You Can Enjoy Music Without Understanding Every Single Word

Yesterday something really nice happened. Well, I found it to be nice because it proved to me that music has its own ways of touching people’s hearts!

There was music playing in my room when my friend came to visit me. We sat down and talked, being so much into the conversation that we did not really pay attention to which song was playing.

So we yapped and yapped until my friend told me about something that happened to her and that it made her feel bad and so on. I tried comforting her of course and there was BIGBANG’s ‘Foolish Love’ playing in the background.

Later, when we paused for a while, the song stopped, too and my friend turned to me and said: “Hey, this song was really beautiful.” I smiled and said: “It’s by BIGBANG.” Then she nodded and said: “It’s strange. Even though I did not understand anything (besides the small English parts) , I was able to feel their emotions. I like the song.”

Wonderful, isn’t it? How music can speak for itself…I always tell people that you can always look lyrics up and if emotions are conveyed well by an artist, well then you can enjoy a song without caring about any language barriers. :)