forensic accountant


Inspector A. E . Pessimal of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch and Mr Mavolio Bent, chief cashier of the Royal Bank of Ankh-Morpork are friends. No-one who knows them is surprised by this. They are only surprised that they met this late.

They met for the very first time shortly after Making Money. The Dark Clerks had asked A. E. Pessimal to help them to sort out the mess the Lavish Family left behind. Naturally he did. He is resposible for forensic accountancy after all. He appreciated that Mr Bent had two sets of books and that the secret second one was one of most correct books he’d ever seen. (Even honest people made a fault here or there.)

During the investigation A. E. Pessimal made is very clear that he thought that Mr Bent was completely innocent and that without the second set of books, the sorting out and cleaning would have taken much much longer. 

Mr Bent was surprised to find out that he was the one who could make the numbers dance but that there was a man who could make them shake in fear. Who was as fast as he was. Who never made a fault.

They meet normally weekly. 

A. E. Pessimal likes to copy some of the more difficult equitations he finds during work and give them to Mr. Bent to solve. Mr. Bent fabricates a fake accountants book every year and leaves the tinniest faults in the columns. This is a birthday present - along with a typical clowny cake.


That would be me. I am Inspector Pessimal, Inspector A.E. Pessimal, to be exact and I’m responsible for forensic accountancy as well as most of the paperwork. Although some of it does require the Commander’s personal attention, which, if I may say so, he handles with a fair amount of… steady industriousness.