forest pony


INKTOBER 19 & 20
Forest God Luna
Nightwalker Tantabus
Princess Lunanoke Full Board

Princess Mononoke is my favorite Miyazaki movie, so I rewatched the movie while I payed tribute through drawing Luna as the forest god and Nightwalker. They were drawn next to each other on the same bristol board. (These are also two of my favorite works from the Inktober challenge, and also the longest worked on)


Ok it’s 3.25 a.m. but it’s never too late (or too soon 😂) for my girls 💔

During full moons, its protective rays of light ensures safe dreaming for everyone, allowing Luna to take a break for a night or two from rescuing ponies from their nightmares. On these nights, her apprentice Sombra joins her for a calm midnight stroll.