forest deer spirit


red deer laurel leaves on head by Peter Warren



Have you ever met the great spirit of the forest? I have~

This is my own interpretation of the Forest Spirit from the wonderful Ghibli movie Princess Mononoke. :heart: Ive wanted to make this dude for a long time but never got to it until now. I think he is very cool, but I never quite liked his face in the movie, its something with those human facial features that make me shudder, hahah. So thats why I decided to make him more as a stag. :D I love how he turned out. Hope you do to. :D


The forest spirit is completely handmade and posable in both neck, tail, legs and even the antlers can be adjusted. He stand about 30cm tall with antlers - 11.8 inches. I have sculpted the legs in durable epoxy, and the antlers are made of unbreakable plastic - everything painted with small brushes and sealed. His body is made of soft faux fur that Ive trimmed. He is a OOAK (one of a kind) creature and made with lots of effort, time, love and a part of my soul. <3

Art © 2016 Linda Escaron Lundqvist all rights reserved
The Forest Spirit © Studio Ghibli

Adder Stone  -  Believed to have magical powers by the Druids, adder stones have been used to cure eye diseases, whooping cough, snakebites and prevent nightmares. Superstitions also say they can aid the holder by giving a person the ability to see through to the fairy world.

My entry into the Wunderkammer book that Falmouth University 3rd Year Illustration is putting together!

a special illustration I created for a good friend of mine, the Guardian of the Forest, the original piece is 24″ by 36″, drawn in ballpoint pen, watercolor and colored pencil on archival cold press watercolor paper. To commission a piece of your own you can email me for info and rates at