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Being a slytherin during summer

I decided to try and write what things I associate with being a slytherin during summer season. It’s not about writing what fellow slytherins should be, because we all are different and maybe some of us rock that leather jackets even when it’s scorching hot and maybe, like me, they will do anything to stay as much in shadow as they can because they simply weren’t made for hot weather.

Anyway, being slytherin for me means those days when you wake up and see cloudless sky and you feel like you can do anything you will set your mind to. While drinking coffee and listening to music that fills you with pure happiness, you’re already making a list of thing to do later on.

Or when there is a storm in the evening and you find yourself going outside to feel droplets of water falling on you and sense the change in the air and scent of wet ground underneath your feet. Being a Slytherin is sitting outside under the roof of your house, with a cat in your lap and a mug with tea in your hand, observing rain and listening to quiet patter of water hitting roof tiles. It’s about appreciating small moments, finding pleasure in observing nature.

It’s wearing dresses that swishes with your every move during walks in parks and forests. Sitting on the bench and reading book while the shadows that trees cast on you are gently moving, creating amazing patterns.

It’s walking near sea shore when the sun is behind clouds and watching the waves move, embracing your legs in cool hug. It’s going out later that night to find a pub or just ice-cream stand. It’s meeting new people and having fun with them as if you knew each other for a long time, because there is something that connects you, even if it’s just for one night.

Being slytherin is trying new recipes, making small competitions with friends about which dish prepared by who is the most delicious. Most of the time they end up with making bets who will eat more spicy food, or how quick you can crack 6 eggs with one hand. In the result, the kitchen often is a mess, but hey, it’s not like it won’t be cleaned.

It’s watching stars in the night or organising movie marathons which quickly evolves in making pillow fortress and bundling up with favourite blankets and stuffed animals.

Being slytherin in summer means taking care of yourself and your loved ones.


Skjulsta Evening Lands by Henrik Sundholm
Via Flickr:
The end of a pretty early summer sunset, just south of my hometown in Sweden.


Untitled by Monica Forss