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#1    Post the rules

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#1    Number one OTP?

Katniss and Peeta all the way

#2   Number one bias (right now)?

Don’t have one at the moment 

#3    Favorite food/drink


#4   Your fandom?

Teen Wolf

#5    Will you kill someone innocent, just to save your life

Unfortunately, society works that way,

#6    Favorite Kpop song?

Gangnam Style? Haha no, I don’t really know any that well, even though my friends blast it all the time…

#7    Who’s your favourite childhood anime charter?

Ash from Pokemon…

#8    What’s you’re weirdest dream

I don’t remember, I don’t get weird dreams…

#9    What’s your favourite urban legend?

Jack and the Beanstalk

#10    Where would you like to live later on?


#11    Who/what introduced you to make a Tumblr blog?

My friend

My questions

#1    If you could change your name, what would it be?   

#2    What’s one of the funniest things that’s ever happened to you?

#3    If you could change anything about yourself what would it be?

#4    Favorite ice cream flavor?

#5    If you could have any superpower what would it be?

#6    Favorite disney movie?

#7    A song you’re obsessed with right now?

#8    What’s something that motivates you a lot?

#9    Did you ever get really injured?

#10   If you could try anything you wanted, what would it be?

#11   What is one of the scariest things that’s ever happened to you?

Procedures for my science project

I had to write them but didn’t know how to phrase it. My sibling said not like this. ( I am measuring height loss in age groups throughout the day.)

1. Arise each victim from their holy slumber and thrust them into the coldness of the day.

2. Force them into the frigidness of the ever crowded garage.

3. Stand them upon the steel contraption of height-checking.

4. Slam the device upon their head and demand composure.

5. Once that is done forsake their cold corpse and collect the next victim until they are needed again.  

I loveeee this!! I know for a lot of us being patient does not come easy ! Many times we go through things that really make us feel a loss of hope and even question our faith ( Audhubillah) but we often forget that Allah is most Wise and He knows what is good for us and look at the tests the prophets have had to face! They were tested with patience and they were so patient when things didn’t go their way or when calamity struck! I often find myself feeling sad or worried when things don’t go my way .. 😢 but then i keep reminding myself over and over that Allah’s Promise is true and He will never foresake me! Everything is just merely a test and everything is written!! What should keep us going is the outcome.. Remember short term pain long term gain! Its always been that way and it always will be! Dont let yourself go through short term gain for long term pain! 💪🏻stay strong and keep on going!! Allah is with us and we are here to support you!!! ❤️💓🙌🏻🌷💕👭👭👭👭

I took my fitbit off today when the battery died and I have one of the famed fitbit rashes.

I didn’t think I would get one because my skin never reacts to anything and I keep the tracker clean, but augh. it’s actually quite uncomfortable now that the charger is off. I might switch hands for a couple of days, give my non-dominant wrist some time-off to rest.

Maybe I’m wearing it too tight, that could be a thing. Sleeping in it probably doesn’t help since I end up laying on my hands a lot, but I value the sleep tracking and silent alarm functions.

Why must you foresake me, fitbit??

The ocean and i

Sedate me through the sound of the ocean
It correlates strongly to happiness for me
The sound at first rings through my soul
Relaxes my heart then body
But resonates in my soul throughout it all
The ocean with calm waves
Call me to a calm not of my own
You can call me a child of the moon
The moon often refuels me
Call me a lycan
I’m a wild beast concealed behind civility
Sedation by the ocean symphony
Crashing waves sing their song
And it numbs my body
Into sweet rest. Good night lovely ones
The ocean is calling me.
And I dare not foresake rest