“Canadians needn’t fear ISIS” says Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan

Canada’s newly appointed Minister of National Defence Harjit Sajjan sits down with CBC News to discuss the appointment, his experience and issues facing the country.

I’m watching a lot of stuff on the refugee crisis, I just saw a woman and her husband and child jump onto a train track and lie there until the husband was arrested and taken away. We watched the footage of the three year old Aylan, washed up on a beach, and heard again how his brother and mother also died, and how his father was still alive and all you can see is his sobbing.. This is the first time I can really remember crying properly at the news. How can people seriously think we shouldn’t support these refugees? How fucking dire and disturbing can the conditions be that people go to such great lengths? And why the hell aren’t people like David Cameron doing something? He’s agreed to do something now, but why did it require such horrible events to trigger a change of heart?! He and his fellow politicians know more than the rest of us, but yet until now he hasn’t felt the need to speak out or do something about it? I feel sick

I’m going to bash out, please bare with me.

Donald Trump,
You do know that USA’s economy is based strongly on its relationship with Mexico right? Your economy, your country, depends on Mexicans. You stole about half the territory of Mexico by kidnapping the president at the time. Mexico brings most of its money to USA, by being tourists or living there. Mexican’s aren’t rapist, most convicted rapists are white males, statistically, white americans commit the most heinous crimes, you say Mexicans are destabilising your country, when most of Mexico’s problems come from the USA, where do you think narcotraficants, gang members, and organised crime get their mariguana and guns when it is illegal in mexico to buy them, they are smuggled constantly into Mexico. Why do you think Mexican’s economy is going downfall? Because the USA has bought Mexican resources, you buy their raw oil to refurnish it and resell it at a higher price to Mexicans. The problem isn’t Mexico, the problem is ignorant americans who don’t know what is happening at their own boarders, the problem is racism amongst your country, the problem is your culture.


A very pissed of Mexican


Wickham weighs in on Obama’s response to the Islamic State

This week, columnist DeWayne Wickham says President Obama is right to ignore the war hawks who want to take immediate and aggressive action against the Islamic State. Obama has a history of taking out terrorists because of his deliberate style and he will take care of the Islamic State in just the same way. Read the column.