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I'm not looking for Yuuri/Yuri but do you have a list of smol Yurio with a crush on Yuri but still Victuuri I just think love when Yurio ONLY likes Yuri instead of hating him

+4 more requests! Thank you all for these! All of these will be one-sided! I hope you enjoy! Please let me know if I missed any you think should be on here!

Yurio Has a Crush on Yuuri

it doesn’t take a scientist by alykapedia, Teen, 2.3k
In which Yuri Plisetsky has a crush, Mila Babicheva is a terrible listener, Otabek Altin is an equally terrible advice-giver, and the only possible solution to his predicament is to kill Viktor Nikiforov and marry Yuuri Katsuki himself. Love!

With a Little Help From My Yuri by youaremarvelous, Teen, 5.4k
5 times Yuuri helps Yurio out + the one time he (begrudgingly) returns the favor. THIS IS REALLY CUTE OMG

Songs About Your Boyfriend by cryingoverspilledvodka, 17k
Yuri is in love with Victor’s ambition, deeply in love with Victor’s skating- and stupidly in love with Victor’s fiancé. Thumbs up!

Where It Counts by Harlequinade13, 1.7k
Yuri Plisetsky goes out for a run in Barcelona. He doesn’t expect to meet Victor where he does. He doesn’t expect a lot of things. Nice one-shot!

Edit Sober by counterheist, Teen, 4.2k
Yuuri finds Yurio’s plisetsuki fanfiction. Viktor has a talk with Yurio, which consists mostly of a bottle of vodka and an I know, I know. RIP YURIO… teen crushes and fanfiction omg

salchow fury by winchilsea, Teen, 3.1k
When asked what it feels like to be both the youngest ranger in the PPDC and the legendary Viktor Nikiforov’s co-pilot, Yuri Plisetsky looks at the camera dead on and says, “Like walking in on your parents having sex. Continuously.” Definitely recommend!

Yuri Plisetsky is not in denial by thatoldeblackmagic, Gen, Not Rated, 1.4k
Sometimes Yuri can look at Katsudon and semi-honestly think, ‘You’re not that great’ because he really isn’t. Sometimes this works. Until Katsudon catches him staring and then turns his full attention towards Yuri complete with a small smile and a confused head tilt like he’s a goddamn puppy. Great one-shot!

In jokes and Pettiness by preciousbunnynoiz, Teen, 5k (WIP)
“It hurt to see Yurio’s reactions because Phichit understood very well what it was like to have a one-sided crush. Specifically, he knew what it was like to have a one-sided crush on Yuri. Yurio was going to suffer for three reasons:
one - because Yuri is as oblivious as he is charming and never notices flirting,
two - because he was only 16 and not at all a possible love interest for Yuri and
three – Yuri only had eyes for Victor.” Love this fic so much!

in wine we trust by fireblazie, Teen, 1.9k
Yuri peers into the expanse of the apartment and finds a single, flickering light in the kitchen. He stealthily tiptoes across the floor with the baseball bat clutched tightly in his fists, only to find that, what the hell, this bastard is actually fucking raiding his fridge. “That’s my pirozhki, asshat!” he snarls, ready to swing his bat when the intruder turns around.Shit, Yuri thinks. It’s Beautiful International Student Yuuri Katsuki. Awesome fic!

Secret Language by preciousbunnynoiz, Teen, 1.7k
A story where it turns out Yuuri secretly speaks perfect Russian and Yuri finds out and it helps further their friendship. HAHA I LOVE THIS

A Foreign Warmth by sugarsubstitute, Teen, 3.1k
Big surprise, Victor has abandoned him. Not in Russia, not on the ice rink but in an onsen with his rival. Despite his predicament, he puts up with it. After all, dinner with the person he currently hated the most in the world wasn’t really going to change much, right? Nice one-shot!


brielarsonI used to DJ. It was the “real” job that floated me while I auditioned for the movies I never got. Even during the filming of Short Term 12 I spun records at magazine parties and hotel bars on weekends because I couldn’t survive off of SAG minimum. I loved rare foreign covers of Beatles songs, Ye-Ye girls, and soul. Drunk dudes would request trap and I’d tell them “Sorry I only play vinyl.” I was hustling, but I got people dancing and hung with my other DJ friends. I’m grateful for where I am now, but want to give a toast to the life I lived before. To all the dreamers with day jobs, I see you, don’t give up. There is beauty in your journey. 🍻#fbf

French Kisses (Josh Dun mini imagine)

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Warnings : none

A/N : here is my heartfelt apology for being so inactive! Requests are open, so do send me something if you wish! Enjoy!

“Hey babe,” Josh smiled at you as he walked into the room, and you returned it softly. You were sprawled across the couch, earbuds in, messing around with an app you had discovered.

 "How’d practice go?“ you asked, sitting up.

 "Pretty good,” he responded, plopping down next to you. He ran a hand through his bright yellow hair, ruffling it slightly. “What’s that?”

 "It’s an app,“ you told him, flashing the phone screen at him. "It helps you learn new languages.”

 Josh grinned. “That’s awesome, what are you trying to learn?” He rested his chin on your shoulder, peering over at the foreign words popping up on the monitor.

 "French.“ You giggled as his stubble tickled your neck. "I’ve been at it for a few weeks now.”

 Josh pressed a light kiss to your bare shoulder, exposed from your oversized t-shirt (one of his, actually). “Can you say a sentence? I could help you practice.”
You blushed. “I’m not very good -”

 "Anything my baby puts her mind to, she can do,“ he interjected. "I’m sure you’re just fine.”

 Your cheeks flamed even hotter, but you obliged. “Où est la salle de bain?”

 Josh’s eyebrows furrowed together, and you laughed. “What does that mean?” he asked you, puzzled.

 "‘Where’s the bathroom?’,“ you admitted sheepishly. The vibrations from Josh’s laughter sent tingles up and down your spine.

 "Say something else,” he said softly.

 You ducked your head. There was one other phrase you knew by heart, actually one you had memorized because you had thought so much about it lately. You and Josh had been dating for a month, but neither of you had had the guts to say the L-word yet. You were started to fear that he didn’t really care for you that much.

 You swallowed, butterflies dancing your stomach. “Je t'aime,” you whispered, turning to face him.

 Josh didn’t have to ask what that one meant. He looked up at you slowly, dark brown eyes locking with your E/C ones. “Say it again,” he murmured.

 "Je t'aime,“ you repeated, heart sinking into your stomach. You knew it. Your eyes flickered downwards, breaking contact with his. "I’m s -”

 "I love you too.“

 It was quiet, no more than a breath, but there was no mistaking what he had said. You felt a strong hand grip your chin gently and lift your head to look at him again. "I love you too.” There was less than a centimeter of space between the two of you now, and he pressed forward, closing the gap, and kissing you fiercely.

 "You should speak French more often,“ he said when you two finally pulled away for a breath.

 You giggled. "Tant que vous continuez à m'embrasser comme ça.”

translations according to google

Où est la salle de bain? - Where’s the bathroom?

Je t’aime - I love you

Tant que vous continuez à m'embrasser comme ça - As long as you keep kissing me like that

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Is it possible for BTS to someday reach the level of popularity and status that groups like BigBang enjoy? What would the members and the company have to do to reach that level?

Not only is it possible, but all indications show that they’re well on their way to the top of the top.

For a while there were some minor concerns that BTS were struggling to connect with their domestic audience. They were considered “global” stars first, which is all well and good, but idols can’t really survive without home-ground interest and support. But the Wings album and YNWA has proven that BTS are a juggernaut both in Korea and overseas.

I have never seen a boy band outside of the Big 3 companies to become so huge and so loved in such a short amount of time. They are growing exponentially as they continue to sweep the charts, break records, freeze servers, and make more fans with each new comeback. It’s almost surreal how it’s all unfolding for them. But seriously, they’re legends in the making.


it’s morning~

Let’s talk for a second about how impressive Astro is, okay?

This isn’t about their widespread international popularity, their already dedicated fanbase despite being barely a year old, or even the fact that all of the visuals members have amazing vocal and dance skills.

No, this is about languages. As somebody who is very fascinated with language and language learning, I am both impressed and incredibly happy that Astro has covered 5 songs in foreign languages, including Japanese, Mandarin, Indonesian, Thai, and Spanish.

For any of you who have never tried to seriously learn a foreign language, let me tell you a little something to put this in perspective:

Pronunciation is very hard to nail down, especially for a language far from yours. When babies are born, they already have an understanding of language (including being able to recognize their mother tongue in the womb through its rhythm), and after birth they can even distinguish different sounds in other languages, for example the r and l sounds. As the child grows, they lose this ability, and when they are introduced to foreign language later in life, they no longer have the ability to distinguish the sounds, making it much harder to imitate the correct sound. All this, along with the fact that Korea is a very homogeneous country, and while they have their own beautiful and unique culture, it is not as if they hear languages like Spanish or Indonesian regularly. We (especially Americans) forget that its not a normal occurrence in some countries to go to the market and hear 3 or 4 people speaking something other than English into the phone. For Astro to be able to cover these songs, it undoubtedly took tireless practice in pronunciation and memorizing words in languages they don’t know, and for them to be able to do this and dance a routine (in the case of La Bamba), it is even more impressive. This is the highest level of effort I’ve seen from a kpop group thus far.

That’s not to say that other groups aren’t talented (or that other groups haven’t covered songs in another language), and I may or may not be a bit biased considering my love of foreign languages, but I am genuinely amazed at the amount of effort Astro puts into everything they do. They cover a song in the native language in every country they go to. They pay attention to the difference and they care.

They put in an incredible amount of effort to be able to communicate to Aroha in their native language through music, which is beautiful. They could sing just in Korean, because they’re from Korea and wouldn’t have to justify the use of their native language, but they don’t. They want to connect with Aroha on a larger scale. Could they do just English covers, considering many non-English speaking countries teach English as a second language? Most definitely, but they don’t, because it’s not nearly as personal, and they want to connect with Aroha on a deeper level. They (and Fantagio) understand that language is as much art as it is communication, and spoken language is a beautiful part of each culture and Astro is using that to be able to show Aroha how much they love us.

Long story short, don’t let Astro’s effort and talent be ignored because of the ‘cute concept’, and don’t think for a second that covering a song in another language doesn’t take dedication and incredible talent. Astro did that™, and they are continuing to do that™.