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EXO Emergency #Happy(not so)TurkeyDay

Chen: What is this?

Baekhyun: Why is there a table full of food and a giant turkey?

Kyungsoo: This can’t be good. Whenever we get together for a meal things go down.

Suho: Come on guys! Grab a seat and sit down! Don’t you all know what today is?!

Sehun: Um, Friday?

Suho: It’s Thanksgiving! In America it’s still Thursday so we’re going to celebrate with–

Kai: Out me. I’m going to dip out. I had plans for the day and none of them included celebrating foreign holidays.

Suho: We make plans to have great comebacks too, but that’s never stopped you from breaking your ankle every 3 weeks.

Chanyeol: Ouch

Kris: You told me that SM was letting us out of our contracts. That’s the only reason I even showed up today.

Tao: Yeah me too!

Luhan: Same.

Yixing: Kris, someone also told you that you could have a solo career, and for some reason you believed that too.

Kyungsoo: Ooh is this pie? *takes a slice*

Chen: Okay but come on guys, really don’t we all have better things to do with our time than fake a thanksgiving?

Suho: I don’t know Jongdae, seems like those fake edges you draw on every morning takes more time than slicing a pie.

Xiumin: No need to get savage bro. He can’t help it they messed his hair up. Let’s just all get into the holiday spiri–

Sehun: You know it always annoyed me how you pick and choose what times you want to act like the oldest.

Baekhyun: Don’t stress it, it always annoyed us waiting for you to pick and choose when you’d finally become talented.

Kyungsoo: Ooh is this sweet tea? *pours cup*


Kai: And YOU’RE obvs forgetting the true definition of the word “dance”.

Luhan: The rest of you all may have nothing going, on but i REALLY NEED TO LEAVE! DO YOU COPY?!

Tao: Copy? Oh like that lame hair cut and jacket I’m pretty sure I saw Kris wearing 3 weeks ago on IG.



Baekhyun: Anyone notice how things weren’t weird until the China Line came back?

Yixing: I did

Suho: So Kyungsoo, are you going to only make your plate or are you actually going to participate in the conversation?

Kyungsoo: I don’t know ask me again after you start participating in our record sales.

Chanyeol: Burnnnnneddd

Xiumin: Honestly Chanyeol, you can’t talk about anyone, you’re sitting here wearing that same sweatshirt for the 3rd day in a row.

Chanyeol: And you’ve been wearing that same baby fat for the last 12 years in a row so?

Baekhyun: These sweet potatoes aren’t sweet enough. The sugar didn’t come through strong.

Sehun: Oh really? Hmm just like your high notes.

Suho: STOPP! ThIS Is suppOSED to be a time for peace! A time to get together and celebrate our bond as a team and family! We had our struggles in the past but now we are TRULY super group!

Baekhyun: So if we’re a super group, are you Batman or is Sehun? Cause I’m just trying to figure out where the token useless member goes.

Kyungsoo: Ooh is this pudding?? *gets a scoop*


Chen: Thanks, because if i had to look at that ashy piece of ham any longer. I was going to–


Sehun: But he didn’t get to finish his joke!


Chen: -Was going to use the oil on your face to moisturize it!


Exo: *leaves*

Suho: I hate them, I hate them all.

Six Months After

Everyone talks about Exchange. They talk about the phases you go through –Excitement–> Hardships–> Boredom–> Missing home at the holidays –> Re-birth–> Exchange becomes your life. 

What about the phases when you get home? Those are important too and can leave you feeling just as many emotions.

1-2 months after exchange: Ups&Downs

Being home is exciting. You are re-discovering your old life, but with new eyes. You re-discover certain comforts of home you were missing for a year. Most days. Some days. Other days you question weather you are really “home”. You miss exchange. You want to go back. Every day you feel different. 

3-4 months after exchange: Re-building

This is the stage in which you re-build your life. If can be frustrating, but over-all exciting. For those of us who went straight to college, it’s nice having something new to do. It’s like adventures on exchange again. After all, how many exchange students actually do well with routine?

But it will be hard. People will get annoyed, they won’t understand that 4 months ago still feels like yesterday for you. They won’t understand that your version of “homesickness” is different than theirs. They might be able to drive home on the weekends, or look forward to break, but you’ll be counting change wondering how long it will take you to save up for a plane ticket “home”. Your homesickness will only ever be “half” clenched.  

5-6 months after exchange: What is home?

This is the stage, right as the holidays are approaching. The excitement to celebrate the holidays in a traditional way is exhilarating, after all, you feel as if it’s been 2 years since Christmas. Yet something feels wrong as your find your self longing to spend the holidays in the way you once did. As in you did, one time. You can’t stop talking about traditions that aren’t yours. “Home for the Holidays” is a confusing phrase that has a strange meaning to you. Everyone has been busy will school and you talk to your friends less, but miss them just as much if not more. Photos start appearing, “One year ago today”, and you spend an entire day looking through all your photos, wondering how time passed so fast.

Everyday exchange passes through your mind, every hour actually. And you feel mute. Like no one will listen. Like those you do talk to don’t understand what you are talking about. Exchange is like another life, hidden inside you. People talk about “home” when they get “homesick”. You find your words and thoughts split between too places, and no one wants to hear about your year in Italy because you seem to full of yourself, but people can talk about home and no one would suggest that they think they are better than others. You fight the urge to mention that you didn’t live in Rome or Florence. You find yourself stuck in a life you aren’t able to exist in.

And you like your life in your home country. You like being at school in your native language, you are happy with your growth and progress, you have a better idea of your future.

You like having friends who speak your language, but yet you still find yourself struggling to be understood. You like that you’ll be going home soon, but you are still asking yourself, “what is home?”

River of Stars || Cinnamon & Rosalind


[✦] — As she often did on her lunch breaks at the Central Library, Cinnamon was eating her daily order of sushi (oh, why couldn’t she make this herself?) while reading a book, this particular one detailing foreign holidays and myths.

One particular holiday in the book immediately caught her interest– Tanabata, the beautifully named Festival of Stars. It was a celebration based off of the story of two star-crossed lovers, as represented by the stars Altair and Vega. Cinnamon was honestly not one for romantic stories, but even she couldn’t deny that the bittersweet (though she supposed some would consider it downright heart-wrenching) tale tugged at her heartstrings a bit.

While she’s reading, someone takes a seat at her table, and Cinnamon glances up to see Rosalind, a fellow co-worker at the library. The researcher didn’t know much about the girl aside from the fact that she was a scion of the wealthy de Sainte-Coquille family. And even though she looked the part of a pampered princess, the girl was actually quite intelligent and open-minded, as well as down to earth. The few conversations Cinnamon has had with her were enjoyable experiences.

“…Hello, Rosalind.” She greets quietly, giving the girl a nod of recognition before dropping her eyes back to the book. “I trust you’re having a good day so far?”


All about Easter in Germany!

A Brit in Germany explains German Ostern. 

This week I’m looking at how Easter is celebrated in Germany - including special food, customs and tons of vocabulary. Joining me are stone rabbit and stone bird. ;D

☆ Mini Deutsch dictionary:
Alles über Ostern - everything about Easter
Ostern - Easter
der Gründonnerstag - Maundy Thursday
der Karfreitag - Good Friday
der Karsamstag - Holy Saturday
der Ostersonntag - Easter Sunday
der Ostergottesdienst - Easter mass
der Ostermonntag - Easter Monday
die Osterwoche - Easter week
die Osterkarte - Easter card
das Osterrad - Easter wheel
der Osterbrunnen - Easter fountain
die Ostereier - Easter eggs
der Osterhase - Easter bunny
das Osternest - Easter nest/basket
der Osterstrauch - little branch or bush with eggs hanging on it
der Osterzopf - plaited bread
Osterlamm - cake/bread in shape of lamb
das Osterbrot - Easter bread
die Osterglocke - daffodil
Frohe Ostern! - Happy Easter
das Ostereiersuchen - Easter egg hunt”

Der Osterhase (Easter Bunny) is a German-Lutheran tradition - it started in Germany in the Middle Ages. Read more about it here.

Prompt #291: Place, Time, Character(s) (17)

Place: in the middle of festivities in a foreign country

Time: the foreign country’s national holiday

Character(s): backpackers

Having A Crush On A Foreigner (BTS)

You could make a reaction BTS when they find their ideal type, but it is foreign and is just holiday in your country? thanks ^^

(gif credit to the original owners)

Rap Monster:
I think he’d be visibly frustrated. He wouldn’t say directly what it was so people would be curious as to what’s wrong. It’d also be annoyed at himself for falling for you so quickly, especially someone he may never see again. By the end of the holiday, he’d be honest with his feelings to you. Your reaction would help him decide whether to pursue it or not.

Originally posted by rapmunsta

He would be a little sad, but like RapMonnie, wouldn’t express why he was acting the way he was. He’d try to be a little optimistic and would really hope it’d work out between the two of you.He’d tried to find out as much about you as he could and enjoy every moment you spent together. When he had to leave, however, he would be a little crushed.

Originally posted by daesbulge

(he’s ruining me again wtf)

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In Light of the Holiday Season-

I would like to wish all of my religious and/or foreign followers happy holidays!

-  رمضان‎  (Ramadan) 

-  عيد الفطر (Eid al-Fitr)

-  عيد الأضحى (Eid al-Adha)

-Fiesta de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe (Fiesta of Our Lady of Guadalupe)

-Saint Lucia Dag (Saint Lucia’s/Lucy’s Day)

- חֲנֻכָּה or חנוכה (Hanukkah)

-Boxing Day


- 大晦日 (Omisoka)



-Saint Nicholas Day

-Christmas Day

-Three Kings Day/Epiphany

-Winter Solstice

If I’ve forgotten anything or spelled anything wrong, please correct me! Every belief and celebration, nationality, religion, and spelling of said celebrations is important and should be correctly represented!

Halloween cheeriness

This fanfic actually had some plot, but it got lost to the depths of Skype chatrooms and only the silly conversations remained. Sorry for not describing the party, but I’ll leave it to your imagination. This is over 3000 words of modern AU comedy and goofiness. The setting is my own Hiryuu House.

Characters: The entire Happy Hungry Bunch, Kaya, Lili, Tae-yeon, Mundok, Soo-won in spirit. Also in spirit but literally, Hakuboos and Seiboos since it is Halloween, but they’re not shown in the fic.

“Let’s have a normal Halloween party and not become a horror movie,” Yona grimaced.

“Please,” Jae-ha shook his head, “especially since I’m probably the only one present who’s not a virgin.”

“Do you want to decorate the walls with your blood, Droopy Eyes?”

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Visiting the German Christmas Market: A Food and Shopping Guide

“Christmas markets are naturally must-see attractions in Germany. Every Christmas Market is special in its own way. To spark the Christmas mood, we decided to show you what it is generally like in a Christmas Market and my most recommended food at the Frankfurt Christmas Market. Enjoy!”


Celebrating New Year’s in Germany

So someone asked about German New Year’s traditions - I will have this random British girl from YouTube explain some of our traditions. :) Also see the Silvester tag with previous posts on the topic here.