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je t’aime & quaksons

je t'aime & quaksons (Peter Parker imagine)

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Request: hiii! could u pleasd write a peter x reader fic where she’s french but goes to HS with peter and someday she says that she loves him (in french) and he also responds in french ? THATD BE SO COOL! thanks xx

A/N: using google translate because the only French word I know is ‘’bonjour’’ // didn’t want to be basic with using ‘’Paris’’ as her hometown lol


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Marseille, France to Queens, New York

3, 915 miles 

10+ hours flight 

Leaving your hometown to go to a different school is scary, but doing the big jump from one side of the planet to the other was even scarier. Since you had amazing grades and were super smart when it came to anything science, you got the opportunity to go to the Midtown High School in Forest Hills, Queens, New York.

Walking into the school caught some looks, other students quickly realizing you were a foreigner. Keeping your head up, you walked into the office and stood in front of the counter. 

‘’Good morning, can I help you?’’ The secretary asked.

‘’Yes, I’m the new transfer student from France’’ you replied nervously. Her face light up like a Christmas tree and she smiled.

‘’Oh, yes! Here, I got your locker combination and your schedule. I attached a little map in the back of the paper just in case you need it’’ she said while giving you two sheets of paper. ‘’Welcome to Midtown, dear.’’

‘’Thank you so much’’ you smiled gratefully and walked back to the hallway. Taking a deep breath, you started your journey to find your locker. After five minutes and a flight of stairs, you found it. After doing the combination, you opened it and frowned. 

‘’Yeah, this needs an emergency makeover’’ you murmured to yourself. You took a quick picture of it, so you had some reference when you went to buy the things you needed later. Leaving your backpack in your locker, you just took your notebook and a pen. The bell rung.


You walked few hallways and found your classroom. Triple checking it was the right one, you walked in. It was a chemistry room, with two seats per table. Okay great. Students looked at you, and so did the teacher. She came up to you.

‘’Hello. You must be Y/N, right?’’ you nodded, feeling nervous again. ‘’Please take a seat next to Peter’’ she pointed to a guy wearing a blue sweater with a flannel shirt underneath. When you sat next to him, his cologne hit you hard. It smelled so good.

 ‘’Hi, I’m Y/N’’ you greeted quietly, startling him a little.

 ‘’I-I’m P-P-eter’’ he stammered a little bit. He was freaking out.

When class was over, you headed towards the other classrooms. You sat in the back so you wouldn’t draw so much attention to yourself. You were looking at everyone when Peter walked in. Okay, another class with him. This went on during the entire day, it looked like you had the same classes as Peter, which didn’t bother you at all.

After school, you were super hungry. It was coffee time. (A/N: hey my little coffee beans… if you know where that’s from I like you). You searched online for a good French café in the area and you ended up deciding on Café Triskell. It was kind of far to go on foot, so you were going to use Uber to get there.

You sat in a bench outside and pulled out your phone again when Peter came up to you. ‘’Hey’’ he said, sitting next to you.

‘’Hey, what’s up?’’ God, he’s so cute.

‘’Are you doing something now?’’ He asked boldly.

‘’Yeah’’ you replied, making his smile fade away. ‘’I’m gonna go get a coffee, do you wanna join me? We should get to know each other, since we’re lab partners and classmates in every class.’’

‘’Uh s-sure’’ he was taken aback because of your question.


You were sitting face to face, close to a window. Peter was still shock because of the small little fact that you were French.

‘’How do you say ‘’I love science’’?’’ He asked, while taking a sip of his coffee.

‘’j’aime la science’’ you told him slowly, so he could understand.

‘’This quakson is so good’’ he said suddenly, surprising you. ‘’Wanna bite?’’

‘’The what?’’ You asked him, confused.

‘’The quakson’’ he pointed towards the croissant. And you just started laughing. It was so funny to you that you were crying. Peter was pouting. ‘’Why are you laughing?’’

‘’You’re pronouncing it wrong, silly. It’s croissant’’ you told him, wiping your tears away.

‘’That was I said, quakson’’ you started laughing again. ‘’Okay, fine. I can’t pronounce it right.’’

‘’I’ll tell you, don’t worry. Just eat your quakson’’ he glared at you playfully, and offered you a piece.

Months later

Your relationship with Peter was going strong. After you hung out at the café, you were inseparable. Now you were laying down in a blanket at the park. A nicely filled picnic basket was full of treats beside you.

Your heard was resting on Peter’s chest. ‘’je t'aime’’ you told him. He sat up and looked at you. Fuck, was it too soon?

He smiled at you. ‘’ je t'aime aussi.’’


Video and photo below by imvpulse/Instagram of today’s September 13, 2017 shoot in Queens (Forest Hills, I think).  Should be Episode 5.05


On this day in music history: April 23, 1976 - “Ramones”, the debut album by the Ramones is released. Produced by Craig Leon, it is recorded at Plaza Sound, Radio City Music Hall in New York City from February 2 - 19, 1976. Fixtures on the New York punk rock scene since forming in 1974, the Ramones come to the attention of Sire Records A&R man Craig Leon (Blondie, Joshua Bell), through their manager Danny Fields, by way of a demo album the band records with producer Marty Thau. Leon signs the band to the label in November of 1975. The first album by Forest Hills, Queens, NY punk quartet is recorded in just seven days (spread over a two week period) for a cost of $6,400. Consisting of both covers and originals, it is widely praised by rock critics and the Ramones solid fan base. The album goes on to help define and popularize the punk music genre and culture, inspiring and influencing numerous bands and artists that follow in their wake.  The album is remastered and reissued in 2001 with eight additional bonus tracks added, including demo versions  and the single mix of “Blitzkrieg Bop”. It is also reissued as a 180 gram vinyl LP in 2011, pressed on blue vinyl with a bonus 7" of “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” b/w “California Sun/I Don’t Wanna Walk Around With You” that is limited to only 500 copies. To commemorate the album’s fortieth anniversary in 2016, it is released as a limited three CD + LP Deluxe Edition. The CD’s include stereo and mono mixes of the original album on disc one, with the second disc containing  outtakes and demos. Disc three features two live performances recorded at the Roxy Theater in Los Angeles, CA on August 12, 1976. The set also comes with a 180 gram vinyl LP featuring the mono mix of the album, and a 12" x 12" hardbound book with photos and extensive liner notes. The anniversary box is remastered by Sean Magee and Sam Okell, and executive produced by Bill Inglot. “Ramones” peaks at number one hundred eleven on the Billboard Top 200.

Turn on the Bright Lights tour at Forest Hills Stadium

This is a long shot, but i figured here would be a good place to try.

Is anyone going to the Interpol show in Queens on Sept 23????

I’m from outside of Philly area and would love love love if someone nearby was taking a trip out that way. I’d be more than grateful and would obviously pay you in gas money, love, and “herbs” (if that’s your kinda thing).

Please share. ❤❤❤❤


Some pictures from my last abandoned building adventure. The Parkway Hospital is located in Forest Hills, Queens. I haven’t found much history about it online but it supposedly closed down in 2008 due to bankruptcy. The land has been up for auction at least twice and once a deposit was paid for the property but the deal ended up falling through, and it seems as though nobody will commit to taking it. For now, the hospital just sits along the Grand Central Parkway, silently watching the years pass. 

Wounds and Contusions [p.p] (1/?)

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Title: Wounds and Contusions (One Shot)
Fandom: MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Characters: (Tom Holland) Peter Parker x female reader, mentions of May Reilly, mentions of Flash Thompson
Warnings: brief mention of physical abuse, tiny spoilers for Captain America: Civil War,
Word Count: 1,272
Short Description: You’re a classmate of Peter’s and you worry about him when you see all of his cuts and bruises.

Disclaimer: not my gif. Also, excuse how it’s totally irrelevant to the one shot, I just really like the gif :)

[Y/N] = your name
[L/N] = your last name

There had always been something about Peter Benjamin Parker that you thought was intriguing. Perhaps it was the fact that somebody as exceptionally intellectual as Peter was constantly bullied for being, well, exceptionally intellectual, or that he was shy despite having no reason to be. The few times you had spoken to Peter, you had immediately noticed that he was witty and kind, two attributes that usually made people want to befriend somebody.

Still, the students of Midtown High School deemed him somewhat of a social outcast, especially by the school bully Flash Thompson. The sad part of the situation was, in your opinion, the fact that Flash had once been a really good person. You used to be friends before high school, and before his father, resulting in Flash’s own violent temper, physically abused him.

For the most part, Midtown was a good school. It was a school that liked to focus on Science and Technology, which weren’t necessarily your best subjects, but it was the best school in Forest Hills, Queens. The teachers were good and Flash’s band of bullies never bothered you in particular. In fact, Flash was completely neutral around you, even smiling once in a while. Why you didn’t know. But there were others that did.

Finishing your physics homework, you observed the pencil you were using for long enough to realise that it didn’t actually belong to you. Then, as you observed it even more carefully, you saw that somebody’s initials were scribbled on the end with some sort of fine liner. “P.P.” Peter Parker.

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