forest attire

I have come up with a theory that I feel needs to be shared! We have all been told that Robin is not coming back to life, nor is he coming back as flashbacks which has left us all stumped. And then there are the bts photos and videos of him running around with the Storybrooke gang in his Enchanted Forest attire and my sister (she deserves some credit here for sparking the idea) sent me this picture during her reminiscing and I was like fuck off, I don’t want to be in a bad mood. But then I was like…OH MY GOD!!!

What if they are giving us the Robin from Page 23?!?!

What if this is Robin from an alternate universe who lost his Regina and/or family and retreated to the Land of Untold Stories?! What if he’s been running around in the forests of Storybrooke mourning his beautiful Regina and then one day he ventures in to town and sees her sauntering through its streets or running toward chaos and danger?! What if Regina sees her stolen archer wandering the town or runs in to him and spills her coffee and she’s pissed?! What if they look at one another and see the loves they lost and OH MY GOD WHAT IF I AM RIGHT?!?!

The Noble and the Wolf

The time of winter was over, opening to the season of spring. Animals could feast on prey, new life brought in despite the still thin layer of frost that accumulated every so often. The castle town was busy, farmers were starting their new crop, but the smell of warm fresh baked bread from the bakery was starting to permiate.

A set of hooves were going through the dirt pathways. They belonged to a snow white mare who was ridden by a not so common maiden. Her hair was blonde as the spun gold, and eyes as green as the forest pines. Her attire were grey breeches, brown boots and forest green tunic lined with soft fur. A bow was slung on her back with a quiver of arrows that bounced lightly with the mare’s steps. A ring with a wolf’s head rest on her fourth finger on her right hand, it glistened in the anemic light as she led the horse to the gates.

Once they opened she sent the mare into a gallop. It was time for a hunt. Deer were most prominent by now, and she was determined to bring one home to the cooks. Soon enough she had made her way into the thicket wood.