forest negotiations


“One day in Summer” part 1

My “little” Au story.

Kanan was delegated as important persona of NO.6 to start friendly negotiations with Forest People. This is fist day that little nine years old Shion and Nezumi have met.  

So here is first part. I don’t know how many part it will have but I have already set of scenes in my head until end of this story. I will publish images of each scen as one part. I don’t know how soon will be next part. I’m now fully employed and as I come back to home from work I fall on floor/bed exhausted.

Yesterday I noticed that today’s 6th so I done my best to finish two last pictures from this part…

At fist ver I was thinking about making boys a six year old, even more cute, but when I thought about the end of story I decided to made them 9 years old.

Karan have long hair, I liked her design from manga when she was younger, so in my story she cut her hair when Shion was 11-12.

Shion have already his white hairs and scar. He didn’t have easy in schools because of this that’s why Karan is still a little overprotective towards him.

And Nezumi’s mother, that was hard part. I wanted to make her beautiful lady, pretty but she have her years too and she already gave birth to two kids so she have to look motherly. For name I picked one first name that came to my mind.  

So see you again in 2nd part and  I say that flowers are my enemies from today.


Forest Whitaker in negotiations to join ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’

“At April’s Star Wars Celebration convention in Anaheim, Edwards revealed that the plot of “Rogue One” revolves around the heist of the Death Star plans by a group of rebel fighters, with Jones starring as one of the rebel soldiers. Sources say Ahmed and Luna also play Alliance fighters. Whitaker’s role is unknown at this time.

The film will take place between Episode III and Episode IV, but closer chronologically to “A New Hope.” It’s set to bow December 16, 2016…”

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Missing year, Regina tells Roland about Harry Potter/ recounts the story by heart and Roland decides he wants to go to Hogwarts too! (He doesn't understand it's not real because magic is real in his world)

They leave him with Belle. The Merry Men, when they go, they leave Roland with Belle. It’s only a few nights, after all, and Belle and Robin have a rapport, and she’s warm and loving and exactly who you probably would want to leave your child with if you’d gone off on a scouting mission that could prove dangerous.

It would have been a fine plan, if the weather had held. But it hadn’t. Instead, the skies had opened up, torrential downpour and rumbling thunder and slashes of lightning through the sky. It’s bad enough that even Regina, who doesn’t care one bit for the thief and his band of ruffians, sends out a silent hope that the thick canopy of the Forest provides some modicum of shelter and and they haven’t been washed away down some perilous gorge, or fried to a crisp by lightning. It will be days before they return, days before they know for sure, so there’s no use in worrying over it now.

Not that she worries for the man, because she doesn’t. His son, though.. well, she has a weakness for that boy and those dimples, and the way his dark eyes light up when she sneaks him a sweet from the royal table on her way out of the hall after luncheon. So when thunder rumbles loud and ominous just after supper, and that sweet face is pinched with worry and unease, she sneaks him two sweets, a whole cookie, and a wink. Let Belle deal with the sugar high.

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