forest lizard


Here are five of my favourite pictures of 2016. These did not feature in my favourites list I posted during my blog anniversary in September, but are in no way second choice. 

I’m curious what 2017 will bring :)

One of my favorite rainbows to date, but I’ve been so busy the last month that I never got a chance to take decent outdoor photos of it. Even here, I was in a hotel room getting ready to head off to Louder Than Life (was anyone else there?!).

Manic Panic:
Electric Banana
Electric Lizard
Green Envy
Enchanted Forest
Atomic Turquoise
Rockabilly Blue
Deep Purple Dream
Hot Hot Pink


The rainforests, mountains, wildlife, volcanoes, and oceans of Costa Rica


This lil guy was a bit more difficult than I thought. With the leaves and deedlie-bobs and different shapes? No wonder this lil critter is King of the Forest!  But I think it turned out cuddly-well. :D What do y’all think?

This out-of-pokedex-order poke-dot was brought to you by folks like you! Who messaged and reblogged during one of my follower appreciation posts. :) 


Another star attraction gets a home in the Royal Reptile House. This time, it’s a pair of Komodo dragons. I tried my best to simulate the tropical dry forests of their home islands, so they’d be big, happy lizards.


The Crocodile Hall finally gets finished! Some touch-ups are still needed, but with the first floor and the roof done, the building and all of its enclosures now stand. There’s a place for visitors to get food upstairs, together with bathrooms and four more terraria.

Nothing ever stays dry in the cloud forest! Not even this Norops cusuco lizard, a reptile endemic to Cusuco National Park, Honduras. My socks will never be dry again, all in the name of science!

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A dragon forest lizard hitches a ride on a young crocodile’s back. The pair certainly make an unlikely couple as they spend time together in the grass. But photographer Hendy Mp said that as they are pets, they are relaxed in each other’s company. The 25-year-old from Sambas, West Kalimantan, Indonesia, took his pets to a field in Borneo, Indonesia, for a chance to stretch their legs.
Picture: Hendy Mp/Solent News