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Wanna One mtl to Date a Foreigner


·He himself is a foreigner so he wouldn’t mind dating one.


·Daehwi lived in the states for 5 years, so he’d be more understanding of this.


·I saw that Daniel has a passion about learning about new things, such as language, movies, etc so he’d also be okay with this.


·I don’t know exactly why, but Jaehwan seems like someone who would be okay with dating a foreigner.


·Same with Jaehwan. He seems like someone who will be okay with anything if he loves that person.


·I’m not sure about him, but he also seems like someone who doesn’t care too much about where you’re from if he loves you.


·Jihoon is probably okay with it, as long as he likes the person.


·Same as Jihoon.


·I placed Jinyoung this far because he doesn’t give me the feeling that he’d date a foreigner. I may be wrong too.


·I think he might find it hard to date someone that is not korean because of the different culture and language. If it’s someone that he really likes then maybe he’d be okay with it.


·I find Jisung very similar to Sungwoon in this case. He probably would prefer someone like him, but he also seems understanding with everything so he might like someone who is a foreigner.


Been gone for a minute so thought we’d come back with in a major way and what could be more MAJOR than the athletes of the 4th edition of ESPN:The Magazine’s The Body Issue, well the women at least.  Included are Strikeforce Women’s Bantamwweight Champion Ronda Rousey, the U.S. Women’s National Volleyball Team, WNBA star Candace Parker (looking SEXY), and many more.

The Legend of Qiang

Book One: Unity

Chapter One: Escape from the City

By zacksplosion

Summary: A fan sequel series to The Legend of Korra, set 58 years following Book 4 in the time of a new Avatar. In this chapter, we meet Avatar Qiang and learn how much the world has changed since the time of Avatar Korra…

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