foreign state of mind

To my mind, it is clear that the United States must pursue policies to destroy the brutal and barbaric ISIS regime and to create conditions that prevent fanatical, extremist ideologies from flourishing. But we cannot and should not do it alone. Our response must begin with an understanding of past mistakes and missteps in our previous approaches to foreign policy. It begins with the acknowledgement that unilateral military action should be a last resort, not a first resort, and that ill-conceived military decisions such as the invasion of Iraq can wreak far-reaching devastation and destabilization over regions for decades.
—  Bernie Sanders, at Georgetown University

Been gone for a minute so thought we’d come back with in a major way and what could be more MAJOR than the athletes of the 4th edition of ESPN:The Magazine’s The Body Issue, well the women at least.  Included are Strikeforce Women’s Bantamwweight Champion Ronda Rousey, the U.S. Women’s National Volleyball Team, WNBA star Candace Parker (looking SEXY), and many more.