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What's one place that's really nice but tourists never know about?

I don’t know exactly what you mean by place and nice is definitely relative but one of my favorite ~unknown to tourist~ areas in Seoul is Noryangjin (노량진). The Noryangjin fish market is pretty well known but I don’t mean the fish market, I mean the actual neighborhood near the station (Noryangjin station line nine exit 3)! It is always really high energy and full of young people and has tons of cute cafes and restaurants and drinking places. The best part about it is it’s known for having the most hagwons in Korea so everything is CHEAP AF. The resturants and cafes and drinking places are all so cheap to accommodate the university students that are attending the hagwons so ITS GREAT. I’ve found so many great delicious places to eat there and really nice cafes that are fantastic for studying or if you just want a quiet place to relax. There are also marts there that sell foreign snacks and such which are also really, really cheap as well as a entire huge street just lined back to back with really amazing (and again - cheap!) street food. I’ve never seen another foreigner there in the countless times I’ve been there and I’ve never seen it mentioned in any ‘places to go in seoul’ sites so that is my recommendation. Its not fancy or modern or asthetically pleasing but it has a really great atmosphere and is somewhere no one ever really talks about.

If you want to know more places, I have tons that I know of in Seoul and outside of Seoul I just need more specific criteria! And if the place I mentioned isn’t what you were looking for, I’m sorry! But I do think everyone should go to Noryangjin at least once it’s pretty cool.

Just wanted to let you guys know I’m always open for trade offers for my custom/pre-made plushies or artwork!

Here are some things I’m interested in:
Succulents and other plants (preferably cat safe)
Pokemon, Digimon, Zelda, and other Nintendo merch Studio Ghibli merch (specifically Totoro, soot sprites, and Jiji)
Traditional art/Crafts (will only take digital art in trade for my own digital art)
Handmade soaps
Copics and other art supplies
Japanese (or other foreign) snacks
Kawaii plush, decor, stationary, etc.
And probably loads of other things! Feel free to offer.

I am okay with used things as long as they are in good condition and not things like makeup.

Lightwood-Bane/Catarina Headcanons
  • Magnus and Alec have a lot of “regulars” to choose from when it comes to babysitters, but Max and Rafael always love it best when they get Catarina for the day.
  • Catarina, though usually too busy to babysit, loves the chance to babysit the Bane-Lightwood boys when she does have the time. 
  • When she babysits, she doesn’t like watching movies, TV, or playing video games with the boys.
  • Instead, she’ll bring an assortment of foreign snacks from the international district for the boys to try. She’ll draw up elaborate treasure maps for them to follow in order to find the snacks or board games she’s hidden in their house. And will always build the most elaborate forts for them to play pretend in.
  • (Because Catarina also happens to be the resident champion of playing pretend – especially pirates. She loves playing pirates with Max and Raf.)
  • Max cracks up that she’s blue like him – he calls her his “Boo-berry twin.” Rafe once referred to them as Magic Blueberries.
  • Rafe totally digs Catarina and even declares her as his first love one night at the dinner table, to which his parents are immensely amused and fully support.
  • When overseas, Catarina always – without fail – shops for cheesy souvenirs to bring back for the Lightwood-Banes. 
  • For Magnus, she always brings back bobble-heads, for the simple fact that he’s told her they make him uncomfortable. For Alec, she likes to find bizarre arrow-heads to bring back for him, to which he is always delighted and bashful-grateful. For Rafael, Catarina will scour foreign markets to find him unique music boxes. Rafael always returns the favor in tight hugs and origami hearts. For Max, Catarina brings back any and all cheesy keychains with his name on them. For reasons unknown to both Catarina and his parents, Max totally cracks up every time she brings him a new one. 
  • A few days after every gift-giving, Catarina always receives adorable hand-written letters and colorful drawings in the mail from Max and Rafe (thank you cards.) 

So canonly Mokuba is 20lbs less than he should be for his height. 

He weights 28kg (about 61-62 lbs) at 10-11 years old and being about 4′6″. someone his age/height should be about 82 lbs. (is this why Seto is able to throw him like a football at the end of the noa arc?)

Idea is that orphanage prob only fed them the basic 3 meals a day and probably the same when living with Gozaburo. So he just got used to eating less. Has a smaller stomach because of this..ect. 

After Gozaburo killed himself the whole idea of a snack felt foreign. (He didn’t live long enough with his father to really grasp the idea because it was taken away so early on.) So when staff offered him food that wasn’t at a meal time it was almost terrifying and confusing for him. And well– he just wasn’t hungry because meals were probably always at a certain time in the mansion. His mind/body was just like well don’t get hungry before this time because there won’t be food until then.

He’s probably way better about it now but he still rarely snacks on things when its not meal time. Only exception would be when hanging out with friends or when its offered to him. And then its out of politeness to take the food. Now even more so he’s still really underweight because he’s picked up his dear brother’s work habits. Isono among other close people to him in the company have to remind him to eat/ bring food to the office or he’ll go an entire day without food. 

While his eating habits aren’t as bad as Seto’s they’re still pretty bad.

Tomorrow, Luke writes in to complain that the last Labour government’s open-door immigration policy has put the swings and the climbing frame under intolerable pressure, while foreign toddlers get free snacks on the NHS and taxpayer-funded nap times.


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(A foreign guest approaches the desk.)

GUEST: Ehhhh, yes. Where can I get some snatch?
CONCIERGE: Can you repeat that?
GUEST: Um, ehhh. Sorry. Ummm… how do I say… I want snatch now?
CONCIERGE: One more time, can you repeat that?
GUEST: Yes. Ehhhh. Snatch now, please.
CONCIERGE: I’m not sure I know what you’re saying. Snatch?
GUEST: Yes! Exactly. You know. To eat. Snatch.
(Concierge avoids giggling like a middle school boy.)
CONCIERGE: You want a snatch to eat?
GUEST: Yes! Yes! Just a small food. Small food. Eat snatch.
GUEST: Ehhhh, maybe? Snatch snack? 
CONCIERGE: Snatch snack. No problem.

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Gom + Kagami being separated from their SO (who they are in love with) for a significant amount of time?

Akashi: it’d be hard for him to deal with, but he’d soon learn to cope, maybe even surprising them with a visit. Even if he had coped for some amount of time, not seeing them had been too much.

Aomine: some days would be really hard to deal with, like him coming home and saying the ‘I’m home’ he’s so used to saying with no response. On days like those, he’d make sure to talk to them a lot.

Kagami: he’d be surprisingly patient, knowing that wherever they were, it was for a good reason. As long as he could talk to them for a little while every so often, he’d be content.

Kise: he’d make the distance seem shorter by calling them often, making sure he told them that he loved them a lot. It wouldn’t be the same as actually seeing them, so he’d await the day he could physically see them again.

Kuroko: he’d keep any pain to himself, telling his s/o how much he missed them, but not telling them the extent of it. He’d be very patient, as good will come to those who wait. 

Midorima: he’d make sure to carry around their lucky item as well as his own, hoping that it’d make them return sooner. He’d try and call a couple of times a week, needing to hear their voice.

Murasakibara: he’d eat a lot of snacks, especially ones that they’d recommended to him to make the distance seem like nothing at all. He’d wait for them to bring lots and lots of foreign snacks.