forest preservation

Preserving antiques isn’t just a personal preference for me but an ethical action, tied so much to my environmentalism. So much of our planet has been unsustainably used for resources, mountains dug up completely for minerals and fuels, forests destroyed for their wood…

I have 1920s photos of the Great Smoky Mountains, mountaintops to the horizon and not a tree in sight. The forests regrew, but how much diversity was lost? How much never came back? The American Chestnut is gone to an introduced fungus, the hemlock is following, heart of pine no longer exists because trees can never reach the size they were before. The whole makeup of the ecosystem forever different because life reappeared in a different order than it originally populated an area. In other parts of world, you can find species so specialized they’re only found on a single mountain top…did we have and lose that here when we stripped mountains bare? How many species of plants and insects and amphibians and more did we destroy without ever even knowing they existed?

And it hurt us too. Hardwoods like walnut, used whole for load-bearing columns, replaced today in construction by cheap, soft, easily-warped pine that has to be glued together to get a wide enough piece because we’ve squandered what was available until now it’s no longer feasible to use. Craftsmanship and durability unappreciated when everything’s disposable, our ability to discern material quality, our history of developing different uses for different natural materials lost. How many potential future resources, plant based medicines, biologic-inspired materials, just…simple knowledge of the world, is gone because of our opposition to limiting our consumption, to rationing what we take so it lasts into the future, rather than exploiting it all at once?

When we paint finished woodwork and furniture rather than repair the old finish, when we rip out or “modernize” historic architecture and structures, when we leave old stone to erode away as if it’s worthless…to not respect the products we made from that destruction, to cover up the natural beauty that lead it to be used and exploited in the first place, to throw away and replace the irreplaceable with more destructively-gained and increasingly-inferior materials…painting over old mahogany as if it’s existence and use is no different from today’s laminated particle board and water-logged pine… it’s disrespectful to what was lost, it’s disrespectful to the lifeforms that died to make that piece, it’s disrespectful to the planet itself.


KAYAPO COURAGE: “The Amazon tribe has beaten back ranchers and gold miners and famously stopped a dam. Now its leaders must fight again or risk losing a way of life.” ~ Chip Brown.  photography by Martin Schoeller - full story & gallery via National Geographic (January 2014)

  • “YNHIRE expresses his identity as a warrior with a headdress of parrot feathers.”
  • “BEPRO wears the beads and cotton-wrapped earrings that boys receive as part of their naming ceremony.”
  • “ROPNI, an internationally known chief, is one of the few Kayapo who still wear the mahogany lip plate.”
  • “PHNH-OTI has an inverted V shaved into her scalp, a ceremonial female practice.”
  • “BEPRAN-TI wears an impressive display of feathers for his betrothal ceremony, a Kayapo rite of passage.”
  • “MEKARON-TI, the great chief, speaks Portuguese and is a powerful advocate for his people.”

These ants are part of a ‘protest’ calling for better protection of the Amazon Rainforest in Cologne Zoo in Germany. Almost 500,000 ants were recruited by the World Wildlife Fund to carry signs saying ‘Help,’ ‘Merkel Help,’ ’Stand Up,’ and ‘Save the Amazon’ around a huge tank. Although the protest is human made it is also a valid statement from the ants themselves. Many ants make their homes in the Amazon and without protection they may find themselves in trouble soon.


This little specimen bottle is stuffed full of heirloom marigold seeds that you can plant as you go on your daily adventures! These flowers are so easy to grow, and create strikingly large plants FULL of uniquely striped blooms! Plant one in someone’s yard, along the sidewalk in the city, in a friends garden, anywhere that needs a little color and life!… Where it came from will be a mystery, but you will know, and enjoy seeing the beauty you brought to life! You will also be helping pollinating insects, such as bees and butterflies! I grew tons of these in my garden this year, and the pollinators LOVED them! Give someone the gift of a surprise plant! Please do not plant these seeds in the forest, preserve such places for the native wildflowers!

Note: Please do not plant these seeds in the forest! Preserve such places for native plants! Many forests contain very fragile environments, new plants should not be introduced, as it interferes with the life that depends on these wild locations.

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NavySEAL’s and Christmas trees

Danny: “What is this? Do I look like Charly Brown? This is a depressing twig that fell of the expensive tree!(to tree seller)

Steve: “Let it go Danny. I got a better idea. Save your money. I got you covered.”

Danny: “Whoa, wait! I changed my mind. You can’t do it.”

Steve: “It’s Christmas Danny. You and Gracie need a tree. You want a tree?”

Danny: “I do. I did, but not like this…well because this is a protected forest preserve, right? Because removing trees is strictly prohibited!”

Steve: “What do you see Danny? Lots and lots of trees. They are not gonna miss one. You know what I mean?”

Danny: “Wait! Whoa! Wait!” (too late…)

Danny: “I cannot believe you made me an accomplice to a crime.”

Steve: “A victimless crime.”

Danny: “The evidence to which is strapped to the roof of my car right now!”

Steve: “Danny, no one’s gonna know where this tree came from, all right?”

Danny: “You tainted Christmas. You know what you are?”

Steve: “Annoyed of this conservation.”

Danny: “You are a ruiner of Christmas. You are Scrooge.”

Steve: “Bah, hambug.”

Danny: “uh-huh. All right. Mm-hm. Okay.”

(Translation:Bah, hambug = I love you / uh-huh.All right. Mm-hm.Okay = I love you too.)

(Discussion is incomplete, taken from the dialogue from the show)


autumnal staircase by Adam Baker
Via Flickr:
Jackrabbit Trail, Adirondack State Park, NY