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With urban, Western settler and Native American archaeological sites just a short distance from campus, students in the UM Anthropology Program have a lot of opportunities to get their hands dirty. The undergraduate major includes options in archaeology, cultural & ethnic diversity, and forensic, linguistic and medical anthropology. Students also can pursue a minor in linguistics and certificates in English as second language, historical preservation and forensic studies.

Graduate programs include general anthropology, forensic anthropology, cultural heritage, applied anthropology, applied medical anthropology and linguistic anthropology.

Learn more on the UM Anthropology Program website.

Good luck to everyone getting their a level results tomorrow :)

And remember, even if you don’t get the results you want, that’s not the end of the road. I got awful results on mine and I’m now studying forensics at a prestigious university so don’t worry. Your results will lead you to the place you need to be, even if it’s not the place you expect.

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  1. Hardcore Panic! At The Disco, 5SOS, and Twenty One Pilots fan. 
  2. I have borderline personality disorder as well as PTSD 
  3. I live in California and every week I go to Disneyland 
  4. I’m almost certain that one day I will be incarcerated for stalking Justin Bieber XD
  5. Ramen is life.
  6. I’m twenty-four, holy shit. 
  7. I worked for Marvel and DC Comics. I held the actual shield Captain America held and promoted Batman V Superman. 
  8. Every year I attend comic con and dress as a super villain from DC Comics.
  9. Studying forensic psychology 
  10. I love Tumblr more than real life. XD

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hi! i'm cassie/cass. i am a scorpio. could i please get a spn&hp ship? i have long blonde hair & blue eyes. i am a slytherin but have the mind of a ravenclaw. i have a black belt, and am very passionate about the things i believe in as well as very loyal to my friends. i'm currently studying to become a forensic scientist. i believe that the ends justify the means 100%. i struggle with self confidence. i'm currently studying forensic science i love classic rock and artists like tøp and the 1975.

SPN: I ship you with Lucifer! Weird? Not at all! He’s a man who’s nothing if not passionate and he was loyal to those who helped him. Of course, there was the backlash, but you’d keep that loyalty and he’d help you to the end. He’s there with you that the ends justify the means. He’d never leave your confidence fading, either. He’d support you.

Harry Potter: I ship you with Draco! He’d love that you were Slytherin, too, and even moreso that you had the heart of someone thrilled by reading and learning. There’s so much you could teach that stubborn man, but learning people are loyal to him and can care about him is important. If anyone ever spoke poorly about you, the wrath of Malfoy would certainly reign down.


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