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19.12.16 The start of my 100 days of productivity! Multitasking this morning. I have two babies to be working on, one is my extended essay due in in February, currently deciding between doing it on the recruitment of terrorists or strategies for offenders to desist from crime. Also working on my thesis, I have a literature review due in when I go back after Christmas. I have to go out at lunch time to get some Christmas shopping done, will be doing a fair amount of walking so will update my other 100 days of productivity challenge then.

The novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin became popular in the northern states and created huge amounts of sympathy for the Abolition movement with it’s portrayal of an enslaved man. Abraham Lincoln allegedly said that the book was one of the reasons white people in the north began calling for a Civil War.

The film A Birth of a Nation was directly responsible for the Ku Klux Klan’s reestablishment as well as a reported spike in racially motivated crimes, attacks, and even riots.

A study has shown that watching shows that feature homosexuals and homosexual relationships increases viewers’ sympathy for lgtb causes, even in people who claim to be uncomfortable about homosexuality before they begin watching.

A significant portion of people involved in the world’s space programs claim that Star Trek and similar shows and movies inspired them as children and began their interest in space and science.

Currently there are more students than ever involved in forensic studies programs and there is evidence that shows like CSI, Law and Order, and other investigative crime shows is a factor in the increase in interest in the field.

Although still being researched, many experts claim that a “CSI Effect” is responsible for jurors demanding more forensic evidence in criminal trials there by raising the standard of proof for prosecutors, even if the standard is unrealistic and inaccurate.

The American Psychological Association has confirmed a link between violent video games and aggressive behavior especially in children.

Don’t tell me that fiction doesn’t impact reality.

Mistletoe Kisses

for @sterekseason‘s 25 days of sterek and the prompt ‘awkward meeting under the mistletoe’

read on ao3:

Somehow Boyd and Erica had convinced Derek to come with them to the frat party. He wasn’t one for big parties with loud, drunk college students but they had just finished final exams as he figured he could let loose for one night.

The house was huge and even though it was only 9pm, the place was filled with people.

Erica and Boyd disappeared, leaving Derek to his own devices. He grabbed a beer and made his way to the basement. He spent some time watching a group of guys play beer pong before heading back upstairs to find something more interesting to do.  

Derek was walking into the kitchen when someone grabbed his arm, stopping him.

He turned to see the one and only Stiles Stilinski.

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