foreign maids

Camarilla [ Baekhyun ( O1) ]

Mafia!Byun Baekhyun x Reader ( Baekhyun’s Ver. )

Genre: Comedy, thriller, romance, romantic comedy, drama, life

Warnings: Clubs, Mafia, Language

Prologue | Chapter One

Word Count: 1,104

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After talking to Eun-Gi – the middle sister –, you walked towards your room. Your thoughts began drifting towards what your father had said, were you seriously going to be marry him? Byun Baekhyun, the man who most likely has had sex with almost every girls within the town. The brat of the family who was also in the mafia. Did your father seriously not know about Baekhyun’s family background?

For hell’s sake, you weren’t sure if he had some sort of side woman that had gotten pregnant by him, from all the sleeping around he does.

Opening the dark, almond colored door, you hopped onto your large sized bed. The bed shifting underneath you, due to the sudden contact. Laying your head down on the pillow, you contemplated throwing one of the decoration pillows. You were enraged by the idea of marrying that good for nothing idiot.

How could your father put you through the shit of marrying someone who was close to being your number one enemy?

“I need to go somewhere.” You mumbled to yourself. Getting off of your bed, you began to make a bee-line out of your house. You had to drink, maybe have a one night stand- the thing your youngest sister does? You just had to do something to get you out of this misery- this hellhole your father had dug you into.

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   Gilded silvers, coruscation diamond’s scorch neath tender fingers, frailty’s elegance a fluid slope of cheek. Falls a golden drop of sifting cornhusk, coarse, an ocean’s billow, waving twinkles tied in a messy bun. Maid foreign in Freedom’s valley, she sang tune sweet, alone in Room 32, Surrounded by brass and locked woodwinds. The campus is silenced, students returned to their dorms on this Friday eve, or, in Amelia’s case of friends, tied to their mapless whims of swooning drink. Friday’s claim sweet melodies, Saturdays consumed to the lonely diner where she meets her angelic friend. 

   This night, alone to the dying Apollo’s  florescence, she believes. For in her aria’s trance her senses are blind to the extra entered in the room.