ten facts meme

If you don’t mind, share 10 facts about yourself, then send this to your ten favorite followers (tagged by Jess the Destroyer)

1. I have about 200 games.
2. I have every Rune Factory game and almost every single Harvest Moon game that has ever come out.
3. My drink of choice is usually a 12 year whiskey on the rocks.
4. My favorite Pokemon is Mismagius (until the next stage comes out)
5. I used to be pretty bitchin’ at baseball and basketball.
6. I play guitar, bass, perform vocals, and program drums and synth.
7. I’m pretty sure I don’t have 10 friends to tag in this.
8. I once called a phonesex line and had a lovely chat with the operator who told me a shitton about her life and we just talked about stuff.
9. I try to be as vegan as possible, and I don’t eat any meat, buy leather, etc. 
10. I’m a certified instructor in Taekwondo.