forest of illumination

the world is magic.
above us are the clouds, the twinkling stars, and the sun that feeds us warmth. right beside you is the deep blue of lakes that reflect the vine-painted walls of a forest, nighttime car rides illuminated by the lights of the city, and floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the countryside.
there are people to learn from, people who will hurt you, people who will stay by your side, and people who will leave after no time at all. and that’s okay.
there are elders to guide you, friends to laugh with you, and lovers to learn how you tick like a clock. there are rainy afternoons filled with coffee and records, foggy sunday mornings to wake up in cashmere blankets and kiss the nose of your lover, and lonely midnights on rooftops while you try to figure yourself out.
there’s the feeling of another person’s lips, the heaven of sex, the excitement of loving another human being, and the disappointment when they aren’t right for you. there’s inner satisfaction, inner peace with oneself and the world around you, and the realization that it’s okay to not have it all figured out.
it’s all there. it’s all perfect. it’s all magic.


For she never seemed to learn. by Aleah Michele
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“She threw herself at heartbreak, like a moth drawn to a flame. Patching up her broken wings, just to try it again, and the world all thought her foolish, for she never seemed to learn, but how do you save somebody, who’s convinced they should burn?” -E. H.


Black Forest Cake (German hot chocolate and cherry liqueur) and Caramel Kiss from the Prost! stand located in the Epcot’s Germany Pavilion.

They’re Both Idiots

(aou) Pietro x Reader   Wanda x Vision


Word Count: 1378

Trees swayed back and forth softly as you trekked beneath them. Beams of sunlight broke through the dense roof of the forest and illuminated parts of the path you were walking. Bird songs echoed around you, only to be disturbed by the sound of mud being trod in.

   “Oh for God’s sake,” Pietro huffed from behind you. He held onto his leg, lifting it up to examine his dirty walking boot. Wanda placed a hand on his shoulder, attempting to steady him as he held his balance. You turned around, hands wrapped around the straps of your backpack, and said, “come on guys, not much longer.” Pietro rolled his eyes as he let go of his leg and stood on his two feet again. “You said that half an hour ago, y/n,” he said, eyebrows raised. “I said it to stop you whining,” you admitted, “and anyway, I’m serious this time.” You walked over to Pietro, shoving the map you were following into his hands and placing a finger on it, “this is where we are now,” you pointed and then moved your finger a centimetre up the red line, “and this is where we’re going.” This earned a huff from Pietro. “Okay, okay,” he replied, “lead the way,” he finished his hand gesturing to the ever extending path you were following. 

    With nothing planned for this Sunday, you, Pietro, Wanda and Vision had decided to go for a long walk to a waterfall, hoping the weather would be nice enough to go for a swim or picnic and it certainly was. You were working up a sweat from the heat alone and couldn’t wait to get into refreshing water. It was intended to be a kinda double date, suggested by Vision actually. He thought it was a nice idea and you put forward the idea of walking.

  “See, I told you it wasn’t that far,” you sounded, turning around to raise a snarky eyebrow at Pietro, pointing to the waterfall behind you. Wanda and Vision were a bit behind you both now, walking slower than you and Pietro. You could see them taking in the sites, fingers intertwined as they talked. You smiled at the site, Vision had seemed to question his meaning before being with Wanda but now they both seemed happier. Pietro, wondering what you were smiling at behind him, turned and looked also. “Oh right,” he spoke, turning back to you, “cute, right?” he smiled. Seeing Wanda happy made Pietro happy too. You nodded and started racing towards the waterfall.

   “Race you, Speedy,” you called over your shoulder, smirking at Pietro. He didn’t reply and instead dashed over until he was alongside you. “I’d rather just do this,” he uttered, lifting you off you feet and speeding towards the waterfall. Upon arrival, you were above the waterfall, next to it, looking down at a deep, blue pool of water. It definitely looked inviting. You turned to Pietro, eyebrows raised and said, “I’m going in there, look how deep it is.” Pietro walked over to the edge of the green path, and replied, “me too, but later.”

  You plopped down your backpack, and opened it, pulling out your towel, blanket to sit on and food for the picnic later. Wanda and Vision had made it up to you both and began helping you set up. Soon, you had a small circle of blankets, with food in the centre of them. Vision and Wanda took a seat and continued with their conversation, to be interrupted by Pietro. “You guys coming in the water with me and y/n?” They both exchanged glances, reading each others expressions before Wanda spoke up, “I don’t think so,” she smiled. Pietro shrugged and made his way over to you.

   “It looks like it will be just us in the water today, y/n,” Pietro spoke, sitting next to you, slinging an arm around your shoulder. “Not coming, are they?” You motioned over to the others, as you both sat close to the edge of the drop. “Nope, think they’re taking it easy,” he responded. You nodded and Pietro began to stand up, holding a hand out for you to take. “Shall we go in the water, Miss l/n?” Pietro asked. “I believe we shall, Mr Maximoff,” you replied, mimicking his tone.

   After both of you had taken your outer clothes off leaving you both in your swimming costumes, you made your way over to the edge, overlooking the water a distance below you. “So, how are we meant to get down there?” you questioned, looking at Pietro as he gazed below. “I believe there is a route over the other side, although I would take care as it looks quite steep,” came Vision from behind you, him and Wanda watching you both. You and Pietro looked at each other and Pietro shook his head, “nah, that is much too boring,” he paused, “and besides, I’d rather do this.” 

     Before you could react to what they were saying Pietro pushed you over the edge, making you scream as you plummeted into the water below. “Pietro!” Wanda exclaimed,getting up from her seat and racing over to Pietro to gaze down at the large splash below them. “She’s fine,” Pietro shrugged her off, knowing that you would be due to your immense training. “You still took her off guard, Pietro,” Wanda folded her arms over her chest, giving her brother an unamused stare. Vision had soon joined them the twins at the overlook, to wait for your arrival at the surface. In all honesty, Wanda and Vision were excited to hear the words you would have for Pietro when you did.

  Pietro began to panic. You had still not surfaced. “y/n!” Pietro called down, his face etched with worry. Wanda and Vision stayed silent, still searching for your figure in the water below. “Oh no,” Pietro felt himself flush with panic as his breaths became more rapid and uneven. Little did they know that your immense training also meant that you could hold your breath under water for considerably longer than most people. Wanting to teach Pietro a lesson for pushing you over and almost giving you a heart attack, you stayed under. It was a cruel trick to play on him, you knew, but so was pushing you into the pool below.

  Above you, Pietro began to dive to where you were, hoping to find you alive and well. He splashed into the water where you were hiding and opened his eyes. He looked around, turning side to side, looking for you in the water. Suddenly, his eyes latched onto yours as you clung to  rock underneath the surface. Your eyes locked and you couldn’t help it, you laughed so hard, causing a mass of bubbles to rush to the surface. You followed in their trail and took your first breath in over 3 minutes. Pietro soon followed an annoyed look on his face as he swam over to you.

   “I can’t believe you did that!” He exclaimed, obviously trying to conceal the laugh threatening to break his stern look. “Well then,” you responded raising your eyebrows, “you shouldn’t have pushed me.” You sent a splash to Pietro, only to have him dodge out of the way and send one straight back. You both continued this for another five minutes, both laughing uncontrollably as you did so. 

  You both ended up nearer each other, gasping for air as your laughs died down. Pietro’s arm snaked around your waist, bringing you too him as you both paddled in the water. “I love you, y/n,” Pietro said softly, staring into your e/c eyes. You smiled up at him, “I love you too, Pietro.” you replied, “now, let me go, or we’re both gonna go under,” your legs not being able to keep up both your bodies as you clung to each other. Pietro chuckled and let you go.

  Unbeknownst to you both, watching from above was Wanda and Vision. They had seen the whole thing and were laughing with each other about it. They returned to their previous seats on their blankets next to each other. Wanda chuckled again and looked over at Vision, “they’re both idiots.” 


Warm Winters || bombaker
  • Danielle: glanced down to her watch. It was already Christmas Eve, and in a few hours it was going to be Christmas. Matt was kind enough to spend the week with her here in New York and it was a beautiful white Christmas that New York could offer already. It was already snowing now, and it was pretty in the city that doesn't sleep. Her eyes flickered up to the window of the snow, and then the voices of the people pulled her back in to the surrounding party atmosphere. Her forest green dress illuminated her eyes as she glanced around the room. She sighed heavily as she smiled over to Matt from across the room and gave him a light wave.