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The Green Witch

Is the practice of nature-based and earth oriented witchcraft. Green witches usually practice a traditional form of witchcraft in which the earth, trees, herbs, plants and flowers are consulted for their medicinal and magical value. They will grow their own herbs or Wildcraft them, and are very good at making herbal remedies. Usually, the spirits of nature, the dead (that of humans and animals) or the Fey have a large part in Green traditions. 

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Witchcraft on a budget #3

Ok so I make salves and balms and I never have enough time to make herb infused oils. I just don’t have the time to wait 6 weeks to make salves. But thanks to my laziness, making infused oils just got a hell of a lot easier.

Herb infused oils: the easy way

If using fresh herbs, chop or crush them up. You can use a food processor or blender to break them down into a paste, if using a blender add a small amount of oil in with the herbs so you don’t break your blender.

If using dry herbs, grind them up with a mortar and pestle or a sealed bag and a hammer will work too.

After crushing your herbs, heat up some oil (careful not to burn the oil or yourself) if you are heating it up on the stove, a medium heat will work, you can also heat up the oil in the microwave (I don’t recommend it but you do you) just be safe.

Add crushed herbs to the oil and mix well.

Place in a jar with lid off or slightly open, if you place hot liquid in a sealed jar it can blow up so don’t do that.

Let sit overnight as it cools and infuses.

Strain next day and use as desired.

Have fun and stay safe xx

Rowan magic

Rowan has been my closest plant ally since my journey started last year September. This is the journey i talked on my blog about a few posts earlier.

She is a protective tree. The tree of fairies and witches. The tree of feeling who you are in your core and standing with that sense of self even if outside forces want to tell you you are crazy for thinking doing and believing what you believe in. You get immune for these kinds of false beliefs that others try to impose on you. I have been soft as jelly for all of my life, and have let these ideas and opinions others had of me guide me. That made me stray me far far from my soul path for the better part of my life. It made me ill and it brought me to my knees literally. Only when everything fell away, (everything fell apart around me) i started to realize i had let this happen. And that realization was the beginning of finding my way back, in which process i am still walking every day.  So very early i started to wear a magic oil i made from Rowan in a glass vial around my neck, and i have been wearing it every day, 24 hours a day since. And anyone who knows my journey from the past year knows the truth about Rowan magic.

They write about her she is a protective tree. The protection she provides is from the inside out. It is not like a circle of energy that creates a bubble to protect you or anything of that sort, because its not coming from the outside. The protective magic lies in the fact that she helps you to stand stronger in who you are and what you believe to be true, this way any negative things that are being thrown at you from the outside can’t get inside you nor shake your truth anymore..

This is how she protects, this is her grand magic!! 

A lot of people think that rowan berries are poisonous, but that would be only the case if you would eat a lot of the raw. And there aren’t many people who could do that as they taste very bitter in a raw state. eating a few raw berries hasn’t dramatically hurt anyone. But it doesn’t really matter people think they are poisonous, that leaves that much more for us who love to work with them and for the birds, who love them even more.

Today i gathered rowan berries to make a tincture, a new magic oil and a typical Rowan berry jelly out of them.The last one, the jelly will be my 1st time. I used one of the many and very simple recipes online. I roughly used this one in particular.

Here i made a straining system to let the juices come down on it own during the night. Its a reversed stool. 

Tincture made with the freshly picked berries from today. This tincture will be full of Vitamin A and C. Its a tincture that can be used in many situations, its very versatile. Pneumonia and urinary track related  issues are just a few of them.