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Hey, I'm really into Forensic Science, mainly DNA research or stuff to do with DNA, but I'm a bit squeamish. Is it too gory for the squeamish?

Hello Nonnie!

Forensic doesn’t have to be gory if you don’t want it to be. Some people are interested in pathology, or in working at the crime scenes, and that’s the more gory side of crime. Others on the other hand, are more comfortable working in a lab.

With DNA, the most squeamishy thing we can think of is the material you might have to extract DNA from (ie blood). Otherwise you are looking at little tubes, pippette, tiny fluids, machines, computer software, and report writing. It is actually encouraged that lab techs do not know the information about the crime itself to avoid a priori bias around the case.

Other non squeamish forensic fields include: accounting, computers, anthropology (if you don’t mind skeletons), chemistry/toxicology. There’s loads of options really.

(Do note that seeing gore on TV is not the same as seeing gore in real life. TV doesn’t account for the smell at all, and that’s definitely a factor.)

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What would the 104th cadets study in a college AU? :3

Eren: Either Biology/Chemistry on the Pre-Med track, or Political Science and English on the Pre-Law track.

Mikasa: Nursing 

Armin: History and Psychology 

Jean: Biology Pre-Med with an English minor

Marco: Secondary Education and English

Annie: Forensic Science

Reiner: Either Accounting or Biology/Pre-Med

Bertholdt: Either Biology Pre-Med, or English (Or English with a neuroscience minor)

Sasha: Elementary Education

Connie: Accounting 

Ymir: Either Film or Marketing/Advertising 

Historia: Psychology

Soooooo…there’s a “spreadsheet“ detailing shady payments from his arch enemy (going back 75 years)…on a guy being held in jail for an upcoming trial about his PONZI SCHEME and EMBEZZLEMENT….yet somehow, no forensic accountant has ever stumbled upon this or wondered about it….but his teenage daughter DID….

oh, look. it’s greenfield’s very own PARTY BOY— DANIEL OLSEN. seriously? you don’t know HIM? they’re the SEVENTEEN year old that attends PLUTUS PREP. the newspaper said that they’re pretty -DISTRUSTING and -MANIPULATIVE, but their classmates say they’re actually +UNYIELDING and +PROTECTIVE. can’t believe you didn’t know DANNY, but i’m excited for the game!

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That would be me. I am Inspector Pessimal, Inspector A.E. Pessimal, to be exact and I’m responsible for forensic accountancy as well as most of the paperwork. Although some of it does require the Commander’s personal attention, which, if I may say so, he handles with a fair amount of… steady industriousness.


Can you tell which plot above is randomly generated?

Being able to determine if something is “truly” random is not just an investigation carried out by forensic accountants, sociologists, and law enforcement. Rather it is an interesting and complicated mathematical problem. Consider the two plots above. You may look at the on the left and see the clumps, the spacing, and think “That can’t be the random plot.” And yet it is. The plot on the left has been randomly generated, while the plot on the right is a scatter plot of glowworm positions on a ceiling.

So here, the clumps actually help indicate randomness. Try thinking of it in another way: imagine you have two students who were asked to flip a coin 100 times for homework. The first student was diligent and flipped accordingly:


The second student was lazy and decided to make up his flips:


Now while it might seem strange that the first student has long runs, it fits closer to what one would expect if the flip is random. On the other hand, in the second student’s data, there is less than a 0.1% chance that they wouldn’t get a single run longer than four in a row!

The images and coin flip data was found at this article. It takes a closer look at some of these topics and provides some pretty neat historical background.

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Excuse me, but do you believe that Mike Brown had his hands up in surrender when he was shoot/before? If so, do you have or know of any links providing evidence for this? Someone I know seems to believe this is false and as such the whole movement is

A bust. I want to give evidence against this if it is true… Regardless the symbol of “hands up, don’t shoot” reaches far beyond the Mike Brown case and is a beautiful symbol.

CNN confirms the accounts of the 2 construction workers who witnessed Mike Brown’s murder. Workers reported immediately that Brown had his hands up.

16 people testified that Mike Brown was shot with his hands up

(Here’s the complete guide to every public eyewitness interview in the shooting death of Mike Brown. 3 eyewitnesses to Mike Brown’s murder publicly state that they stand by their original accounts.)

Renowned forensic pathologist, Dr. Cyril Wecht, says autopsy shows Mike Brown was killed with his hands up. (Although this wasn’t part of your question I’m going to include it anyway for the people who say Mike Brown charged at Darren Wilson: Forensic pathologist, Shawn Parcells, says Mike Brown was “already falling” during fatal shot.)

All of these links, and many more, can be found in the What Happened on August 9? masterpost.