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States of Decay: Visiting the World's Largest Body Farm [Graphic Content]

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In a field northwest of San Marcos, Texas, fifty human bodies lie exposed to the elements, each in a different stage of decomposition.

Some are fully mummified, their flesh dried out by the harsh Texas sun. Others have been picked over so voraciously by vultures that their bones are frayed. The most lurid are the fresh ones: week-old bodies that have ballooned to twice their normal size and crawl with thousands of maggots.

This is Freeman Ranch, part of the Forensic Anthropology Center at Texas State University—otherwise known as the world’s largest body farm. By observing bodily decay under varying conditions, researchers hope to help law enforcement better estimate time of death in criminal investigations.

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Beloved Baker Street Chapter 1

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Summary: Sherlock voiced his deduction. “She’s from out of town though. Intended to stay only one night before returning to-”

“Cardiff.” Y/N finished, leaning against the doorframe.

Sherlock studied her for a moment in silence, eyes narrowed.

Y/N Hudson was the brilliant daughter of Mrs. Hudson, owner of 221 Baker Street. Returning to London to work as a forensic scientist and be closer to her mother, she never expected to be swept up into the whirlwind life of Sherlock Holmes…

“How is Pennsylvania? Are things going well?” Martha Hudson asked, her voice slightly distorted through the speaker of a phone.

Her daughter, Y/N, held the cell phone wedged in between her ear and her shoulder as she folded some newly laundered sweaters.

“Better than the lab back in Denver, I must say.” The young woman replied with a sigh. “I blame you and Papa you know, mum. I was raised to expect so much more action!” She laughed.

“Don’t remind me, dear. I hate to think on what your childhood was because of your father and me. Although I think I can say it was mostly your father.” The older woman lamented.

“Oh mama, I was only teasing. I turned out just fine.”

“Yes, well I think that was due to you, muffin, not anything that I did.”

Y/N smiled at the pet name she’d heard so often growing up. Y/N Hudson hadn’t seen her mother in person since right after her father had died, some years before. The young biochemist had flown out to London and spent a few days with her mother, repairing the relationship they had lost when Y/N left at 18 to go to school and get away from the “business” her father was involved in.

“Mama, I was thinking…maybe I should look for a job over there and come live in London. I know it’s a big change, but frankly, I hate my job here. Besides, I’ve been wanting to live closer to you for a while.” Y/N suggested, nervously playing with a lock of hair.

Over her 26 years, Y/N had had a complicated dynamic with her family. Her parents’ marriage was an ill-advised impulsive decision that neither could see lasting. Barely a year after Y/N came into the world, they moved to Florida. Her father, Frank, got in with a really bad crowd and eventually began to run a drug cartel. Mrs. Hudson didn’t know about his dealings until Y/N was in elementary school. By that point, she did her best to keep Y/N away from Frank, but the father wasn’t one to be separated entirely.

He taught the young child how to shoot a gun, and put her into self defense classes. He was a terrible man, but he cared about his child. During her adolescence, Y/N resented her mother’s choice to stay, determined to leave it all behind and become independent as soon as she possibly could.

Always intelligent and fascinated by science, Y/N was accepted to Reed College on a full scholarship. Belongings packed, and with all the money she had saved over the years, Y/N left. Her mother found a note the next day saying that Y/N was going to college. She assured Mrs. Hudson that she loved her, but she needed to make a new life for herself.

Y/N graduated top of her class with a major in biochemistry and a minor in history. At first, she worked in research, alongside dedicated scientists. Inevitably, the work was too dull for the quick minded young woman. Needing to work her brain, Y/N changed careers. Being a CSI fit her perfectly, but she still felt as though something was missing. She missed her mother.

“Really? That’s all I’ve wanted since you left for school, but I knew you needed to come back in your own time.” Mrs. Hudson said ecstatically.

“You wouldn’t happen to know if Scotland Yard is hiring, would you?” Y/N half-joked.

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Collar X Malice - Aiji Yanagi Walkthrough

The Grand Finale is rather long and tricky. Sometimes one potential Bad Ending comes right after the next one so always make sure to save! Choices that lead to the Happy End are marked as ✘

Collar x Malice Walkthroughs:[Kei Okazaki], [Mineo Enomoto], [Takeru Sasazuka], [Kageyuki Shiraishi]

[Spoiler Free Review]


Select CHAPTER.0 Aiji Yanagi

Common Route
Don’t report it
! Save
Lie to him
You don’t care if I die?
I understand
Is working for the SP hard?
Modus operandi

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coronalthoughtejection  asked:

Ok, let us assume that literal cultists have summoned a literal monstrosity, and literal monstrosity has literally torn them to literal pieces, and then vacates the premises. Morning shift walks in, sees the carnage, calls the police. How soon would the forensics team get there after the responding officers? How would they respond to 4-5 bodies torn to pieces? Where would they start, what would they do?

Alright @ coronalthoughtejection . First off- wow that is a lot to take in just as a mental image. Unfortunately my response will also be based on some assumptions and varies greatly depending on where exactly in the world your cultists are summoning monsters.

In a backwoods, small town kind of setting, a forensics team may take up to 12 hours to arrive. Even considering the fact that there would be some hussle due to the eviscerated bodies, you could still be looking at 6 or more hours. The scene would not be empty during this wait period though- the responding departments officers would begin to document and may even begin evidence collection without the Forensic Team. Many small police departments, like what would be responding if this happened in an out of the way place, have officers trained to collect evidence properly. I have no doubt in my mind that the big city forensic team would be called in to assist for a 5 body piece together. In a large, metropolitan city, response time would likely be much faster. Especially if its 5 eviscerated corpses. More than likely within the hour if possible. In both cases, the first thing that is done is that the scene would be secured. Before I forget, no one can do anything to the scene until it has been released by the medical examiner (in Canada anyways. Not sure about other countries).

Once the big boys in the forensic unit arrive, the lead investigator/ officer in charge would decide the best way to fully document and examine the scene. Photographs and written notes are always always ALWAYS taken first, before anything within the confines of the scene are touched. It is generally easier to do this in indoor scenes than outdoor scenes. My bias for summoning monsters makes me think decrepit basement, but its up to you as a writer/ thinker of these kinds of scenarios where exactly the scene takes place. Keep in mind for outdoor scenes that weather is a bitch and will ruin every piece of evidence it can be it with rain, wind or snow.

After the documentation of the scene is completed, evidence would be collected from most important to least important. This is a sort of judgement call on the investigators part, but usually goes from DNA (which is easily degraded or contaminated) to things like footwear impressions and fingerprints (which will usually remain unless purposefully disturbed by the rain).

After that the peeps back in the laboratory will try and get everyone’s bits back together as best they can to identify how many victims there are. Investigators will try and figure out how these people relate to one another, and how they came to be ripped to shreds.

The rest is up for you to decide. Does the monster rip any more people apart? Can the police identify this monster? Can they be swayed to believe in the existence of a supernatural creature, or is it up to the religious studies major to put the pieces together for the police (pun so intended). A lot of case work is following leads, and so it is up to you to figure out what the police will find, what that will tell them, and how quickly they can put the resources together to stop a literal monstrosity.

Happy Creating!


Serial killer Peter Sutcliffe as a child. Sutcliffe was born in 1946, and would go on to become known as ‘The Yorkshire Ripper’ after he murdered 13 women over a 5 year period. Sutcliffe told police that he had been instructed by the voice of God to murder prostitutes. 

Despite being found legally sane during his trial, he was later diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia and committed to Broadmoor Hospital, a high security forensic psychiatric unit. He remained in Broadmoor for three decades, and in 2016 a mental health tribunal found that he was no longer in need of treatment for any mental disorder. Consequently he was transferred back to prison where he currently remains.

anonymous asked:

so i have this academy of health sciences thing at my high school for kids who are interested in health sciences and our first unit is forensics. we're solving a murder mystery (which is cool because we have the body/mannequin in the room) and watching a video on how to commit the perfect murder. it's the coolest thing ever and i thought i should tell you.

Woah I would love to see that, that’s awesome!!


Arrowverse/Numbers Crossover AU

A serial murderer is targeting innocent young women and the FBI are no closer to finding him than they were when they first got the case. sneaking a peak at the files Lisa brings home one night, he’s suddenly struck with an idea;

What if he could use math- one of the few things to ever make sense in his life- to help catch the monster terrorizing Central City?

Team FBI

John Diggle (Team Leader): Former Army officer, he’s now the head of the elite Major Crimes unit of the FBI. Saving lives is his passion but his one true love is His Wife Lyla and daughter Sara

Sara Lance (Behavioral Analyst): Youngest daughter of a police captain; while her older sister decided to uphold the law in the Federal DA’s office, Sara chose a more hands on approach. For Sara it’s all about how people think/work.

Felicity Smoak (Technical Analyst/Field Agent): MIT Grad, she was caught by the FBI and outed as the White Hat Hacker known as Overwatch. To avoid prison she accepted the offer to work for the FBI.

Lisa Snart (Newbie/Law Student): Newest agents on the team, Lisa decided to skip the bar exam and join the FBI in an attempt to gain resources to locate her abusive father who escaped prison her last year in Law School.

Dr. Caitlin Snow (Coroner): Federal Coroner,Forensic Pathologist, gentle soul who is not to be messed with. When Caitlin realized she could help just as many people solving crimes she didn’t hesitate.

Barry Allen (CSI): Youngest member of Team FBI, Barry is the lead CSI of the Federal Forensics Unit. The son of a doctor and a crime novelist, Barry has always felt the need to help people.

Team CalSci

Leonard Snart (Mathematician): Genius Mathematician for an early age, he used his skills to run numbers for bookies as a kid to raise money to support his sister. He spent most of his youth protecting Lisa from their father, until Lewis was put away for life and Lisa and Leonard were taken in my the Steins.

Cisco Ramon (Engineer): Youngest sibling and seemingly unappreciated in his family, Cisco is a brilliant engineer who prides himself on building technology that could benefit the disabled.

Wally West (Mechanical Engineer): Youngest child to a Central City Police Detective, he’s a genius behind the wheel and under the hood. His driving desire to push the limits sometimes gets him into tight situations but for Wally, Faster is always better.

Martin Stein: Department Chair of CalSci’s Math and Sciences department, he took Leonard under his wing after he and his wife Fostered the Snart sibllings.

Patient 104 | PT.1

Originally posted by lethargicmin

Warnings: violence, mentions of death and killing, swearing. 

Summary: being a volunteer for an asylum had its ups and downs. when patient 104 is admitted and is assigned to her care, work becomes a roller coaster ride for Y/N.

Author’s note: ahHhHh holy crap i don’t have a single clue as to what it is like to work at an asylum nor do i know anything about anything that goes on in there, so i want y'all to know that THIS IS HOW ASYLUMS WORK IN MY BRAIN OKAY. THIS IS HOW ASYLUMS WORK IN THIS AU.  

the video game au fic is still in progress ehey  ♬

i hate how shitty this fic turned out even after working on it for days, but i hate not posting anything more than i hate this fic so..

chapter 01 . 

Screams and strings of incoherent mumbles. These are the sounds that Y/N regularly hears at the place she volunteered to help around at with her friends. As the taxi approached the designated building, her e/c eyes looked through the vehicle’s slightly dusty window and came across the all too familiar sign that read ‘Heatherfall Asylum’. Soon enough the taxi came to a halt and she paid the fare before getting off to start her shift.

No day at the asylum will ever be boring. Getting to interact with the patients while working is always interesting- they’d talk about their dreams, their lives before being admitted to the hospital, why they got admitted, and Y/N would oftentimes witness their peculiar behaviors which ranged from putting three grains of rice at a time on their spoon before consuming it to opening doors with their hands turned at a certain angle before twisting the knob.  

With 3 hours of work left to do, Y/N would roam the hallways of the forensic unit to see if any employee or patient needed any assistance. As she does just that, she spots Dr. Kim in the distance with his clipboard in hand (as usual)- Dr. Kim is an amazing psychiatrist who always looks perpetually concerned; he is unbelievably kind, helpful, and compassionate, always treating Y/N like a younger sister and that helped Y/N warm up immensely when she started working here.

“Namjoon!” Y/N called as she approached him, her white rubber flats faintly squeaking against the white tiles of the hospital. His head shot up at her voice and his deep brown eyes met her e/c ones. “Y/N,” He smiled fondly, “Great timing. I have a task for you. Do you mind?” he asks as he wrote down who knows what on his clipboard. Once she nodded her head he handed her the clipboard and gestured to the door beside the both of them, “I need you to keep patient 104 company while I go attend patient 302 for a while. He’s having another episode.”

“Who is patient 104?” Y/N inquired, curious eyes flickering over to the small window on the door where she could see a pale young man sitting on the bed, dark and brooding eyes staring at the plain white wall.  

“Patient 104 is Min Yoongi. He’s new here and he’s very much alert but he doesn’t respond to anyone that attempts to interact with him which is very unlike the other patients in this unit, but he’s completely harmless so you don’t have to worry about getting tackled like last time with patient 524,” He pats her shoulder and sends her a reassuring smile, “I have to go. Good luck, Y/N.” And with that, the tall doctor hurriedly walks off to tend to patient 302.

Being in a room alone with a patient in the asylum is scary. Being alone in a room with a patient in the forensic unit is terrifying. Y/N takes a deep breath before cautiously entering Room 104. Despite the creaking and clicking of the door and the squeaks of her shoes, the patient pays no heed to her presence. Y/N made her way to the side of his bed, standing there and flashing him a polite smile like how she always does with every patient, “Hi there.” She greeted him, yet he continued to ignore her. “You’re Yoongi, right? My name is Y/N. Nice to meet you!” Y/N extends her hand in front of him, but the young man deems the off-white walls as a much more interesting subject.

After a few moments of silence with y/n’s hand awkwardly extended and empty, she retracts it back to her side and shoots him a quizzical look. What could possibly help her garner his attention? Minutes of awkward silence pass as Y/N tried to think. Remembering the clipboard that Namjoon handed to her, a small smile tugs at the corner of her lips once she realizes that it was filled with information regarding the patient infront of her.

Birth Date: March 9, 1993
Blood Type: O
Hometown: Daegu

Professional Photographer for BH Ent.

Reported by his neighbor after killing his friends in his house. He did not respond at all when he was interrogated by officials and instead kept laughing loudly-’ 

Before she could continue reading the messily written notes, the door creaks open and Y/N looks up to see Seokjin who gives her an apologetic smile, “Y/N. Can you come out for a bit? I have something important to tell you.”

Y/N nods immediately, glancing at the pale young man infront of her for one last time before scurrying out of the room. “How’d it go? Did he give you any trouble?” Namjoon asked as soon as she closed the door. The girl shook her head with an endearing smile, “No. He wouldn’t even acknowledge my presence,” She chuckled sheepishly.

“As expected. Namjoon and I have an important task for you, Y/N.”

The tall doctor said it with a tone pressed in such seriousness and it made Y/N feel just a bit anxious, curious as to how important it must be since she wasn’t at all used to Seokjin being this stern. “I know this sounds difficult, but I know that you’ll be able to do this,” He went on, “Starting tomorrow, Namjoon and I want you to look after 104 in our stead because we have to pay more attention 304. I know this sounds pretty crazy, but I have this strong feeling that you’ll be able to help him.”

“I can’t believe you said yes,” Jimin pursed his lips as he swirled the now cold coffee in his cup, his other hand tightening the scarf around his neck for a bit more warmth as he and Y/N walked to their favorite fast food chain. Y/N had told him about being assigned to Yoongi and all he did was furrow his eyebrows in disbelief along the way. “Do you know how dangerous that is? Sure he’s acting like some brain-dead plank, but you’ll never know when he’ll charge at you!”

The young lady bit her lip in guilt, trying to avoid her bestfriend’s glare as he scolded her like no tomorrow. “Jimin.. Just.. trust me, okay? I know I can handle this. I didn’t take those self-defense classes for nothing, you know,” She said weakly but thankfully the male heard her because as soon as she said that, he let out a defeated sigh and let go of his muffler to flick her forehead.

“Fine, but if anything happens I’ll make sure to kick both of your asses.” Jimin pulled his hand away to rub the back of his neck, “I used to be best friends with Yoongi. He’s very violent, so please don’t let your guard down.”

This made her look up at him in interest. “Bestfriends? Maybe he’ll react when he sees you!” Y/N beamed, clinging onto Jimin’s arm in excitement. After today’s events, she made sure that she’d get Yoongi to respond and it looks like she had found a solution already. “You should visit him tomorrow!”

“No way in hell.” Jimin deadpanned with a frown. “I’m barely okay with the fact that he’ll be in your care, Y/N. Don’t push it.”

“Fine.. just tell me more about him then,” Y/N pressed, giving Jimin the puppy look that she knew he wouldn’t be able to resist. Jimin immediately looked away from her face in turn which only made the young woman block his path and grab his cheeks to make him look at her. “Please.”

“Oh, good morning Y/N!” Taehyung grinned as soon as he saw the said girl in the hallway of the asylum, “You’re four hours early today. What’s up?”

Y/N stopped in her tracks and bowed a bit to greet the man with a smile, “Good morning. I’m on my way to Patient 104,” She tells him, tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear. “I’ve been assigned to him yesterday and I’m hoping to coax a reaction from him today. My schedule’s been changed thanks to that.”

Taehyung nodded his head in acknowledgement, a low hum vibrating from his throat. Then, his deep brown eyes noticed her hand clutching a rather familiar book. “Peter Pan?” he raised an eyebrow and smirked playfully, “Never knew you still read those kinds of books.”

Taehyung’s words made Y/N let out a sheepish laugh. “No, I just wanted to see if Yoongi will like this book.” She says shyly, her fingers playing with the hem of her plain beige cardigan. Jimin told her that Yoongi used to always have this book in hand when they hung out, which most likely meant that it’s his favorite and Y/N was determined to read it to him in hopes of at least a look from Yoongi.

“Okay then,” Taehyung chuckled, patting Y/N’s head lightly, “I’ll let you go now. Be careful.” With that, he walks away with his shoes very lightly clacking against the white tiles as he hummed a low tune on his way.

Y/N continued to make her way to room 104, halting infront of it with a determined look etched on her face. Her fingers reached for the door knob and twisted it open, pushing it lightly before slipping inside and closing the door with a gentle click. There she finds Yoongi laying down on his white bed, his milky skin almost as pale as the sheets. Today his empty gaze was focused on the cream-colored ceiling of the dull room. “Good morning,” Y/N cleared her throat and made her way to the side of his bed, “I brought a book for us today.”

Due to the lack of chairs in patient’s rooms, Y/N awkwardly sits herself down on the carpet-clad floor and looks up at the man. “It’s Peter Pan. Do you like Peter Pan?” She questions, opening the book and flipping the pages over to get to the first chapter. As expected, Yoongi doesn’t bother with a reply. Pursing her lips, Y/N held the boook to eye-level for easier reading. “I hope that’s a yes, because I’m going to start reading it now.”

“All children, except one, grow up. They soon know that they will grow up, and the way Wendy knew was this…”

The most time a chapter of the book would take up was no more than twenty minutes, which is why after an hour, Y/N had already finished reading three. Within that hour she’d crack a smile here and there at parts she’d find rather amusing or peculiar but alas, the pale man on the bed remained nothing but unfazed. At this point Y/N was already parched due to her non-stop reading for the quiet man. Conveniently, it was already lunch time for the patients and soon an employee would fetch Yoongi as Seokjin had told Y/N that she needn’t accompany him to breakfast, lunch, nor dinner which was quite a shame since part of her wanted to see him move more than he did in his room.

Interrupting Y/N’s train of thought, a light rap on the door was heard before she watched it open with a creak to reveal a smiling Hoseok. “Time for lunch- oh, Y/N!” Hoseok cheerfully waved at her as he approached Yoongi, “How’s your first day as Yoongi’s buddy?” He asks before gently telling Yoongi that he had to stand up but the latter didn’t acknowledge him, making Hoseok have to stand Yoongi up himself but thanks to Hoseok’s kind nature he gently lifted the pale man and propped him onto his feet for him unlike other employees who could pass of as wrestlers for handling patients so roughly.

“It’s nice and calm,” Y/N replies after placing the book under the bed for later, shuffling to get up from her uncomfortable seating position on the floor, “I’m enjoying it.” She says as she followed Hoseok who led Yoongi out of the room and down the hallway.

“That’s good to hear,” Hoseok hummed and nodded in satisfaction, “Enjoy your lunch then, Yoongi’ll see you in fourty-five. Bye!” He waved at Y/N as he and Yoongi changed direction to the where mess hall is located.

Y/N let out a small sigh and made her way alone to the staff break room. Twisting the handle of the door and pushing it open the aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafted out of the gap and into her nostrils and only now has she realized that she was starving.

“Y/N, over here!” An all too familiar voice caught her attention and she whipped her head in the direction of the said voice, spotting Taehyung at a table in the far back. Y/N scurried over to the doctor’s side with a small smile and took a seat beside him and he immediately places a pink lunch box infront of her. “For today, it’s octopus sausages and omurice. For being such a good girl, I put in some chocolate in there, too.”

Y/N laughed lightly, unlocking the lunch box and taking the cover off before grinning the cute smiley drawn with ketchup on the scrambled egg. “You don’t have to keep making these for me, Taehyung,” she tells him but starts to dig in nonetheless, taking in first a spoonful  of the omurice and admiring the comforting taste of the tomato-sauce coated rice mixed with corns and peas before taking a bite of one of the three savory, octopus-shaped sausages that had little sesame eyes.

“But you’re the only one worthy of my cooking,” Taehyung pouts, his speech slightly distorted by the amount of food his mouth. “So, how is it?”

“It tastes like home.”

“Tastes like home? Are you trying to be poetic or are you trying tell me that you eat parts of your house when you’ve nothing else to eat?” Taehyung retorts with furrowed eyebrows, making Y/N almost choke on her food. “Just kidding.”

After a few moments pass, Seokjin and Namjoon join the two at the table, exchanging friendly greetings before chatting on as they peacefully ate and after forty minutes pass Y/N excused herself and made her way to Room 104, but on the way she sees Hoseok with Yoongi who were probably also heading back to the same room. She catches up to them and walks beside Yoongi with a polite smile, “Hi,” She greets softly, “I heard they were serving something delicious today.”

Unlike Yoongi who remained silent with his eyes straight ahead as he walked, Hoseok acknowledged Y/N’s presence. “Y/N! Did Taetae make lunch for you again today?” He asks with a teasing smile, his tone laced with playfulness.

“Hobi, we’re just friends, okay?” Y/N assured with a shake of her head. Due to her close friendship with Taehyung, the employes at the asylum would often mistake them as lovebirds which, much to Y/N’s dismay, Taehyung liked to jokingly confirm as true just to mess with her and arouse reactions from their coworkers and patients.

“Sure you are,” Hoseok chuckled in reply, “Since you’re here, I’ll let you guide Yoongi to the common room so he can make some friends on his stay. Is that alright?”

“Yeah. Bye, Hobi,” And with Y/N’s reply, Hoseok waves the two goodbye before heading off to the staff break room for his well deserved lunch. When Y/N turned to look at Yoongi she found that he was walking a bit ahead of her and she, in turn, hurried her pace to match with the pale young man’s steps. Before she even realized it, she was the one following Patient 104 to the common room as if he knew this place like a second home. She watched as his veiny hands held the door handle and twisted it before slipping inside the room with Y/N following him. 

Y/N was pretty sure this taking care of Yoongi thing was going to go smoothly thanks to his behavior of not acknowledging literally anyone,

but what happens next makes her think otherwise.

It took Y/N a bit of time to process the fact that another patient was running towards Yoongi, but she was too slow as the patient had tackled him down on the ground with a very loud crash against a table, hitting Yoongi repeatedly with angry shouts of 'Bastard, bastard!’.

“Yoongi!” Y/N shrieked, witnessing as Yoongi let the patient hit him over and over and over, his previously flawless and innocent features already bruised by the violent man’s knuckles and blood started to drip from his nose and onto his white top. Y/N ran to him and tried to pull the unknown patient away by the arm but she was only elbowed in return on the jaw, the impact making her fall on her bottom. Soon, a code team rushes to the scene and pulls the two apart to restrain the both of them.

“Min Yoongi, you fucker!" 

This week has been really unproductive, but also not even fun or relaxing. It’s just been slow to start, hard to focus, and too many distractions are taking me away from what I need to be working on. I have another 5 articles to read and summarize by tomorrow night. I haven’t even started on the last unit in Forensics, even though there’s 3 less days to finish it than there normally is (because the session ends), and usually with the extra 3 days I still struggle to get all my work in. I also have a lab final (don’t know what to expect there, hopefully it’s easy enough).

On top of that I’m supposed to be going out to a coffee shop today per my therapy homework. But I just do not have time for that. I don’t like disappointing my therapist and not trying hard enough, but honestly I just don’t need another distraction right now. Need to hunker down and only take scheduled breaks the rest of the day. I’m hoping that I ca start waking up earlier and I can incorporate my walks/going out into my routine, rather than it just being one more task on my to-do list… Speaking of which, I have fallen back on posts again, as usual. I’ve just been too busy to keep up with daily posts of how things are going. But the session ends soon and I hope to get reorganized. So hopefully that will change…

In other news, I got an artist I like a lot to commission a drawing for me and she just finished it and it’s so cute!! I’ll post it later on tonight. :3

All I wanna do right now is draw and work on my comic…

The only good thing about reading so many of these articles is that I can sometimes put it on text-to-speech and draw while my computer reads to me. But these latest articles haven’t been good for that bc they’re too convoluted and hard to understand. :( I hate poorly written lazy ivory tower academia…

Off to work now…..

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Penitentiaire Inrichting Vught (also known as Nieuw Vosseveld), Vught, The Netherlands.

This location was first used in 1943 by the German occupants as a concentration camp (the Herzogenbusch camp). The camp was used from 1943 until 1944. During this period, the camp held nearly 31,000 prisoners: Jews, political prisoners, resistance fighters, gypsies, Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals, homeless people, black market traders, criminals and hostages. After the war, the camp was first used as a prison for Germans, Dutch SS-men, collaborators and war criminals. In 1953 part of the camp was fenced off for use as a facility for juveniles, and in the early 1970s an adult section was added.

Presently, PI Vught has 15 different regimes and a capacity for 750 prisoners. It has a forensic psychiatric unit, for inmates with a serious mental disorder, a juvenile facility, and a maximum security section that hosts Holland’s most dangerous offenders - including Mohammed Bouyeri, who murdered film director Theo van Gogh in 2004.

Barry Allen Imagine - Paralyzed (Part Two)

Author’s Note: Apologies for putting the second part up so late. Had a lot going on the past few days but now I’m all free so I will be trying to get through all the requests within this week itself. :)

Also, please do leave behind some feedback as to what you thought of the series so far. I’m feeling a bit iffy about it and would really like to know if you all feel the same.

Part One

The Creature has gotten its orders.

The Creature must kill without hesitation.

The Creature must destroy the Light and Hope of Central City.

The Creature tries to disobey.

The Creature does not want to kill any more.

The Creature does not wish to bring about the Darkness.

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Forty years ago, Bob Dylan reacted to the conviction of an innocent man by singing that he couldn’t help but feel ashamed “to live in a land where justice is a game.” Over the ensuing decades, the criminal-justice system has improved in many significant ways. But shame is still an appropriate response to it, as the Washington Post made clear Saturday in an article that begins with a punch to the gut: “Nearly every examiner in an elite FBI forensic unit gave flawed testimony in almost all trials in which they offered evidence against criminal defendants over more than a two-decade period before 2000,” the newspaper reported, adding that “the cases include those of 32 defendants sentenced to death.”

The article notes that the admissions from the FBI and Department of Justice “confirm long-suspected problems with subjective, pattern-based forensic techniques—like hair and bite-mark comparisons—that have contributed to wrongful convictions in more than one-quarter of 329 DNA-exoneration cases since 1989.”

Absolutely Mental | Ian Macks

Two summers ago, my life changed for the better.

From the outside, I was rock bottom. Out of school after a sophomore year where I’ve never felt more depressed or insecure in my life. Lacking acceptance and understanding from my family at the time, I had two options: Enlist or Get a Job. The only jobs I had prior to this time in my life were in the Mental Health field. Since my mom was an Occupational Therapist, the only real in that I had job-wise were through her prior and current jobs. I had worked at her old job, Center for Disability Services, as a Relief Counselor from the summer before my Freshman Year through the summer before my Sophomore Year. I was the youngest person to every work that position at that job, landing it exactly on my 18th birthday.

Here’s the first lesson I learned: People are not born crazy. We have all been victims of this harsh reality one way or another, whether that incident is small or great. During my time at CFDS, I mainly worked with the physically disabled and the autistic. This made me appreciate the little things, things you can easily take for granted in this reality. Waking up, making breakfast, having a read, going on a run. These people couldn’t do that. In fact, they just needed someone to help them get through the day. I can only imagine what it must feel like to be dependent on someone to help me take a shower, go to the bathroom, eat a meal, and take a walk outside.

The weird thing was the whole process left me paralyzed emotionally, at least at that job. My co-workers had no issues helping these people, but you could tell their heart wasn’t in it. They were in it for money to help them pay for school, rent, gas, etc. Legitimate reasons to do a job that pays over 10 dollars an hour right? Yeah, but the people who needed the help could tell they really didn’t give a fuck, and it showed in the way they were treated. They were helping them to help them, they were just doing it to get it over with, get paid and take care of their own bullshit.

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