Schlafly “Irish Style Extra Stout”

90 A-

This ‘foreign extra stout’ opens to a sweet and rich roasted grain aroma with sweet coffee notes. Roasted malts make an initially smooth and semi-sweet chocolate entry, then quickly transitions into a drying, rich cocoa with a light touch of vanilla . A big dryness is the dominant character to this stout, coming from the use of pale and roasted malts to create a characteristically dry 'Irish’ stout. Its assertive bitterness combines nicely with the dark roast to finish with a lightly burnt grain character and herbal hop notes. Coffee and bittersweet chocolate combine for a strong mocha flavor. On the underbelly lies a light fruity character paired with earthy notes and tobacco. A healthy hopping prevents a truly creamy feel, pairing with mild bubbly sharpness. Mild fruity alcohol esters come through, but are mostly well disguised.

The foreign title is indicative of higher gravity (8%), and I find the dryness appealing. It will leave you with a thirsty feel. I think Schlafly has hit on the style with a centered simplicity and surprising lightness despite the heavy roast and alcohol. I think it’s pretty solid, but may be a tad too sweet for the aim of style. It isn’t quite as refined as other Export Stouts, and the roasted character is a bit rough and not as bold as I anticipated. However, the good definitely outweighs the bad. I recommend you try this one.


45 IBU

St. Louis, Missouri

The new McDonald’s menu geared for local tastes is not the only thing that’s “shiok” in the Lion City this month… Guinness has released specially designed cans and bottles of their “Foreign Extra Stout” here!

The label design, featuring many recognizable Singaporean landmarks and lots of local culture, is shaped like a dog due to the slang they use to refer to Guinness in SG, “ang ji kao", which means “red-tongued dog”, reflected above.

My favorite part of the piece is the red plastic chair you find in so many hawker centers around the island!