forerunner human war

Playing through the Genesis missions just like “I wonder what kind of character insights we could have gotten into the Ur-Didact if he were in Cortana’s place, now that he’d be:

> on a Builder world, using the tools of the rate that systematically broke down his own rate’s political power and culture and the parallels with ONI

> involved with the Domain, which is reforming, and gradually healing his mind of the Gravemind’s malediction - putting doubt into his head about what he’s doing

> having faced John several times now (along with Blue Team), he recognises him almost on the same level as he did Forthencho - recalling memories of the Human-Forerunner war to John and how he lost his children, in-keeping with the overarching theme of family in Halo 5

> experiencing more of the modern galaxy, travelling across Meridian and Sanghelios, seeing the struggles people are facing and how humanity and the Swords of Sanghelios are working together and fighting for greater unification - beginning to doubt that the galaxy is doomed to endless conflict

> seeing Thel ‘Vadam leading his people to freedom, seeing that Thel is pretty much filling the role the Librarian charged him with

> communicating with Thel, Thel speaking to somebody who he would have once revered as a god

> shattering the faith of the Covenant once and for all, their living god having turned against them

I could go on all night…