forensic reconstruction

This graphite illustration involved drawing a skull specimen and then reconstructing what the persons face might have looked like using knowledge of muscles, tissue depth, age, race, sex…etc.


Neanderthal II - time lapse video of a forensic facial reconstruction by Sculpt Mode on Blender

  • reconstruction by Cícero Moraes

3D scanning of skull: Python Photogrammetry Tools
3D Sculpting: Blender
Screen capture: FFMPG
Video edigint: Kdenlive

Mesmerising timelapse video of a virtual reconstruction of a Neandertal cranium. Virtual anthropology the world!


Tumblr, I’ve hit a new low.  My first thought upon seeing the forensic reconstruction of a centuries-dead Richard III was not “wow, modern science is amazing.”  Neither was it “my, how fascinating to see a face from so long ago.”

It was “dayumn, if I’d been alive back then I’d DEFINITELY have hit that, rumoured evil deeds or no.”



Reconstructing Homo antecessor

  • by Mauricio Anton

“A video that tries to summarize in just 2 minutes my work of several years on the reconstruction of the face of Homo antecessor.”

(Source: Mauricio Anton)


This is a facial reconstruction of a Homo georgicus male, based on the Dmanisi skull nº D2700. Done in Zbrush, Cinema4D and VrayForc4D" by Phillip Froesch.