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{spring forest}
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ease your mind, listen to the wind rustling through the leaves, enjoy the morning breeze and breathe some fresh air. everything will be fine.

Silence 🌱 6D00-005A-C282

after so many years, Silence’s first dream address ever has been released! it’s not perfect but it’s okay. i worked incredibly hard on it and i’m so nervous about releasing its dream address. but i hope you enjoy it 🌸 please tag your visits with #silenceda !


Ladies, please, this is nOT A COMPETITION.

Happy Mother’s Day! I just had to draw some of my favorite mothers/motherly characters for this special day!

★ Commissions are open! ★

Oh all the comrades that e'er I’ve had
Are sorry for my going away
And all the sweethearts that e'er I’ve had
Would wish me one more day to stay
But since it falls unto my lot
That I should rise and you should not
I’ll gently rise and I’ll softly call
Good night and joy be with you all

who else hears the parting glass and thinks of Harry? just me? ok

anonymous asked:

Can I have my boi David and tiny little turn ons and things that make his heart flutter - campcampman B)

I believe I’m a little predictable. But at least I’ve got a market, and I love you all! <3

When they discover they’ve got a crush:

David’s a simple man.

I’m not saying I don’t think he’d have any sort of fears or insecurities about liking someone, but I also feel like he doesn’t think that deeply about it. He likes someone, he enjoys being around them. I’m not even all that confident how romance factors into it; he sort of strikes me as a “if we’re together, I’m happy!” kind of fella.

How they confess/hint:

“H-hey, um, _____? Listen, I, ah, I was wondering if you might — well, I realize it’s short notice but I thought it might be fun if we … maybe … wentoutonadatenookaythenbye!” *zooms away*

Not very smooth, is what I’m saying.

Big gestures of love:

The man wears a fucking boutonniere on a date. 

He goes HAM with the big gestures. I’m talking flowers, I’m talking candles, rose petals, probably a band or quartet of some sort. The man will use his tiny camp salary to blow you away with romance. And when he has no more money he’ll make a picnic and take you out under the stars and show you how beautiful the forest is at nice.

He’s a bit of a hopeless romantic.

Little gestures of love:

I’m not confident David has little gestures of love. The man has 2 modes: thoughtful and sweet, and a total inconsiderate asshole. He’ll completely forget your anniversary because he was busy staring at butterflies or something, but he’ll also drive 20 minutes out of his way to find the exact brand of chocolate you like when you’ve had a bad day.

How to win their heart:

Do you like camping? Do you like nature? Do you like kids? Do you like anything? 

No? It’s okay, David loves you anyway and is probably choosing to gloss over or ignore the fact that you don’t like the same things he does. I’m pretty sure the only people in canon he doesn’t like are Jermy Fartz and Jacob, so don’t be a nasty unpleasant child who makes out with dogs and don’t date his ex-girlfriend and you should get on like a house on fire.

How to break their heart:

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Ishikawa Kaito san, please control yourself…


[Kageyama met Suga] “Ah Suga san, sorry for the trouble, thank you very much… thank you very much.”

[Kageyama met Kenma] “Kenma san, why do you ran away from me that time?”

[Kageyama met Lev] “I never really talk to you so I don’t know what I should say…”

– Haikyuu!! Radio (the episode when Ishikawa Kaito (Kageyama) and Murase Ayumu (Hinata) promoted Haikyuu!! Animate Cafe); sorry its a bit old… –

My part of an art trade with @asb-fan who wanted their designs for Silver and Espio which, might I add, are absolutely adorable! I have no idea what’s up with the background but I hope you like it! owo

I seriously miss drawing sonic and I’m glad I got to draw these two again since all I draw is Sonic and nobody else in this series lol