dreams of owning her own Inn. Showing that when no one believed in her she could do it and all by herself!

9.      Takes you away from reality

A great thing about watching Gilmore Girls is that you feel so invested in the characters lives and care about them.  This gives everyone watching the opportunity to escape for a while, relax and live with all the residents of Stars Hollow.  You know it is a good show, when it is easy to watch; when you lose track of time.


10.  And finally, let’s not forget the iconic theme song!

BEWARE! When you tune into Gilmore Girls the theme song will have you singing along each word by the third episode.  It has become a classic, extremely well-known for Gilmore Girls fans.  

Ok, so they are just a few, out of a million reasons, you should be watching Gilmore Girls.  Summer is coming and you have plenty time to binge-watch seven seasons.  So let’s get to it, join the Stars Hollow Community.

Dean Forester’s cameo

Okay, I need to talk about Jared’s Dean scene in more detail now that I’ve watched it a couple times.

-can we talk about the outfit they put him in?  Pea coat with popped collar, really nice grey shirt that, had he NOT been wearing the pea coat with popped collar, would have left Rory in a drooling mess.  PLUS skinny jeans?  Like guh.

-that even though it is a small scene, the dialogue reveals a LOT about what Dean has been upto:
- he lives in Scranton with a wife.  They have three kids, all boys, with another on the way.
-This means he’s in a dedicated and healthy relationship.  He’s not spent his life pining.  The mistakes he made as a 19 year old are not haunting him the rest of his life.  He found someone to be happy with and that makes me happy.
-That Rory’s lack of surprise when he talks about said kids or wife says that this isn’t the first time they’ve run into each other over the years.  She knows he’s married, she knows he’s got kids.  It means they’ve stayed in (at least peripheral) touch, even if its only through perhaps Christmas cards.  
-His clothes say ‘success’ to me.  Not rich, but he’s not struggling.  Maybe he did go back and finish college?  I’d like to think so.  Maybe that’s where he met Jenny.

-In all, it seems like he got himself together.  I’m happy about that.

Next, can we talk about how Jared was able to revert to Dean’s cadence, body language, and speech patterns really flawlessly I felt?  After playing one role exclusively for years, matured physically a whole ton, and been away from this character, I was pleased to see Dean’s speech patterns and body language matched pretty well.  Especially when he asks Rory if she’s “just okay”.  

Also, and I’ve already spoken about this in a previous post.  But it was absolutely NO ACCIDENT that Dean’s wife was named ‘Jenny’ and was referred to as a ‘Saint’ helping take care of young boys.  It was absolutely a shout-out to Gen and what she does for Jared, and I was pleased as punch to see that.  That ‘Jenny’ was pregnant with a girl on the way was just icing on the cake (tho the timing on that line HAD to be an accident).

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