foreign poetry

hogwarts house aesthetics


extensive lipstick collections from deep red to light rosé, lonely gas stations at the side of the road at night, rose parfums, freshly picked blueberries, resting against a tree after running through the grass, walks along the seine, vintage pins and stickers, metro stations at night, red theater curtains before a show, hidden vinyl shops, cobbled streets in foreign towns, open windows, laughing until you cry, Polaroid pictures, golden jewelry, midnight swims in the sea, small french balconies, evening banquets, vintage cars, bubble gum, quickly attached plasters, living off the adrenaline, dramatic monologues, stop signs


bouquets of lily-of-the-valleys, freshly pressed juice, yellow ballet dance costumes, crystal glass, pearl necklaces, rosé eyeshadow, white messy bedding, old renaissance paintings, golden light shining through white curtains, healing herbs, long sighs, botanical gardens at night, spring breeze, the smell of wood, natural history museums, bicycle rides across the city, jasmine perfume, phonographs, photography  picture books, hand-made notebooks, big vintage glasses, ukuleles, self-care, sudden  melancholy  


the sound of rain, black coffee, oxford shoes, studio ghibli movies, oversized sweaters, old postcards, piles of books, train rides, nights in the library, ancient buildings, foreign boulevards, staying up until 3 am, unfinished notebooks, typewriters, flea markets, overhead projectors, view from the 76th floor, “what if”, dripping sarcasm, black and white pictures in glossy magazines, addiction to anything, late night conversations, swearing under one’s breath, hotel swimming pools, thrift stores, foreign languages, poetry collections, detailed journal entries, writing in the margins, opera houses, black glasses, pressed flowers, lavender perfume, analog cameras, sculptures, the night sky, obsession


dark eyeshadow pallettes, silver rings, green velvet, collarbones, tweed jackets, family heirlooms, wearing bruises and black eyes with dignity, the atmosphere of bathrooms at a party, dimly lit lounges, chandeliers, blue artificial light, forests, marble floors, intricate architectural structures, black lacquered shoes, fine fabrics, wine glasses, cobbled streets, theatre lounges, white ballet dresses, black tie, biting your lip, dedicated eyes, printed letters, exit signs, smoke, airplanes at night, skylines, trench coats, high heeled shoes, thunderstorms, mythology, long shadows


Lucifer, Franz von Stuck, 1890. Oil on canvas. 63 3/8 x 60 1/16 in.          

The National Gallery for Foreign Art, Sofia, Bulgaria.   

“O you, the wisest and fairest of the Angels,
God betrayed by destiny and deprived of praise,

O Satan, take pity on my long misery!

O Prince of Exile, you who have been wronged
And who vanquished always rise up again more strong,

O Satan, take pity on my long misery!”

-The Litany of Satan, Charles Baudelaire

Февраль. Достать чернил и плакать!
Писать о феврале навзрыд,
Пока грохочущая слякоть
Весною черною горит.
-Б. Пастернак

la danse de la lune| 03/07/2018

Salut !

…j'ai écrit ce poème il y a exactement une semaine. Je me suis sentie triste alors j'ai décidé d'essayer de m'exprimer en utilisant les mots d'une très belle langue. Le français paraît parfait pour l'écriture des poèmes, et honnêtement, je trouve ça un peu bizarre parce que avant de commencer à apprendre le français, j’avais toujours eu l'impression qu'on puisse seulement écrire la poésie si notre niveau de connaissance de langue est déjà très avancé, ce qui n'est sûrement pas le cas ici (ça ne fait pas même deux ans que j'apprends cette langue) mais évidemment j'avais tort… En tout cas, bonne lecture ! :)


the dance of the moon

sad unhappy

miserable guilty

the moon dances

she makes coffee every morning

bittersweet is this coffee

pale and useless is the milk

it cannot help us

what is broken will stay that way

and what never happened

we will forget

sad unhappy

miserable guilty

you are but a reflection

says the sun

useless like the milk