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Hey everyone. I’ve been watching a lot of Amharic shows and movies lately and I wanted to share them with you guys. I made a list of my favorites but I’ve also added the ones I’m planning to watch later. I’ll update this list as i watch more.


ጉዲፈቻ - adopted

ሰማያዊ ፈረስ (blue horse) 

የወደዱ ሰሞን

ደስ የሚል ስቃይ (beautiful torture)


የኛ (ours)

የሌባ ልጅ (a thief’s child)

አስከሬኑ - (deceased) 

ሀኒሙን (honeymoon)

ኀረየት (hareyet)

ሰርፕራይዝ (surprise)

ኤሽታኦል (eshtaol)

ፍቅርና ፌስቡክ (love & facebook)



ገመና (privacy) - this one is about a young woman who pretends to be a maid in order to spy on families private life. She encounters different kinds of people in each house. From devilish woman to family that worships satan to a man who makes money off prostitutes. This is an old show but a great one. I highly recommend.

ዘመን (time) 

በቀናት መካከል (in between days)

ወላፈን (flames) 


የቤት ስራ (homework) 

ዳና (dana)


ዋዜማ (on the eve of…)

Special Edition Young Jump GOLD Vol. 1: Aqours Mini-Interviews

Voice of Takami Chika
Belonging to CYaRon!

Inami Anju

Born on February 7. Height 157cm. Blood type B.
Nickname = Anchan

Q. What’s your favorite Aqours song?
“‘Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru Kai?’! It’s Aqours’ 1st single, so it’s the song of our beginning.”

Q. Why did you become a voice actress, and what are your current ambitions?
“The same voice actresses performed as different characters in different works, and I was interested in being able to go to a lot of places and time periods. I want to share in the regular experience of ‘fun’ together with everyone as Aqours!”

Voice of Matsuura Kanan
Belonging to AZALEA

Suwa Nanaka

Born on November 2. Height 157cm. Blood type unknown.
Nickname = Suwawa

Q. What’s your favorite Aqours song?
“Aqours’ newest single ‘HAPPY PARTY TRAIN’. It’s a song with Kanan as the center, and it also voices a lot of my feelings.”

Q. Why did you become a voice actress, and what are your current ambitions?
"After I saw Hidamari Sketch, I started aiming to become a voice actress. I also liked foreign dramas, so I wanted to perform more as many types of characters.”

Voice of Kurosawa Dia
Belonging to AZALEA

Komiya Arisa

Born on February 5. Height 163cm. Blood type B.
Nickname = Arisha

Q. What’s your favorite Aqours song?
“‘Todokanai Hoshi da to Shite mo’. The title is like that of a ballad, but it’s a rock song, and I like that gap.”

Q. Why did you become a voice actress, and what are your current ambitions?
"I learned about this genre while acting and dubbing for Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters. From now on, I want to go and continue working hard in live-action filming, anime and gravure.”

Voice of Sakurauchi Riko
Belonging to Guilty Kiss

Aida Rikako

Born on August 8. Height 150cm. Blood type O.
Nickname = Rikyako

Q. What’s your favorite Aqours song?
“‘Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru Kai?’, our debut song. I think that it’s a really positive and fresh song that symbolizes Aqours.”

Q. Why did you become a voice actress, and what are your current ambitions?
"I came across the work of a voice actress through Gintama, and I wanted to become a voice actress. I want to continue acting without deviating from my core as a voice actress.”

Voice of Ohara Mari
Belonging to Guilty Kiss

Suzuki Aina

Born on July 23. Height 147cm. Blood type unknown.
Nickname = Ainya

Q. What’s your favorite Aqours song?
“‘Mattete Ai no Uta’, Aqours’ first ballad. Within Aqours’ cast, there’s a lot of us with ‘Ai’ in our names too!”

Q. Why did you become a voice actress, and what are your current ambitions?
"I wanted to become an anisong singer, so I entered this world. I want my singing to reach more and more people as Aqours!”

Voice of Kurosawa Ruby
Belonging to CYaRon!

Furihata Ai

Born on February 19. Height 148cm. Blood type B.
Nickname = Furirin (Artisan)

Q. What’s your favorite Aqours song?
“I really like the intro of ‘Yume Kataru yori Yume Utaou’, so I listen to it a lot.”

Q. Why did you become a voice actress, and what are your current ambitions?
"My friend said to me, ‘Your voice resembles that character’s’, so I got an interest in voice actors, then I wanted to try to dub by myself. I want to become a voice actress who surprises people with the gap between me and my characters!”

Voice of Tsushima Yoshiko
Belonging to Guilty Kiss

Kobayashi Aika

Born on October 23. Height 155cm. Blood type O.
Nickname = Aikyan

Q. What’s your favorite Aqours song?
“‘Waku-Waku-Week!’! The energy of the Uranohoshi Girls’ High School 1st years squeezes into you.”

Q. Why did you become a voice actress, and what are your current ambitions?
"Auditioning for Aqours was a chance for me to enter into voice-acting work, so I faced my strong feelings of ‘I’ll start with this’. I won’t let go of whatever opportunity I have, and I want to do any job with my all.”

Translation: Dyrea
QC: @yujachachacha

The other two can be found here courtesy of shukamod (@saitou-shuka)!

ID #47146

Name: Elizabeth

Age: 19

Country: Russia

Hi! I’m a first-year student of the foreign languages faculty. I’m from Tatarstan but now I live in St.Petersburg because of my University. My English is quite well but I need more practise. And I think this website is a good opportunity to get acquainted with new people!
I love reading, watching films (especially science fiction, horror and drama ones). I do love going to the theatre. However I don’t have enough time for it. I have to work hard daily…my assignment…So It’s really difficult to train as a linguist-interpreter. But It’s so interesting and every day is lively and productive.
I adore walking in the streets and heart to heart talks. By the way I don’t cease to admire the architecture of St.Petersburg!
I like kind, patient, attentive , out-going people! And an ambitious person always inspires me.
I’m fond of making friends and chatting!I do want to get to know about different cultures.
I suppose that it’s enough.Oh, I don’t have any idea what I should add. You can find out more information about me if you write me :) I will wait for you!

Preferences:  Preferable age is 18-26. I don’t care about gender.


‘کلوزآپ ، نمای نزدیک’ (Close-Up), Abbas Kiarostami (1990)

The boys discussing TV spoilers (Rajigaze 3/31)

Reita (reading mail): “Please evaluate my Dark Side. I’m the type to read some spoilers before watching a series or reading a novel, but the other day my friend was like, “that’s unbelievable! you won’t [watch/read] if something you don’t like happens? That’s so self-centred!” I thought reading spoilers was a thing so that people could avoid [seeing/reading] something they didn’t like, but do people not actually do that? Is this my Dark Side? Are you guys the type who don’t tolerate spoilers?”

Aoi: A while ago I was talking to someone about Taiga (this historical drama that’s been on TV for like 50 years) like, “oh so-and-so died…” and they got so mad at me, like, “stop spoiling!”

Uruha: (laughing) But it’s Taiga………..

Aoi: Right? Like, it actually happened, what u want me to do…it’s Taiga…

(*the drama is based off of real ppl/events in history so i guess it was no secret this person died) 

Reita and Kai catching on finally: AHH cause it’s historical ahh yeah ok!! Ahh yes (laughing)

Kai: Totally!

Reita: I mean, it’s historical!

Aoi: Yeah.

(Uruha chucklin)

Aoi: Like am I not even allowed to talk about that? 

Reita: Right, like, ur literally just stating a fact?

Aoi: Right right right

Ruki: The “type to read spoilers before watching a series or reading a drama”….what?

Reita: That’s totally not a thing

Kai: That’s not a “type”


Ruki: Hmmm…..they’re not thinking about the writer’s intention at all.

Reita: There’s no surprises!

Aoi: But don’t you sometimes watch a movie even after you’ve read the novel? 

Reita: Ahh yeah if it was good!

Aoi: So it’s kinda like that no?

Ruki: But like, they must go online first and read something that says like “spoiler alert”

Aoi and Reita: Ahhhhh

Reita: Yeah that’s weird…

Ruki: Well yeah that’s why it’s a “Dark Side.” 

Reita: Ah.

Aoi: Right.

Ruki: Like manga, for example, when there’s an original work…like Ushijima and stuff (It’s this manga that they made into a movie???) it’s not like you read a spoiler, it’s like…you know the original work, and you’re seeing how well they were able to reproduce it. 

Aoi: Mmm

Ruki: But this person….they’re just reading spoilers…….this……….IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!

(everyone especially reita dying) 

Reita: It’s scary, like, some of us are watching the same foreign dramas, and we’re all at different parts, right?

Ruki: Yeah but like even if someone spoils it we just forget about it and watch anyway

(everyone laughing) 

Uruha: Yeah like if we’re talking about 24, and you’re talking about something that happened around season 2 idk shit

Reita: Cause you literally don’t remember anything? 

Uruha: Yep.

Ruki: Well that would have happened so long ago, it was season 2

Uruha: And if someone’s [talking about it] like, “that was crazy eh!?” I’m just like .. ……. :-)

Kai: (laughing) Even tho u were telling everyone to watch it

Reita: But man I’m so scared of spoilers like, I’m like “stop talking about it stop talking about it” u know?

Aoi: Yeah totally……

Reita: Yeah…espECIALLY to KAI. 

Kai: Me!?

Reita: It’s always you!!!

Kai: It’s YOU!!!

Reita: No the fuck it;S NOT !!!!

Ruki: Also you lie.

Reita: What?

Ruki: You lie about the ending.

Reita: W-what are you talking about (laughing) 

(Idk wtf happens in this movie but it’s some shit called “Blown Away”?? and Reita told Ruki some shit explodes in the end but I guess it didn’t?????) 

Ruki: I was like, “man even though I know how it ends now that’s gonna be so good!” But that’s not what happened at all! Shit did not explode!

Uruha: What were u watching?

Reita: Blown, away, I think. ….Pls watch it.

(everyone giggling) 

Reita: So, anyone watching dramas lately?


Reita: Foreign dramas…Anything….


Kai: I know one of y’all is watching something………

Uruha: Dramas? Well…Walking Dead got boring –

Ruki: Oh good!!!!!!! Then let’s watch [idk what he said but I guess he been tryna get ppl to watch it cause he JUMPED on this opportunity]

Reita: There’s no way we’re watching that

Ruki: No I actually watched a bit during recording recently! About an hour.

Reita: Oh yeah?

Ruki: Yeh…but it’s kinda awkward to show people…cause you can’t tell if they’re enjoying it

I’m excited about some things.

Mara, Fassbender, Gosling and Portman? Sign me up, also anytime we get to hear Ryan sing is a good day.  

Foreign period drama, handsome brunette men, and seemingly beautiful cinematography. Okay, it’s on my list. 

hmmmmm. Guy Ritchie? Okay. 

Don’t. Just don’t.

Nothing really compares to this. 

Amazing Netflix films 🎥

Some(all the)time I watch Netflix instead of facing my responsibilities. This is some of the outcome, reblog to save a life.

LGBT MOVIES (these are all gay lmao oops)
• Holding the man (drama) (2015)
• 4th man out (comedy) (2015)
• Those people (drama) (2015)
• Weekend (drama) (2011)
• The way he looks (foreign drama) (2014)
• Henry Gambles birthday party (drama) (2015)
• Tiger orange (drama/comedy) (2014)
• August (drama) (2011)
• Like you mean it (foreign drama) (2015)

Other romantic dramas/drama/crime drama
• A little bit of heaven (2011)
• Love and Honor (2013)
• The keeping room (2015)
• Lila and Eve (2015)
• Jamesy boy (hello eye candy) (2014)
• Short term 12 (2013)
• Wildlike (2014)
• What’s eating Gilbert grape (1993)
• Boyhood (2014)
• You’re not you (2014)
• Unspeakable acts (1990)
• The road (2009)
• White bird in a blizzard (2014)
• The other woman (2009)
• Adulterers (2015)
• Tallulah (2016)
• My all American (2015)
• 6 years (2015)
• Listen to your heart (2010)
• Before we go (2014)
• In your eyes (2014)
• Tiger house (2015) • All American (2015)

• The little death (2014)
• 10 things I hate about you (1999)
(Oops someone add to this I guess I don’t do comedy, I’m deeply disturbed and love to be sad)

• Hush (2016)
• The forgotten (2004)
• Trespass (2011)
• Consumed (2015)
• The guest (2014)
• Curve (2015)
• The perfect host (2010)
• A good marriage (2014)
• First response (2015)
• Would you rather (2013)
• We need to talk about Kevin (2011)
• Out of the dark (2014)
• Not safe for work (2014)
• The rite (2011) • Blindsided (2013)

• Visions (2015)
• The babadook (2014)
• Pay the Ghost (2015)
• Final girl (2015)
• The Lazarus effect (2015)
• Mercy (2014)

I WILL RATE THEM IF YOU ASK!!😘😘 Rip I got tired at the end, but these are all films I really enjoy, I hope you will too. Hmu for summaries and more film ideas!! I have plenty more⭐️ I’m still passing all my classes believe it or not…enjoy!


“I never thought I’d receive this great award, Hallyu Star Award. The Korean Wave wasn’t formed solely by a single actor or actress. This popular phenomenon was possible thanks to the viewers in Korea, directors, writers and staff who work day and night, and foreigner fans of Korean dramas. I don’t know if I really deserve this award. Still, I am very thankful. […] As all the actors and actresses here know, we’re acting in such favourable circumstances. Although it’s not easy to understand and embrace another country’s culture, many foreigners love our culture. Their love really touches my heart every day. I wish I can continue working as an actor especially for them.”

Lee Joon Gi (Hallyu Star Award)
SBS Drama Awards 2016

I love that whenever I discuss cdramas with my chinese friends the first thing that the most of them say when I tell which drama I picked is actors names.

It’s basically like:

- I watched Nirvana in Fire

- HU GE!

- I finished Love 020


- I started watching When A Snail Falls In Love


Mamo Blog - 2017.02.01 (Eng. Translation)

「The Musketeers」Stage Greeting


海外ドラマシリーズ「マスケティアーズ パリの四銃士」
The foreign drama series「Musketeers: The Four Musketeers of Paris」

The DVD&BD release commemoration stage greeting was held☆

D'Artagnan’s actor, I, Miyano Mamoru,

Athos’ actor, Fukuda Kenji-san, and with Porthos’ actor, Miyake Kenta-san,

The three of us, came and held a talk show☆

Unfortunately, Aramis’ actor Nakamura Yuichi-san, wasn’t able to participate(;_;)

But, during the talk,

There was a lot of talk on Nakamura-san,

In this way,

The foreign drama series, the talk show was completed,

It more or less finished safely,

I was really very happy,

We, spoke about our memories, the flowers were blooming☆

I think that we were able to fully convey the charm of「The Musketeers」☆

Those that know about「The Musketeers」,

As well as those who don’t know,

By all means, this package,

Please get a copy to hold in your hands☆

Geeez~~~, there’s no doubt that I’m hooked☆

イケメンもたくさん登場するしね( ̄+ー ̄)☆(笑)
There are also many handsome guys that’ll appear, you know( ̄+ー ̄)☆(lol)


yoroshiku onegaiitashimasu \(^o^)/

「One for all, and all for one!!」

Though it’s sad that Aramis isn’t there………(;_;)

Our thoughts are one!!!

We are!

The Four Musketeer Seiyuu!!!!!


Credit: transelation to Nocturnal bloodlust transelation page on fb.

Masa retweeted BEAT SHUFFLE’s tweet (@beat_shuffle) (6:26 A.M., 25. February 2017)

≪更新≫NACK日記(番組ブログ) に2/24放送後記をアップしました!番組ブログでしか公開していない【NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST】の写真やQ&Aもあるのでcheckしてみてくださいね★
#bs795 #NACK5

<<Update>> We uploaded a blog post onto NACK’s diary (program blog) after the broadcast on the 24th February! Since the program blog includes an exclusive picture of NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST as well as Q&A, please check it out, ne★

NOCTURNAL BLOODLUSTの気になる○○はコチラ!/NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST’s answers to what they like can be found here!


■A game you like「Persona 5」
■A game console you like「PlayStationVR」
■A game console you like「Nintendo Switch」


■Metal you like「BREAK THIS FAKE」
■Metal you like「BREAK THIS FAKE」
■Metal you like「BREAK THIS FAKE」


■A game console you like「Nintendo Switch」


■A pet you like「Turtles」
■A game console you like「Nintendo Switch」


■A camera you like「GoPro」
■A foreign drama you like「Legiom」

netflix masterpost 03/27/15
  • I only had time to do 4 categories: action adventure, drama, comedy & family but I'll make more for TV, anime, sci-fi, horror and such later. they're all movies that I've seen and enjoyed, my personal favorites are starred ☆
  • action/adventure:
  • django unchained
  • lock, stock and two smoking barrels ☆
  • super
  • kill bill volumes 1&2 ☆
  • cool world ☆☆
  • the fifth element ☆
  • world war z
  • from dusk till dawn ☆
  • the crow
  • equilibrium
  • get the gringo
  • homefront (weird but entertaining)
  • drama:
  • trainspotting ☆
  • forrest gump
  • big fish ☆
  • pulp fiction ☆
  • american beauty ☆
  • fargo ☆
  • crash
  • rain man
  • k-pax
  • good will hunting
  • waking life ☆
  • lawless
  • city of god ☆☆
  • chinatown ☆
  • reign over me
  • sling blade
  • out of the furnace
  • the wolf of wall street
  • fried green tomatoes
  • basquiat ☆☆
  • poetic justice
  • y tu mama tambien
  • amores perros ☆☆
  • antichrist
  • comedy:
  • billy madison
  • zoolander
  • ferris bueller's day off
  • jay and silent bob strike back
  • airplane
  • airplane 2, the sequel
  • the naked gun
  • heathers ☆
  • wayne's world
  • wayne's world 2
  • clerks
  • school of rock
  • chasing amy ☆
  • mr. deeds
  • mean girls
  • the interview
  • adventureland
  • trading places
  • groundhog day
  • the cable guy
  • clueless
  • fear and loathing in las vegas ☆
  • cheech & chongs up in smoke
  • crystal fairy & the magical cactus
  • tommy boy
  • coming to america
  • the ladies man ☆
  • prince avalanche ☆
  • hitch
  • cone heads
  • who framed roger rabbit ☆
  • bruce almighty
  • family movies:
  • labyrinth
  • mulan
  • robinhood ☆☆
  • aristocats ☆
  • pocahontas
  • hook
  • jumanji
  • the nightmare before christmas ☆
  • fantasia ☆☆
  • fantasia 2000
  • the croods
  • fox and the hound ☆
  • dumbo ☆
  • the rescuers down under
  • lilo & stitch
  • 101 dalmatians