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Gladion’s Departure

Alrighty! So this is my first Fanfic so bear with me (and more on the way). The characters belong to Pokémon Sun and Moon and there are SPOILERS so be forewarned. This is a clean fluff of Gladion x female trainer (Moon). In this story Sun is Moon’s brother and everyone is 18, though in future fanfics I may play with the ages. Again sorry that I’m not a good writer but I hope you enjoy!

Moon leaned over the ships banister in excitement. It had been a few weeks since she had last seen her friend Gladion. During her last visit he had entrusted a Type:Null that had been locked away by Aether, similar to the Silvally that followed him everywhere. She had been honored that he valued her enough to care for the Type:Null and had promised to give it all the love and affection it deserved. He had smiled and nodded stating, “I know you will.”

           Now after weeks of seclusion in the forests and canyons of Poni, her own Null had evolved. Giving it the name Verity, she began her journey back to Aether to show her friend. Steadfast and loyal, Verity had become loved by all her party Pokémon. Verity’s only flaw was that he would often escape his pokéball to walk at her side. Sometimes she would be scolded in places that did not allow Pokémon to roam freely. Moon did not mind though, she found this quirk sweet and never fussed at Verity for it.

           Sprinting off the boat and startling several employees she began her search. She was confident she would find him on the conservation deck. She couldn’t help but grin as the elevator shifted upward.

           Chirps of wild flying Pokémon sang through the tree tops. Several Aether employees were tending to various injured or endangered Pokémon and waved as she walked by. She fought the urge to run, which was prohibited on the conservation deck but for good reasons. The Pokémon were known to cross the walkways or bump into passing walkers. So it was imperative for the safety of the endangered Pokémon to be mindful of your surroundings.

           Moon searched for Gladion but to no avail. She even checked his favorite spot but was only met with a passing stufful. Moon groaned and began retracing her steps. Back at the docks she noted that with evening drawing near most visitors had already left with the exception of the employees. Knowing that he most likely would not be in the lower labs she began to cross the main courtyard to check his room. Crossing the threshold she was met with the laughter of two men. Stopping Moon noticed Faba, a wicked scientist who had attempted to kill her when she, her brother Sun, Hau, and Gladion had come to rescue Nebby and Lillie. What was dangerous about Faba was that he could hide his true nature through a friendly facade. Next to him stood a stranger with light blue hair. The man was young, though older than her, and wore a dark suit with a red tie. His spiky hair stuck out reminding her of an Alolan sandslash. Unlike Faba the visitor seemed to be laid back and would nod occasionally as Faba gushed about his work. Noticing her, Faba plastered a nasty grin on his face.

           "Ah! The champion of Alola has graced us with her presence!“ The stranger’s eyes lit up and showed much more interest in this new conversation.

           "Oh,” the young man said. “Then this must be Moon.” Faba motioned towards the man and purred,

           "Moon this is Steven, one of our top donors in the Aether foundation. Steven is the champion of the Hoenn region.“ Steven lifted a finger and interjected,

           "Ex champion actually. Hoenn now has a fine new champion named Brendan. It is a pleasure to meet the first champion of Alola.” Moon stepped forward and shook the man’s hand.

           "Very nice to meet you.“ Steven smiled.

           "I’m looking forward to challenging your team one day. Would you be interested?” She grinned at the thought of a battle.

           "Anytime anyplace.“ Steven chuckled before Faba squirmed back to the center of attention.

           "I was just telling Steven how though the Aether foundation is showing much improvement than in recent months, we are still suffering from a weak foundation that can only be improved through the guidance of a powerful leader.” Moon furrowed her brows confused.

           "What are you talking about?“ she murmured. Faba grinned wickedly and cooed,

           "it is true that young master Gladion does try his very best, but he is but a boy of eighteen. Aether needs a more experienced leader, one who understands the company inside and out, someone who has been here for many years.” Disgust twisted in her stomach at his words. She knew what he was playing at. It was well known that Faba desired to rise in the ranks, no matter the cost. Steven cocked his head.

           "And I suppose you have candidate in mind?“ Faba smirked and adjusted his bulbous green glasses.

           "I feel that the perfect adult for the job is standing right before you. I have been loyal to Aether for years and I am qualified in all aspects of leadership. I’m sure someone as distinguished as you Steven, could put in a good word for an old friend.” Moon clenched her fists.

           "You will never be half the man that Gladion is!“ she blurted. Faba flinched startled by her outburst whilst Steven seemed amused. She felt heat rush to her cheeks but continued to defend Gladion’s name.

           "Gladion has shown not only wisdom in governing Aether, but compassion as well. Unlike Faba, Gladion genuinely cares about the welfare of Pokémon and protects them from not only the forces of nature but from nosy scientists who want nothing but to experiment and exploit them.” Steven glanced at Faba who cowered in his lab coat.

           "Then it’s decided. Aether seems to have an excellent president already. Thank you Moon for your input. Now I know I can continue to place my faith in Aether.“ Steven gave her a friendly wink before elegantly leaving the room. There was a few seconds of thick silence, she could practically see Faba’s furious aura. His glare was so venomous that it could have made made an arcanine’s intimidate look like a friendly smile. She scowled back at him, ready to engage in battle if need be.

           "You idiotic child!”

           "I am not a child Faba. I will not tolerate being condescended to like one.“ Faba growled and paced the floor.

           "You rotten teenagers all think that when you hit eighteen you are magically transformed into an all knowing adult! How clueless and naive you are!”

           "And how treacherous and foul you are to go behind the president’s back.“ The veins on Faba’s head seemed to throb as he grimaced at her.

           "Why are you here anyway!?” he spat.

           "I’m looking for Gladion.“ Faba stopped wide eyed.

           "Gladion? …Oh he must not have told you.” A dark smile twisted across his face.

           "He didn’t tell me what?“ She tried to keep her voice level but worry had wavered the ‘what’, and Faba had heard it. He looked pleased he had incited such a response from her.

           "Our young president left yesterday to oversee a new study being conducted in another region. By now he is on the other side of the world.”

           Moon felt her heart speed up in fear.

           "H-how long will he be gone?“ Faba narrowed his eyes.

           "I can’t say. The shortest study in the recent years of Aether was seventeen years long. But the average can be thirty years or more.” Her heart stopped in her chest. For a moment she felt an incredible burst of adrenaline and shock course through her veins. Her first instinct was to scream that he was wrong, Gladion would have told her he was leaving. Then before she knew it the room was spinning.

           "Whatever is the matter champion? Did I say something that upset you?“ he cooed. Moon gritted her teeth and stumbled past him into Gladion’s room.

           "Go…to…Hell,” was all she could squeak out. Faba’s maniacal laughter rang through her ears before she slammed the door closed.

           The room was well kept and tidy with the occasional discarded pokéball or punk themed apparel. Looking around Moon remembered the time she had found Gladion living in a motel room. Back then he was so reserved and only sought comfort from his friend Null. But through their adventure Moon had seen that underneath the edgy bad boy facade Gladion was a huge lovable dork. It had taken time, but the two trainers had grown quite close, which was why Moon could not accept that he would just vanish.

           She searched for a sign that Gladion would be returning home. Immediately she noticed a small book by his bedside stand. Kicking her shoes off she took the book and crawled onto the fluffy bed. Just as she suspected it was his private journal. She hesitated, knowing it was wrong of her to intrude on her friend’s thoughts. But the torment inside her heart was too much to bear. With trembling hands she flipped to the last entry. It was dated from the day before.

           Today I will be setting out to our furthest facility to monitor the population of an extremely rare and endangered Pokémon. We do not yet know if the recent decline in population is due to predation or human influence. I left Wicke in charge of the upkeep of Aether paradise while I am away and hopefully keep that idiot Faba in line. I don’t even know why he still works here…. Silvally seems excited for a change in scenery which makes me happy. I hope that we can do something to help these Pokémon so that this trip is not in vain. Though it seems it is my time to say farewell to Alola.


           Moon stared blankly at the open book in her lap. She tried clear her head to numb the pain. Concentrating only on taking deep breaths until suddenly her lungs began to spasm. She was not a girl who was known to cry, but for the first time sobs racked her body. Tears the size of marbles flowed down her cheeks while she clutched at the black sheets under her as if they were the only thing tethering her to this world.

           A piece of her had been torn away, leaving a tender and raw longing in her once complete heart. She had taken Gladion’s presence for granted by assuming that she would always be able to reach him. Only now did she realize how deeply she loved him.

           A flash illuminated the room and suddenly Verity was standing before her. Moon looked miserably up at the Pokémon before choking out, “He’s gone.” Verity let out a soft cry of concern before hopping onto the large bed. The Pokémon began nuzzling its trainer, Moon happily leaned into it. Then curling up so that his body circled her’s to comfort her, Verity began to doze off. Grabbing one of Gladion’s pillows and twisting his comforter around her until she looked like a cascoon, she leaned into her Pokémon’s neck. She continued to cry softly into Verity’s silver mane until she had no energy left. Her last conscious thought was how much the pillow smelled of Gladion.

Соооу, первый раз пыталась в безконтурки - получилось вроде сносно (янадеюсь), но, ОБОГИ, это чертовски долго и реально сложно т_т
И таки очень приятно опять рисовать Сильв, ибо достаточно долгое время руки до неё всё никак не доходили, что обидненько.

В общем, я пытался