forest glen 50k


Forest Glen 50k
31.8 miles
13:55/mile pace
tied for 12th place

10.6 mile loops on a pretty tough course. About 2000’ of elevation gain/loss per loop. This was a small race. I had a tough period of suffering around miles 19-23 or so. I was so thankful to have my Running Buddy Bryan (RBB) with me. I know he could’ve run faster, but was kind enough to stick with me through my struggles. Still not exactly sure what was wrong with me (probably not enough calories or electrolytes or something).

Walked the hills and took some downhills pretty fast about midway through the second loop. Quads, glutes and hamstrings just feel pretty trashed. Lower legs and feet feel great, though. Hobbling a little bit today. We got out and walked around the park on the way home.

Also, we stayed the night with some of our yoga-loving, urban farming friends in Indianapolis. Damn, I love those folks. Wifely and I were dreaming about various scenarios that could take us to that lovely city. We sort of love our small-town country life, too, though. Decisions-there’s never a shortage in this life, huh?

I hope you all had a great race and running weekend. Time for a week free of running. Just cycling and yoga classes for me, thank you.